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I was having a debate with two people the other evening on Twitter.

As a mother who has a daughter who has been under section 2 years I am really seeing the reality of what is not exposed in the press and I am talking openly and honestly – not everyone is going to like what I have to say.  In a newspaper things are not always portrayed correctly and mental health patients are portrayed terribly so I believe.  This is what gives the public a bad impression that all people with mental health problems are violent for instance. 

There are some mothers that prefer to keep quiet for one reason or another and that is their right. However I am not the kind of person to sit back and do nothing when I see that something is wrong and there is more than one thing wrong with the whole system.  EVERYTHING IS WRONG!    The law is wrong that allows enforced drugging and CTOs.  The treatment is wrong as even if in doubt of whether a diagnosis is correct or not – drugs are pushed.  Even if a patient complains of the most terrible side effects – drugs are pushed and they are pushed and pushed for years on end until no longer effective and then a new drug is given and as a last resort Clozapine even if a patient signs an Advance Declaration and says they do not want to go on it.  However what if two drugs being given are wrong – what if you have researched and looked into matters and sought top professional advice to confirm your beliefs.  Well not only do I have more than one brilliant private report which not one member of the team have read to my daughter as far as I am aware but I have in writing information that can back up my claims.  I know for a fact that a patient is taken off the drugs when they get diabetes for instance.  However if you as a mother present evidence that the drugs are harmful – CONTRA INDICATED you are up against a brick wall.

There are good and bad members of staff and I am in touch with people – former patients who HAVE BEEN abused on the wards and nothing has been done about it. 

It is all very well being defensive and stating – well I am a good nurse or a good doctor.  Well I am not criticising everyone however I have seen and come across behaviour that I do not see as caring at all by professionals. 

Mainstream psychiatry is all about control and someone mentioned counselling – well yes if you delve into the past constantly questioning whether your mother abused you when there is evidence that something else happened for instance – this kind of counselling by psychologists is not helpful at all.  

However drugs mask the problem and on an acute ward where it is often crowded, noisy and frightening, someone can easily be affected.  My daughter liked peace and quiet – tranquillity.  On a ward staff have to drug someone in order to control them.  Sometimes staff have to pin a patient down and forcefully inject them.  I do not see this as being care at all. 

If some patients are happy with this treatment then all well and good but there are others who are not happy who are not being considered because there is no choice. 

That is why we need a specialist centre like Chy Sawel.


My daughter was promised a drug free period of assessment and the minute she arrived on what I thought would be a specialist ward under a top leading professor we were delighted as we had watched helplessly one hospital admission after another take place locally.  Each time drugs were given and increased.  The rest of the family were not happy “you’ve been tricked”  I was accused of placing my daughter in this place she called prison yet had a letter from a leading professor who I trusted and all they did was introduce Clozapine despite an advanced declaration and not only clozapine but this so called worldwide leading hospital have given contra indicated drugs.  Complaints were followed by threats and accusations against me leading to one hour supervised visits and a complete ban altogether.  There were virtually no visitors because patients were sent from all over the country.  The swimming pool was never used by my daughter and seemed to be let out to the community.   Most of the patients were extremely drugged up on the wards and I heard them complaining of human rights not being listened to.

So, I am hopefully meeting up with a group of mothers who have sons/daughters trapped on sections for years and years on end.  Their physical health in many cases have been affected by this – many have spent a lot of money in their campaigns – some have just not got the strength to carry on fighting any more –  the majority want to see a fairer system that respects the patient and family.  The majority feel the current system is not working and are worried about their sons/daughters becoming physically ill by long term drug use.  Many are feeling trapped in their situation and some have actually lost their sons/daughters due to psychiatric drugs and find themselves up against a brick wall when it comes to the legal system.

Much money is being wasted.  Private hospitals and care providers reap the benefit by failed NHS care as patients like my daughter are taken away from families and placed on more luxurious wards with better food and outings not provided under the NHS.  However the private sector can keep people for years whilst at local level public money is being spent.  Even on an NHS ward to keep someone for years and years –  they are bound to go downhill and be harder to rehabilitate into society.

As one expert said “she would be happier amongst her own kind”  –  I wholeheartedly disagree.  As my daughter said once “they cannot see what is in my head Mum”.     A patient may not wish to speak to a psychiatrist probing all the time.  A patient may not wish to take part in every single activity.  None of this is respected or is it respected how someone feels on these drugs.  They can affect someone in very different ways.  Just because someone says “I have no problem with the drugs”  –  well these comments do not apply to everyone and everyone is different.

I was accused of wishing to see an end of anti stigma campaigns – there are so many going.  I wish to say that I contacted Asda and Tescos –  they both wrote to me.  I think that it was wrong to have these costumes and in a store like this many people have to do their shopping including former patients for instance and even those who may be sectioned are taken out with staff.  This in my  opinion was offensive but they have responded and withdrawn the costumes.  It would have been nice if they had asked the patients themselves where the money should be donated for instance.  I would have wished for the money to go to Chy Sawel so a specialist treatment centre could be set up offering holistic care and proper treatment to those who do not get on with the drugs and are kept as prisoners for years at great expense to the public when many are of no risk whatsoever.

Asda to their credit employ someone who telephoned me and said he had mental  health problems and I felt that I was dealt with extremely well.  It is all about communication.

Unfortunately, families are cut out, not all families are abusers yet if you complain you are made out to be rotten.  There is no communication and that is the problem.

I believe that if people pay to go into Thorpe Park and wish to see such attractions then this is up to them.  I have asked my daughters how they feel and they are NOT offended and you can choose to go into Thorpe Park whereas shopping is something that you have to do and I do not see this as the same at all.  If you do not like such things you do not have to go near them and by banning such an “attraction” can only lead to more stigma in my opinion.   I spoke about it at the group meeting of Speak Out Against Psychiatry the other day but most of the people there are more interested in seeing some decent care in place and a change in the current system quite frankly.

However having said this if there are some who wish to continue with petitions etc to ban this “attraction” then this is their business.

I will not be putting my name down and neither will my daughters. 

