Elizabeth has now been in hospital for about 2 years and has said “I’ve had enough, Mum”.   Elizabeth misses her family and her cat – she is miles away however the environment is more peaceful than here in London.

For the first time in 2 years I will be allowed to have Elizabeth off the ward for 2 nights, such is the strict control.   The entire family will be going down to support Elizabeth shortly but I will have to share my time with them as well.

I am extremely sad by what I have seen happening.   I have been warned that I am up against a lot of power so this goes beyond the nurses on the wards, many of whom want to see positive change and humane care.  

Mental health patients do not get listened to  – it is all about control.

Sir James Munby QC wants to make secret courts open and I hope to contact him shortly.

I am promoting the need for therapeutic communities –  I believe this is the answer rather than acute wards but of course this should be a matter of choice.  There is virtually nothing in the way of choice and it must be costing a fortune of taxpayers money to keep someone in hospital for a long time.  All I kept seeing was the same faces time and time again every time my daughter was admitted to an acute ward.   Surely something should be done about this situation.







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  1. scri said:

    please write in your blog all the names of the “professionals” of the team who followed your daughter….before she was ill did she had any health problem? and now, does she have any type of hallucinations or behaviour changes?

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