The more I think about it I feel that Elizabeth is not in the right place. You cannot go by a glossy brochure or the title of Best Care provider that is for sure. It was the hospital’s recommended solicitor at the Bethlem who came out and said “same as any other” but I did not wish to believe her as I had read what I dreamt of in terms of care under private sector. I was unprepared for the exclusion/bullying that was to face me. It must be costing at least £1000 a week to keep my daughter under the private sector care but I would not wish for her to be on a shocking ward locally. In fact I do not believe my daughter belongs under any shocking care for mental health simply because the care is not right for her. An acute ward is noisy and volatile – no good. The private sector exclude you if they do not like you and ignore you as a mother and have caused damage in my family. It could be partly them and partly social services as all they have wanted to go is to get rid of me. None of this behaviour on the part of the team is doing an good to my daughter that is for sure. Wherever I go I think of my daughter in that hospital – she is missing out on her life, To make a song and dance about her even going up the road with her family to buy a box of chocolates for another patient – what kind of law allows this to happen. It was like at the Bethlem when not even a visiting room was provided and they would not let her just come down and stroke the kitten I had brought all the way to see her at her request. How evil and cruel are these professionals. The only time the smile was lifted off the teams face was when I revealed I was on the police training course – not once are the team honest enough to tell the truth. I would rather someone be nasty to my face than behind my back.

This is where I had to tell Dr Joanna Moncrieff who I met last night that she was wrong to think that things were getting better. I have personally seen no evidence whatsoever on this.

The Stuart Lowe Charity organised a fabulous presentation with Dr Joanna Moncrieff speaking – it was fabulous to meet her and I fully agreed with most of what she was saying apart from things are getting fairer and better. I in turn introduced myself to her at the end and got up to speak – I mentioned how these chemicals had affected my daughter and my daughter’s comments. Dr Joanna Moncrief mentioned about the Critical Psychiatry network so it would appear there are some honest psychiatrists – if only the majority would join the above. I must get her book the Myth of the Chemical Cure – this is very appropriate. I will later scan some details of the presentation onto the website but would fully recommend anyone to go and listen to what Dr Moncrieff has to say.

Elizabeth would have liked this event that was very nicely organised and very well attended. I would like to volunteer at this wonderful organisation myself especially with Xmas coming up and would like to take Elizabeth along.


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