If I had the chance though I would go to Thorpe Park and speak to everyone in the long queues about the shocking care in the UK and show them how many chemicals my daughter has been put on.  If I had the chance I would ask for a donation for Chy Sawel – not forgetting Speak Out Against Psychiatry who wish to change the current system for the better.  That is the way to educate people – not by banning an attraction.

I will be speaking to my daughter Elizabeth later.  Elizabeth cares about other people and would always look after those who were weaker on the ward.  I see a bright future for my daughter Elizabeth.  I am not only proud as a mother to have a daughter who may just happen to be on a section through no fault of her own (if they had not switched the drugs the way they did she would not be sectioned) – I see a bright future for Elizabeth and hope that once Chy Sawel is set up that this could be a turning point in the care of the UK –  if all care in the UK was like in Tornio Finland there would be no need for a complaints procedure and I cannot wait to go over to Finland to see this wonderful care myself and to report to everyone in the world how they treat patients in a humane manner and include families.

Lastly,  unfortunately I am not able to go to the Carers UK Conference this year.

However I will make sure I get these comments to Mr Lamb himself that since I got up to speak last time I have not seen any improvements.  I would like to know exactly what he intends to do about it and no doubt I shall see him again soon.  On the other hand if he was to step in and help Chy Sawel then I would have nothing but praise. 

























My daughter Elizabeth just phone me before I left for my journey home – she had this to say.

“I want to be just like you, Mum” –  “I want to be a strong person and I want to get on with my life”.    “I am self-medicating now and want to move on”  “I think it is because I am like you, Mum that I have regained my strength”.   “I know I distanced myself from you at one time……………………………….this was hardly surprising when there was plenty of influence behind this I am sure.

Anyway I was delighted to get that call as there are times when I feel I am just up against a brick wall and I know I am not alone.  Today was one of them.  Noone can feel their best at all times and today was one of those days.  However just a call like this can make all the difference and I joked that I doubt the team would like two of us the same! 

My concern is now where Elizabeth will be sent and obviously I cannot document this on my blog.  Elizabeth knows about my blog and I have shown her not everything but just some of the supporters from around the world.  Obviously I do not show my outspoken comments on the drugs being given as this would upset her however I think that any patient who is suffering from side effects should not be ignored and something should be done.  It is as though things have to be life threatening with conditions like diabetes before someone is actually taken off the drugs but I know for a fact this can be done and is done under those circumstances.

We spoke briefly of where Elizabeth would like to go one day – obviously my dream care would be Chy Sawel and I have told Elizabeth all about the wonderful care that WILL be on offer under this establishment when I and other mothers will do all we can to set this up as I cannot believe nothing is being done by the Government.    If the care is the same under private sector what good is this.  Just by giving luxurious accommodation is not enough –  more is needed.  This is why I would like to see Dr Walsh here again.  I believe he is coming over in the not too distance future and I cannot wait for Elizabeth to get the proper treatment she requires.  Under Welsh law she should be getting holistic care but whilst on a section the team do not even stop to consider matters such as long term health and this is shocking in my opinion.  I have gone out the way to prove my point by having more than one private report done and have further discovered that the drugs the Bethlem pushed at my daughter whilst she was so drugged up when they mixed two chemicals together, are CONTRA INDICATED drugs.  Over the weekend I shall be studying all the facts and information I have on this.   I think that these drugs companies have a lot to answer to.  They make out they are caring but not once has Novartis responded to my letters.  To be fair Astra Zeneca responded but then they try and hide the facts but there are experts willing to speak out and tell the truth.  I am not going to name on my website someone who is giving me excellent advice but I will m mention Dr Ann Blake Tracy and how much I have learned from reading her books and Professor David Healy and Dr Candace Pert.  I am building up a collection of books that are forever increasing my knowledge.

Anyway I shall be getting together with the former patients who have helped my daughter escape what she calls “prison” tomorrow and I admire these people –  these are the people I would like to have involved in the care of my daughter regarding open dialogue as this is the way forward.

Elizabeth mentioned her wish to go to Finland and I am most interested in visiting Finland myself to see what wonderful care is on offer unlike in the UK where it is all about enforced drugging and ECT.

I am going to get as many mothers together for a meeting soon and shall be posting the details –  the meeting is about the setting up of Chy Sawel that so many of us would like to see –  an end to enforced drugging and ECT but decent humane care.  This is where everyone’s efforts should go and this is why I am distancing myself from all these manyh anti-stigma campaigns as people can so easily lose sight of the main problem.  The main problem is the care itself and not just the hospital care but care in the community and the way that professionals in all areas deal with patients and exclude families.  The main problem is lack of communication.


As for stigma,  I believe stigma is caused by lack knowledge on the subject because people are afraid to speak out about the subject.  I have had all sorts of threats so I understand why people are afraid but sometimes people do not realise exactly what is going on and that is why it is important to educate and the only way to educate is for the public themselves to be involved in the care of my daughter for instance and to integrate people like my daughter into society.  She once had a job, she once was getting on with life.  Most people who end up under mental health services have either been seriously abused or else have suffered trauma.  The care is shocking – the first thing on offer is the drugs.   These are given to children, adolescents, people of all ages and shockingly Alzheimers suffers like my father.  The drugs themselves can cause psychosis and then this is given a label and there are so many labels to give in the DSM that would not exclude the professionals themselves!  I have heard that some professionals in the world of psychiatry can also be badly affected by what they have seen and heard.  Well I do not rate myself as being affected even though I have seen more than one person suffer in my family.  I have even seen one person get better who refused every single drug on offer after 5 months. 

Anyway,  I intend to find out the time and definite venue in order that I can notify everyone for the Chy Sawel meeting.

The right future care is all I can think of right now as a hospital is no place for my daughter to get better and there is no way on earth I am going to allow my daughter just to languish in a hospital for many more years to come at enormous expense to the public.  It would seem that my daughter has plans of her own  ………………………….I want to be like you Mum –   Well all I can hope is that my daughter one day has a job and a meaningful life and I believe that each and every one of the patients even those who call themselves worthless have something to offer in life if only they are given the help and support and proper assessments by Dr Walsh who listens unlike many doctors.  My daughter is on the list for a proper assessment by Dr Walsh.

