Elizabeth telephoned during the week and the first thing she asks after is her cat.  The cat is better than all 14 mind altering chemicals that the various teams have pushed at my daughter.  Elizabeth was thrilled to see her cat recently but I have heard that the consultant psychiatrist was not too happy as she was meant only to be seeing the rest of the family.

The whole family will be getting together soon and I have booked a beautiful farm to stay in.  This is the very sort of place that Elizabeth could get better.  How I wish that I owned a farm but instead I live in London.  Having said that the more I think of it I am becoming more and more concerned .   The fabulous facilities and trips/outings mask disturbing things that have become increasingly evident.


Elizabeth told me a patients scrawled over the notice board in Cambian “psychiatry is abuse”  –  I have been on such wards many times to visit Elizabeth and what strikes me is how normal the patients are – I do not see adverse behaviour  – the only adverse behaviour I have seen is from the staff themselves in some cases.

Anyway Elizabeth said she is really looking forward to seeing me –  I have not had a nice letter inviting me to an important event like the rest of the family. 

Anyway I cannot write too much about what I am about to go through except it is quite shocking what is going on.


Tonight I had a nice evening out with my younger daughter at “The Spirit of Summer” – the venue – BBC Club.  I do not work for the BBC but I thought what they arranged was fabulous and I am very glad I went.  I got the tickets through my gym.  Elizabeth would have liked this very much – if only she was here.  There was one act after another and I was impressed.


Tomorrow I am looking forward to meeting Joanna Moncrieff.  I hope I get a chance to speak to her in person. 

On Saturday I have seen an event I would like to go to in Hyde Park Speakers Corner at 12.00 pm. 


Anyway this is a short blog tonight as it is late and I have to get up in the morning.


I wish I could share the whole picture of what I am going through right now however the truth always comes out in the end and I am in favour of the truth rather than secrecy and this is what I want to speak to Sir James Munby QC about.  My case will be a brilliant example of what is really going on behind closed doors at public expense.


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