Currently in Madeira staying at Pestana Casino Park Hotel which I would thoroughly recommend.  Not all the family here with me right now but this is a place where Elizabeth would like very much but Elizabeth would have difficulty in walking as she had to cling on to us to even walk around the shops when we took her out only last week.  She now suffers panic attacks.  Back home the environment is very different and an environment like this where we currently are is beautiful and peaceful – the kind of place that would benefit Elizabeth.   24 hr care

Elizabeth has asked to come home and I would have her home with the help of Rojene but this fell on death ears!  Elizabeth got no answer and it was a good job I was on hand as the Nearest Relative to read her the report from the independent doctor who did not sadly attend the recent meeting.  Elizabeth has a right to know what the content of this report.

Anyway  In note I have not had a reply from the social worker in response to my email.  In light of the fact the recent meeting was held secretly with all the family excluded and not even allowed to speak,  I asked for written assurance to confirm that no further attempts would be made to replace me as the nearest relative or to apply to the Court of Protection.  If anyone needs protecting right now it is Elizabeth especially from what I as a mother have seen going on.  I am not alone here and there are plenty of other mothers/parents who have suffered in this way – EXCLUDED and for those who think I am to blame – I was thrilled in the first place my daughter was sent to a private hospital – award winning for 2 consecutive years but I have now seen the full picture of what is really going on.

I cannot do anything else right now but despite being in paradise right now Elizabeth is always on my mind and I am sorry she is where she is right now – no one is happy that is for sure.



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