Someone like this should be invited to speak at the Institute of Psychiatry in my opinion.  This is the way forward in care that I and so many other mothers would like to see. 






I spoke very briefly to my daughter Elizabeth today and said we would be down soon to see her however I was concerned – Elizabeth was once again complaining of a strain to her heart. There was no psychiatrist on duty only nurses and it will be awkward for me to ring tomorrow due to travel/work but I am concerned. It is not the first time I have heard this said to me. Elizabeth should not be feeling a strain to her heart at the age of 26. Everything is not alright on this combination of contra indicated drugs. I remember when Elizabeth was at the Bethlem she told me an emergency doctor was called out to her and sure enough when I visited and my visiting hours were cut to just 1 hour which meant the bulk of my time was spent travelling particularly as I did not have a car at that point which is another story – I went out shopping on my own at Elizabeth’s request to get her a few things she needed and when I telephoned to say I was on my way back at approaching the hospital Elizabeth said the emergency doctor had been called out to her. Noone tells you anything – if there is any kind of emergency you would never know as a parent as you are discarded and treated like you are invisible.

If the drugs combination has not been changed since the Bethlem and now my daughter is still complaining of strain to the heart there is no way that this should be ignored. The hospital tried to reassure me that she is being constantly monitored but nothing reassures me as I have in my possession the private test results which speak for themselves and what is more I can produce every bit of evidence to back the fact that these drugs are contra indicated.

So, it is not just a look at the future and placements for Elizabeth so she does not have to spend the rest of her life in hospital because she has become too disabled like some cases I know. I want a proper review of the drugs done and this review should be discussed openly with the family as I do not want my daughter to suffer any more than she has done already and if these are affecting her physical health I do not want anyone in any team to sit back and just do nothing. There is no way that these drugs should be increased or mixed with any other drugs to solve the problem as this could lead to serotonin syndrome.

My daughter Elizabeth has been called a victim of the pharmaceutical industry by the private psychiatrist I appointed.  The private psychiatrist was an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist, qualified to prescribe both the drugs and better treatment such as holistic care but the private psychiatrist who could only visit on a Saturday said quite honestly that at the time my daughter was in the wrong environment.  I remember his visit well and I left him to talk to my daughter whilst I left to go into another room.  I have never seen her so happy that finally here was someone who was taking into account more than just increasing or changing the drugs as they do in hospital.  Yes he was right –  this was the wrong environment but an attempt had been made before that was doomed to failure to reduce my daughter by 50mg.  You just simply cannot just come off successfully in this way.  The private psychiatrist looked at diet, nutrition and supplements as the mind altering drugs drain the body of nutrients and vitamins as I have seen from two lots of private tests I had carried out at the Bio Lab.  Long term physical health of patients are not taken into account and the first psychiatrist to label and come up with a diagnosis told the family that Elizabeth would have to remain on the drugs for the rest of her life.  This is simply not true –  it can be done that someone is taken off the drugs however this needs to be done by professionals and it is not ideal for this to be done in the community.  The shocking thing is that what they do not tell you is that immediately someone is taken off the drugs if they get diabetes and diabetes is something that the drugs can cause.    If a withdrawal is done correctly, the most serious withdrawal symptoms can be avoided but to just reduce by 50mg in the community is not the correct way to go about things and of course failed.  I would agree that my daughter is a victim of the pharmaceutical industry and nothing is being done to help these people and nothing is being done by the press to accurately report what is really going on. 

The victims of the pharmaceutical industry like my daughter are termed as being “treatment resistant”.   When drug after drug has failed after being used as a human guinea pig they are then as a last resort put on Clozapine which they say is a wonder drug!  – far from it in fact and Elizabeth I know has suffered and is suffering still on this drug – strain to the heart, dizziness, tiredness and headaches.  If a patient complains they are just ignored.  It is easier to ignore a patient – who is going to take any notice unless of course they suddenly get diabetes then the professionals have to step in and do something – otherwise it is much easier to just ignore and carry on with the drugging especially if someone is in a hospital confined environment.  Imagine what it must be like to be forced to take drugs for the rest of you life by professionals who have come up with several labels which I am questioning as a mother.   If someone is a victim initially of abuse or rape for instance they may suffer a breakdown but I was amazed when no one seemed to care about the cause of depression rather than just labelling and drugging.  This was care under the local area but once someone moves away from the local area things are very different. 

From the research hospital Bethlem Royal Hospital SLAM patients are often transferred into private hospitals and when all else has failed because of lack of decent facilities, as a mother you think that the private sector has more to offer.  There is no comparison to a private ward and outings and activities on offer as compared to an NHS ward for instance however, this is at a huge cost to the public and at the expense of other facilities within the NHS.  Whether it be care on an acute ward or a private care that is still the same as far as drugging is concerned.  The prescription from the Bethlem has not been changed since Elizabeth has been transferred to private sector care so I heard.    At the Institute of Psychiatry after the debates had ended you could go and speak to people and someone there corrected me when I said it must be costing at least £1000 per week.  Well I have been told it is much more than this and just imaging if someone is held under private sector care for several years.

Initially whilst under local care I became more and more unhappy that Elizabeth was being ignored by the team and was telling me of terrible side effects she was suffering on the drugs yet no one did anything and I remember taking the file to the Priory and asking them if they would take my daughter and I would pay for what I thought was fantastic care.  The Priory told me that “it was too complicated a case”.   I do not see what they mean by this at all – this is a simple case in my opinion and a case where a proper diagnosis needs to be given and treatment and that treatment should not just revolve around the drugs.


I do believe that an acute ward both NHS and private is not always the best place for someone to get better and certainly is not the place to safely be reduced off the drugs.  Surely it would be more humane if something like this was to be done in a remote rural area away from cities and in a peaceful location with the involvement of professionals and peer support – people who truly understand and also it is kinder that a person is not just locked up but that someone is watching and supporting that person whilst they are going through crisis.  The Root and Branch Project in Derbyshire have the solution and so do Chy Sawel who are looking at physical health in terms of diet/nutrition as the drugs drain the body of nutrients.  I as a mother am all in favour of a holistic approach as nothing else has worked and I saw that my daughter was happy when someone listened to her.  This is what my daughter has said to me “I am missing out on my life, Mum”.   “I would like to work, I would like to do something with my life”.  However as far as the Government is concerned they have no clue as to how someone feels or how someone is able to cope on a high proportion of drugs.  


When Elizabeth was living in the community in the scheme I had time off work and visited her.  I discovered a letter on the floor and Elizabeth was meant to see her social worker at a certain time.  I noticed that the team left it for Elizabeth so that she did things on her own however my once immaculate daughter had difficulty in remember appointments and got to the stage where washing and simple chores mounted up but the idea was to allow this so that eventually she would have to step in and do something herself but when I backed out for a while and stopped helping her my point was proved,  nothing was being done and her health and wellbeing was being jeopardised and on this occasion when I saw a letter with a time of the appointment I took her along in the car because I wanted to speak to the social worker as I heard she was trying to persuade my daughter to take Clozapine and she was not happy about this.  All I have ever done is to speak up for my daughter but sometimes this can backfire on you – you can accused of interfering in the care for instance.   Anyway if someone is not able to get to an appointment then how can they get themselves down to the job centre to fill in forms etc –  if Elizabeth was dumped into a scheme like the last one this was meant for people who can do things for themselves and every case is different.  The trouble is the Government do not take such things into account and no one can possibly understand how it feels to be on a high portion of drugs.  Elizabeth has to lie down in the afternoons.  Elizabeth has now lost all her confidence and suffers panic attacks like never before and the reason I am keen to see her out of hospital is I do not think it is the right place either public or private for her to get better.  I do not care whether say a therapeutic community is public or private as long as the care is right and the price must surely be cheaper than being kept on an acute private hospital ward.   The trouble is the NHS facilities if in a town or City may not be the right location but outside of a town/city the NHS could run a therapeutic community if given the funding in a rural location rather than in a  hospital under an acute ward.  However none of the therapeutic communities are offering what I would really like to see right now which only Chy Sawel/Root and Branch Project can offer.  It is not a big house full of mentally ill patients I would like to see but smaller accommodation on a more individual basis with one to one peer support given at all times.  There could be the involvement of companions which are lacking for so many who become isolated, education of those studying nursing, psychology or psychiatry and involvement of the wider community which I believe is the answer to end stigma rather than all these campaigns.  After all it is education for the public to come and meet the patients like my daughter and be involved – only then they can see that was is portrayed in the press is wholly biased and sadly inaccurate in describing the majority of people affected by mental health problems. 

I think it is wrong that the drugs companies do not take more responsibility and I will quote the following:

Joanna Moncrieff – presentation at Stuart Lowe Trust “De-mystifying Psychiatric Drugs:


A Drug Centred Approach:  some drug-induced psychic effects:-

Euphoria;  sedation: – different types;  Emotional flattening;  Relaxation;  Stimulation;  Psychedelic effects;  Cognitive slowing and impairment;  Reduced Emotional Sensitivity.


Adverse effects

Unpleasant;  Impotence and reduced libido; weight gain; diabetes, heart conduction defects; Tardive dyskinesia with mental impairment; reduced brain volume; mental impairment;  death.

Antidepressants are not very different from placebo:

Meta-analyses show small differences on rating scales that are of doubtful clinical significance (kirsch et al, 2002; NICE 2004).

Differences easily accounted for by psychoactive effects of antidepressants.

Many other possible biases:  publication bias, selective reporting, unblinding.


Do Antidepressants improve the outcome of depression:

Long term outcomes for treated depression – poor eg STAR*D study in which only 3% recovered and remained well (Leventhall & Antonuccio 2009, also Goldberg 1998, Tuma 2000; Ronalds 1997.



Some drugs help some people in some situations.  There is no evidence that they do this by reversing an underlying imbalance or disease.  They are prescribed to many people with little or no evidence that there will be any benefit.  Drugs produce altered physical and mental states.  The harmful consequences of treatment often outweigh any positive effects.


On this conclusive note I would like to add that my daughter Elizabeth is being given Contra Indicated drugs –  I am looking further into this right now –  I have been told that yet people are taken off the drugs in a hospital environment but all I saw at the Bethlem was drugs being pushed and at local level.  I should imagine this is only done when someone has got diabetes instead of an early intervention into matters when a patient complains of serious side effects.  Who cares –  who is taking any notice and when I as a mother spoke up for my daughter just look how I was treated.  The more drugged up the better in order to control and keep someone on a section by saying that person is a risk to themselves just because they need more support.  How many are on such sections – how much is this costing the public especially when more and m ore are being referred to the private sector meaning that the patient is taken away miles away from home and family and kept for up to 3 years.

Here is an extract as regards the treatment under private care:

“I have discussed with h er the difficulties you are reporting with her not answering the phone however currenty she feels she does not want daily contact with yourself as she finds the conversations difficult and struggles to cope with this.  She has consistently reported that she would prefer weekly contact preferably on a Monday evening after 6.00 pm and would like calls supervised by staff.  Please note this is your daughter’s request”.   “It is not true, Mum – I did not say this – I will call the police on them Mum – you are still my Mum”.

“I will help in any way I will, I have seen this pattern many times”  “MHA rules can be easily usurped or manipulated.”

No wonder there are so many under section.  No wonder the NHS A&Es are being shut down and maternity services.  Whilst I have been critical about the psychiatric care it is simply that a ward should not be a place where someone remains for up to 2 years before being dumped back into society without enough support in place.  I am critical because many professionals I have come across sum you up as a bad parent, label you yourself if you dare to challenge the care but the care is all wrong in both public and private sector and the treatment of mental health patients is disgusting.

“Its a travesty – I have been trying to change the system for 20 years”  –  more words said from an expert. 

Well I as a mother would like matters changed right now.   Things are at Crisis point with shortage of beds on acute wards and same patients were returning time and time again – if this was a war situation the Government would immediately step in and act so I do not accept that something cannot be done now. 


I also think that a debate should be called at the IOP inviting as many patients and mothers who wish to see change as possible to discuss what should be done and then waste no time in organising this.  A debate is of no use unless something is being done and it is action that needs to be given.


Another expert writes:

Clozapine is an antipsychotic medication requiring regular white blood cell and neutrophil counts.  It carries warnings for agranulocytosis, seizures, hyperglycaemia, diabetes, myocarditis and other adverse cardiovascular and respiratory effects.  It has numerous side effects including bowel infarction, seizures, hypersalivation, weight gain, constipation, bed-wetting, drooling, colon effects, drowsiness, vertigo, headache, tremor, poor sleep, nightmares, restlessness, agitation, confusion, fatigue, hallucinations, amnesia, paranoia, irritability and obsessive compulsive disorders.  It has been associated with diabetes.  Those receiving Clozapine should have their fasting blood glucose monitored.  Research has indicated Clozapine may cause a deficiency of selenium.

Metformine:  Usually prescribed for Type 2 Diabetes and may be used to treat polycystic ovaries and insulin resistance.  I am not aware of any diagnoses of these conditions.  Metformine does however affect blood sugar and thyroid function.  It suppresses glucose production in the liver.  Side effectsare gastrointestinal upset, diarrhoea, cramps, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, lactic acidosis.  Metformine may antagonise glucagon to reduce fasting blood concentrations of cholesterol and triglycerides, metformine reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. 

This raises questions about diagnosis and treatment.  I have drawn attention to the likelihood of underlying thyroid dysfunction and blood sugar condition.

I have got much more evidence you can be sure –  I am looking into everything right now.  It something is wrong it is not good enough for me as a mother that these facts are ignored by anyone and if any doctor disputes these facts I have more and more papers to prove everything.

Turning to Tescos and Asdas:

Tescos have written reiterating they have donated to MIND “I am sorry you remain unhappy with our decision to donate to MIND but this is our position at the current time.”   It is not that I am unhappy but I just felt that what is really needed is not being provided and a proportion of any donations should be given to Chy Sawel so that they could set up the much needed centre to give proper assessments for the likes of my daughter with facilities to go in and enable the training of 20 doctors by Dr Walsh.  They did say however they would refer my comments regarding donating to their Business Support Team.  What is most lacking is accommodation and choice in care currently not available under either private or public sector in the correct location.  For instance I would happily take my daughter to Finland to Tornio to get the right care.


Asdas responded in a more impressive way in my opinion.  Asdas employ someone I am glad to hear who openly admitted he has had mental health problems.  I was impressed by this that this person telephoned me to speak about my letter and said that whilst he could not authorise funding etc for Chy Sawel he would ensure that my comments were passed on.  Well done to Asda. 

Now I have had a letter from the Assistant of the President of the Family Division.  I have submitted my comments already about the family courts but the letter just stated that he can only deal with cases that come before him in a judicial capacity.  Well I as a mother am looking closely now at the whole picture and I am not satisfied.  Even if my daughter is released from a section  and who knows what will happen, if a CTO is enforced that agrees to the enforced drugging of my daughter on the current drugs at this level then I will have further complaints and my prime concern as the mother and Nearest Relative is for the long term  health of my daughter.   Long term health is a matter of risk – health and safety to the person concerned and I as a mother want this dealt with and if the law does not take this into account then it needs to be changed as the more people affected like my daughter the more strain to the NHS and its facilities if they have to deal with serious long term physical illness.  I just want this acted upon and taken into serious consideration and not just ignored.  














I found the debate very interesting and agreed with some of the professionals.

I got the opportunity to speak myself and reflected on my younger daughter who could not be there with me but said she would come another time. I just mentioned that the diagnosis of Schizophrenia as a child of 13 led to a prescription given whilst under section of Risperidal and that this was devastating to the whole family. I said that she was fine now but even on 1mg she ballooned in weight and that drugs were wrong in dealing with the trauma my daughter had experienced. It was hard to get her off 1mg and she relapsed and was referred back to hospital. I mentioned that the “cure” was a small private school in another area, not the drugs. She eventually came off this low dosage but she has everything to thank that school for and is now on top of the world. This shows mistakes can be made in a diagnosis and that drugs should not be so quickly given especially to a child but I believe it is wrong to force anyone as not everyone is happy to take the drugs due to the serious side effects they may experience. I have known people to get better on their own after 6 months without any drugs. It depends – everyone is different – it is a matter of choice and whilst some are happy to be on the drugs, others are not. Everyone should be treated as an individual and proper assessments done. I had private tests done on my daughter which actually show her health declining. The tests were done at the Bio Lab and this is the second lot of tests I have had done and from the initial test you can see significant decline.

Sick Society:

Whilst there are some mothers who want the drugs for their hyper active children, I believe first of all tests should be done like I had to take a look an intensive look at diet and nutrition. As Peter Bennett of Rehealth discovered -(I believe he was given Home Office funding to carry out research on youth offenders) it was proven that some had food allergies and some had B12 deficiencies etc, copper/lead imbalance. None of these tests are properly carried out as far as I know and my elder daughter has just been put on 14 mind altering drugs on after the other and sometimes several at a time. At the moment she is on Clozapine 300mg and Metformine 500mg and then on top of this I found out Lorazepam was being given and I complained about this. I have looked into these drugs and read books on them and contacted experts who have advised me. I have had some excellent expert advice lately about these drugs being contra indicated. As I did not get a chance to say everything I would have liked about sick society my question should have been – how come someone is taken off the drugs immediately if they get diabetes for instance and yet the test results I have produced show a substantial decline in physical health yet are just ignored. This is not good enough for me and as a mother I want to know where the facilities are for something to be done about this problem. The reason patients are drugged up so much is simply so staff can control them in the confined environment of an acute ward. If there was somewhere like Root and Branch want to set up or Chy Sawel with the involvement of Dr William Walsh there would be proper assessments being done and the other thing is reductions in drugs are not being done properly like I have documented – a leading professional told me you cannot take someone off a huge amount of one drug and mix it with another without causing psychosis and now I am challenging why on earth my daughter is on a section in the first place when this kind of thing would cause adverse behaviour in absolutely ANYONE! I cannot understand why these professionals ignore the physical health of a patient and just concentrate on drugging and if one drug does not work another is given until as I have documented a huge amount of drugs are given and I know people on as much as 1500mg of drugs. These people are kept in hospital – they are not treated fairly. It is wrong that a section should last for years and years without a proper look at someone’s underlying health problems. It is wrong that someone should be written off like rubbish and left in hospital because there are no suitable facilities. Patients are made to take these drugs and are forced under section and then Community Treatment Orders in the community and they can be recalled to hospital if they do not take the drugs but I can understand why they drug people on a ward but surely a ward is not the best answer for those who are unhappy to take the drugs, those who are suffering from serious side effects and health problems. I know only too well as a mother that you cannot just take someone off these drugs and that professionals need to be involved but I am shocked that from what I have seen the professionals do not seem to have the knowledge or else perhaps they know things will fail as they are reducing by too much leading to withdrawal symptoms.

It is a sick society that allows such cruelty and where are the facilities – where would someone go into to be reduced off the drugs. As far as I can see there is nowhere although I have been advised by a leading expert it has been done and will be done in the event of someone contracting diabetes. I think this is disgusting to wait until someone suffers from serious health problems and then what – what if someone dies as a result of the drugs – try finding a solicitor who goes beyond the Tribunals.

As for the Tribunals I have put in my comment on what I believe should be changed and have requested an appointment to see Sir James Munby QC himself so that I can further explain what needs to be done to improve matters. I understand a Tribunal looks at risk to the public, risk to that person – the patient. What about the risk to the patient if the care and drugs are not right and are affecting their physical health. This is why I have turned to Dr William Walsh – enough of this experimentation with harmful drugs – now I as a mother want to see a proper assessment and a thorough look at all the things mentioned on the private medical reports. An expert is also providing me with every bit of scientific evidence I need as regards the combination of contra indicated drugs.

What the professionals need to remember is if they were in my shoes and this was their daughter they would probably be doing the same.

Dr Walsh wants 20 doctors to train up and my daughter has agreed to take part in the kind of research I as a mother would be happy to see. This research looks at diet and sure enough I have noticed that certain foods would affect behaviour. What have I got to lose as a mother by requesting a proper assessment and look at holistic care as everything else has failed and my daughter now is going downhill physically.

No matter how much better facilities are provided under private sector care if the care is still the same and all about drugging at the same level without a review then this is no good. Someone is not going to get better this way and I have gone out of my way to prove this fact and have everything documented in the reports I paid for. I am not the only mother who has tried to help their son/daughter in this way but then the professionals step in and try to intervene in a not very nice way and that could be the entire team who all stick together no matter what.

If a more thorough assessment was done by someone like Dr Walsh then this could save some children being put on dangerous psychiatric drugs and I am in touch with mothers who have autistic children who say the drugs have made them worse and they are better without such drugs.

A professional does not see the suffering like the family do and the other thing that is wrong is that families are excluded and when I got up to speak at Carers UK conference Norman Lamb said he would be doing something about this but I have not seen any improvements. I believe that professionals should be sent to Tornio Finland to learn what wonderful care is being offered there. This is what is needed in the UK.

So, getting back to sick society – this is a society that dishes out drugs to children, vulnerable adults, autistic patients, elderly suffering from Alzheimers and those who are abused who really should have had counselling in the first place. This is a society that labels someone in order that the person concerned can access services, this is a society that does not take into account whatsoever that someone on 800mg say of mind altering drugs cannot function at times. My daughter tells me they are highly sedatory. She has to sleep in the afternoon and goes to bed at 8.00 pm at times. This is no life for a 26 year old who once had a job, once was studying and had a bright future ahead. She was placid, not violent but these drugs do not work for everyone and can have shocking effects on some and Dr Walsh identifies this in his book Nutrient Power and Dr Ann Blake Tracy in her book Prozac Panacea Pandora states the true facts. I as a mother have seen the effects of the drugs on my daughters and know now how harmful they are but to begin with I trusted doctors. I knew nothing about the drugs and it was only when I saw the effects of them that I read lots of books and did a lot of research into matters.

There is too much emphasis on Stigma and the campaigns can actually make matters worse because if ordinary members of the public were to be more involved and psychiatry more open instead of secrecy then people would become educated. I believe that certain newspapers make matters worse and portray patients suffering from say Schizophrenia with violent behaviour and as murderers/killers. Dr Candace Pert tells the truth in her book Molecules of Emotion and so does Professor David Healy – Pharmageddon. I am now reading “De-Medicalising Misery – a very good book I would highly recommend and I have attended a presentation by Dr Joanne Moncrieff who I greatly admire. This professional is someone who had time to listen to all the patients at the Stuart Lowe conference.

When I got up to speak I said I was against the labelling as my elder daughter just gave up when labelled with Schizophrenia. It affected my other daughter badly too and not everyone appreciates a label.

After the debate you could speak to the students and people who had attended and judging by some of their faces not everyone liked what I was saying and some absolutely reacted in a dismissive way. Of course I am critical of the treatment of my daughters however that does not mean I do not think there are any good professionals. I can honestly say there are some good psychiatrists but the bulk are pro drugging and that is just my personal experience. I said the main failure was lack of facilities in the community as someone like my daughter needs to regain her confidence and could not manage in a flat on her own even if there is a member of staff there. A place where she could make friends but somewhere where there is plenty of supervision and maybe one to one peer support and that does not have to be a highly qualified professional. It is friendship that is important and a young person could influence my daughter in the right direction.

There are lots of people I know who have sons/daughters just locked away. One young person I spoke to talked about symptoms and that if someone was sectioned there must be good reason for this. This person refused to even think that any wrong may be happening but training should involve meeting the families and learning more about that person – it is not a qualification at the end of the day that counts because it is real knowledge and interest and that cannot always be clearly indicated in the files that may be far from accurate. There is much money to be made by keeping someone in hospital and after many years – especially private sector and that could amount so I was told to a lot more than I had thought per week. The patient gets to the stage where they become more and more dependant and more and more disabled and then the excuse for not allowing that person out is “a risk to themselves”. Yes it is a sick society that decent care in the community cannot be provided which may be a lot cheaper than long term private sector hospitalisation and there needs to be a specialist centre incorporating holistic care like Chy Sawel as a matter of choice with the involvement of Orthomolecular Psychiatrists and I appointed one of these privately – this person could prescribe the drugs but knew a reduction should be done very very slowly and gradually unlike in most establishments and this is why things fail.

If patients end up with physical health problems as a result of the drugging then they in turn become a burden to the NHS. When is the Government going to step in and do something about this.

As for the most recent comments “she’s not doing herself any favours” well I am just a mother and have watching the decline of my 26 year old daughter and I am not alone in wanting something done about the situation and if there is nothing over here then the Government needs to send someone over to Tornio, Finland to look and see how things should be done here in the UK. The Government could also help by getting Chy Sawel set up as they would be saving money in the long term.

Got back from Madeira late last night.

It truly is paradise there and a wonderful holiday location. I found myself wondering what the care would be like for my daughter Elizabeth especially since people I came across in just a short space of time (a week) seemed very nice indeed and kind. They certainly celebrated World Mental Health Day in style and I was t here to witness the procession through Funchal – I thought this was brilliant.

Elizabeth would have liked it in Funchal and the hotel the Pestano Casino Hotel was brilliant. It is really hard to be back in the UK once again.

I have heard weather conditions are going to be seriously bad in November and this is when I will be driving back to Wales for another meeting.

I have not heard from social services in response to my email and need to chase this up now I am back.

I have written to both Asda and Tescos in response to their letters to me – they are only supporting Mind but where are the facilities to help my daughter. Nothing is being done about this and this is why Chy Sawel needs to be supported.

I have taken good advice from a leading expert who has told me the drugs my daughter are on are contra indicated and I shall now want a full review of her treatment as this combination is clearly harmful and this has been overlooked.

Elizabeth has written to me just a short letter whilst I have been away asking to go to Holland to see her favourite band play.

Elizabeth has also texted me to say she wanted to be taken snowboarding but I am not sure I could manage this – I am not the kind of person not to try something new even if I fail with disaster. I wanted to go on a spectacular ride but the person I was with in Madeira was not happy to go on such a ride – the basket ride. I thought of Elizabeth – if she was there she would have liked such a ride. Instead we just went on a cable car which was nice but I would have liked to experience everything.

When I telephoned Elizabeth I checked on whether she had been showed the report from the independent doctor which contains important information which I cannot state on this blog. I was not happy at all to hear that she had not been given a copy of this report and I think this is very bad indeed. A report made by a professional in the field of doctor should not be ignored by anyone and my daughter is entitled to see and hear what is in this report.

Anyway Elizabeth has sent several texts to me today and the letter was really nice to receive as well. I have bought my daughters nice gifts from Madeira and there was so much to buy there. Unfortunately a bottle of liquer had broken in my suitcase – it was one I bought from Nunns Valley and I was most disappointed. I may well have to go there again and would certainly recommend this wonderful country to anyone.

The place I thought Elizabeth would have been happy was in Porto Santo where they had the most glorious beaches with golden sand. Bearing in mind the peaceful location Elizabeth needs this would be ideal.

I have spent the day doing an enormous pile of ironing and am missing the nice weather already.

The cat Fluffy has missed us very much and is glad to see us back home again. The cat has been looked after by a close friend.

I shall be inviting some close friends round for drinks to try out the fabulous liquers from Madeira.

I will leave you with the latest comments from private sector care:

She……………..You are not doing yourself any favours.

What I as a mother objects to is the way my daughter is being dragged into matters by the team. Why don’t they just focus their anger on me as a mother and leave her out of things. It is not fair that someone should say “she’s not doing herself any favours”.

I am not asking for any favours other than I want my daughter to have proper care and a leading expert has given me advice in addition to that given by the independent doctor and I as a mother am not happy that such advice and opinion relating to my daughter and her care should be dismissed by the team. All I ask is that she be treated fairly.

I know very well that the team could slate me as a mother calling me names openly and discrediting me in every way possible. Well if they want to do this then they can go ahead as far as I am concerned – they have already done this in the files which I have in my possession but why not be honest – totally honest in coming out and saying what they think of me in front of the world. I would more than welcome this kind of honesty even if they make my name like mud. I would rather they do this than keep dragging my daughter into things as she should be left out of matters and be given the full picture as presented by the independent doctor and leading expert. I would have no complaints then – I do not care what the team are saying behind my back but I would prefer to have an open discussion any day. I do not mind criticism as long as it is fair.

Currently in Madeira staying at Pestana Casino Park Hotel which I would thoroughly recommend.  Not all the family here with me right now but this is a place where Elizabeth would like very much but Elizabeth would have difficulty in walking as she had to cling on to us to even walk around the shops when we took her out only last week.  She now suffers panic attacks.  Back home the environment is very different and an environment like this where we currently are is beautiful and peaceful – the kind of place that would benefit Elizabeth.   24 hr care

Elizabeth has asked to come home and I would have her home with the help of Rojene but this fell on death ears!  Elizabeth got no answer and it was a good job I was on hand as the Nearest Relative to read her the report from the independent doctor who did not sadly attend the recent meeting.  Elizabeth has a right to know what the content of this report.

Anyway  In note I have not had a reply from the social worker in response to my email.  In light of the fact the recent meeting was held secretly with all the family excluded and not even allowed to speak,  I asked for written assurance to confirm that no further attempts would be made to replace me as the nearest relative or to apply to the Court of Protection.  If anyone needs protecting right now it is Elizabeth especially from what I as a mother have seen going on.  I am not alone here and there are plenty of other mothers/parents who have suffered in this way – EXCLUDED and for those who think I am to blame – I was thrilled in the first place my daughter was sent to a private hospital – award winning for 2 consecutive years but I have now seen the full picture of what is really going on.

I cannot do anything else right now but despite being in paradise right now Elizabeth is always on my mind and I am sorry she is where she is right now – no one is happy that is for sure.


Just back from Wales visiting Elizabeth and we stayed at the most fabulous place.  A peaceful location and cottage in the location of a farm.  The whole family were together on this occasion and arrived separately.  My younger daughter had sought permission to have Elizabeth come and stay at this fabulous accommodation and surprisingly this was agreed  as it was for 2 nights and never before had this been agreed but also the rest of the family were down and of course would want to see Elizabeth as well.  Things are very amicable within the family and we were united in support of Elizabeth by getting together to join the meeting.

It was late when my younger daughter arrived after a dreadful journey and straight from work.  When I told her that we were expected to go very early in the morning to take Elizabeth back three hours prior to the actual meeting she just burst into tears.  This put me on the spot and I started to think we have had a long journey and this was all sprung on us and I then telephoned the next morning.  When I spoke to the senior member of staff I was shocked at the reaction when I said I would need to get advice on whether it was OK for us to go along so early prior to the meeting – the reaction was “you have to get her back”  –  I then enquired why and I was given a reason and pointed out that my younger daughter was upset and that she did not arrive until really late.  I also pointed out that I needed advice on this – after all the meeting was later.  “You have to  get her back”  –  it then turned into something of a comedy and I said Oh no I don’t  –  she said Oh yes you do and this went on and on.  It was menacing to hear the words “this will go against you”  –  well it is not the first time I have heard this threat.  In the end I received the required advice and was happy to follow this advice and return Elizabeth early but when we arrived the two people who were supposed to be there were not there at all and the first people to arrive were Elizabeth and her sister.  All of us arrived later and all of us sat in the box room for nearly all day long.  It was the first time ever the whole family were united at the meeting.   The meeting took a good part of the day and much was discussed without the family being included.  Elizabeth’s father received a recorded delivery letter inviting him to the meeting whereas I did not.  I had to find out the location of the meeting and details myself.  Elizabeth’s sister was once again upset by the occasion as she had hoped to come and support her sister but was left to sit there in the box room with the rest of the family.  It is one thing that I the mother is excluded but this is unacceptable in my opinion.   Elizabeth wishes to come home and I would have her home and with the help of Rojene 24 hour care I would be able to manage.  If Elizabeth was to come home I would appoint a nutritionist having read the book by Dr William Walsh but the last time I took Elizabeth away from services after a shocking incident there was no help forthcoming and this is what happens.  Apparently everyone is on a section where Elizabeth is and two years is a long time to be away from home and in this kind of environment.  Apparently some are kept for 3 years and if that was the case it would be a total of 5.  I know people whose sons/daughters are still stuck in hospital after much longer and I think this is wrong.  This is why I am trying to support Chy Sawel and it would be wonderful if this could be set up which could help many who the system has failed.  This meeting did not achieve anything like I had hoped and it could go on and on as no one seems in a hurry to do anything.

I have to say the system is certainly an eye opener.  Elizabeth after all this time has not seen a vital report and I made sure I read this report to her.  The report is about her so why did no one in the team read it.  I am sorry but I cannot disclose the contents of the report as it is confidential but what I am saying is that patients are treated like nothing and if a report is about them then they should know what is in the report.  I made sure I did this as Elizabeth is entitled to know.   That is the whole problem with the care system until MH and the law which can be easily distorted and this I have clearly seen.  It is shrouded in secrecy that is the problems whereas in Finland there is honesty and openness in the form of Open Dialogue in a place called Tornio and how I wish we lived there.

Elizabeth was very happy to see and have the whole family behind her.  After spending all day in the box room – the family in its entirety hung around for when Elizabeth was brought out with the drugs which apparented are “contra indicated” so I found out by an expert.  I intend to find out more about this that is for sure.  The nurse who totally overeacted to the fact I would not immediately jump to demands without consent and advice first was on hand to comment reflecting on earlier and the importance of returning Elizabeth on dead time.    It was like a teacher speaking to a child at school.    The rest of the family spent a happy time with Elizabeth apparently in Swansea and then brought her back and then the next day we celebrated a member of the family’s birthday  –  I also got a further ticking off by the member of staff for a minor incident – nothing to do with the drugs of course!  You can imagine how it must be for the patients themselves if this is how I as a mother am treated.  Elizabeth has only got to open her mouth and say the slightest thing and it could be blown out of proportion.  Like for instance her sister-  getting back to the meeting – she had agreed for her sister to accompany her and support her and then we all heard the opposite.  No team members were on  hand in the box room to witness my younger daughter in tears – they were all busy at the meeting themselves discussing things whilst we the family were left to sit there and none of us were allowed to speak a word when eventually right at the very end when only the date of the next meeting will be discussed.  I doubt I will get a copy of the minutes! 

We had a nice day today and spent most of the time with Elizabeth before dropping her off though the weather was not good. 

I do not know whether it is her choice or not but she only gets out twice a day and she seems to suffer panic attacks now which I had not noticed before.  We were out with her today and she could not immediately get out of the car.  The rest of the family and I are worried that the longer the time spent in hospital the more she will deteriorate and lose confidence.

Now I have to beg for more time off work to go down to another meeting which will be arranged shortly.  Some of the family like my daughter had to take time off work unpaid – and nothing much was resolved at all.

In the meantime I have been receiving advice from lots of people and someone extremely knowledgeable has been very helpful.  I am grateful from the help and advice of a leading expert who is extremely knowledge on the drugs and other areas. 

The knowledge I have gained I feel is so important that I should contact Sir James Munby’s office for an appointment to discuss these important issues.  The secret courts are being reviewed right now and hopefully that will mean a change for the better and more fairness.   I wish to discuss the changes that I feel should be made to the current system as I am in touch with many other mothers who are also in the same situation.

There could be huge savings to the taxpayer if something was done about the present system that is for sure.










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