I think this is very good. There should be openness and honesty especially as this is public money being spent. Yes, the public do have a right to know and I can see how there can be miscarriages of justice especially if a team have formed an “opinion” of dislike against you because you may have criticised. Especially if a team hide behind an excuse based on assumptions. Such courts should be open under the MH when dealing with vulnerable adults too and what is more I am in favour of the press knowing details. When public money is being spent it should be spent efficiently and this is not happening and Tribunals are being dragged out for a long time with excuses. Everyone under the MH should have an appointed independent doctor – this goes without saying and especially if that person is against the section – no way should this have been dragged out for “proper” instructions. Not everyone would like publicity but personally want it as I believe this is the way that things will be improved.

Today it is a lovely day in the UK and I am going to continue with the gardening I was doing yesterday and then I concentrate on various other chores. It will not be long now before I see Elizabeth and I am pleased to say that leave has been granted by Cambian now but I need to check – is it only just 1 night? I realise that it would be asking too much for a week but another night bearing in mind the lengthy journey is I believe unreasonable to refuse especially if someone is not of any risk.

The other good thing is that social services telephoned me – I had been trying to get hold of them for some time but just one phone call makes all the difference. I disagree that they should have to wait for the outcome of the Tribunal to look for somewhere as I believe they should be looking in advance. What is the harm of taking my daughter to see the places she asked for at least to show her. It is simple you should not keep someone in hospital for years on end. I have written to Mr Lamb about this and said that he should help get more therapeutic communities set up which could help some people where the system is failing now. Just peer support and ordinary people being involved from the community – integration into normal life rather than isolated in a flat in a scheme could make the different to some people who have been in hospital a long time. It may not suit everyone but if things have failed then a fresh look needs to be taken at what facilities need to be provided but the ultimate facility is yet to be set up in my opinion and this would be Chy Sawel. This would offer the most unique care and proper assessments and if only some celebrity chefs could get involved alongside Dr Walsh, wider benefits could be achieved as just take a look at the food on offer in hospitals but with Dr Walsh looking indepth at the individual nutritional needs with proper tests my daughter would have hope in getting better. The location of such therapeutic communities should be a personal choice – some people may need to get away from the local area. Some may be happy with the acute wards and to stay locally. What I am pointing out is that there is no choice and funding should be spread to wherever that person would like to go.

Changes are important in order for someone to get better as I have seen in my own in two instances family.

For one person affected – a change of school in a different area was the answer – not the mind altering chemicals prescribed as a child and such labels given were 100% inaccurate.

For another person – a complete break – a change in career – and no drugs!

For my elder daughter who is on a Section 3, it would be wrong to just put her back in the community under a scheme like before and at least the social worker agreed on this score.

The Government should be doing more to help set up different types of schemes especially Chy Sawel and Root and Branch that could help some people who have been completely failed by the current care. What is the harm is just giving such schemes a trial and just by being listened to a patient would be so happy like my daughter was when I appointed the orthomolecular private psychiatrist. This expert looked at far more than just pushing mind altering drugs although was qualified to do so too. This choice in care should be on offer to everyone and like I have said before the Hypnotherapy with Susan Hepburn of Harley Street was the only thing apart from the private doctor that benefitted my daughter. This should be included under NICE guidelines.

There would be no need for complaints procedures if there was such choice on offer. The main complaints I have is lack of communication, lack of choice, disregard of a patient’s wishes, ignoring, exclusion, playing of capacity/confidentiality and harmful influence on the part of teams for which I have more than enough evidence. There should be no guesswork and assumptions as to what a mother is like unless you have met that person and have involved yourself in the whole family, hence the need for Open Dialogue like in Tornio, Finland who have 95% success rate.

Last of all I would like the therapeutic community of Glebe House in Cambridge to receive some funding alongside Chy Sawel and Root and Branch Projects and to enhance all the therapeutic communities already up and running. This would be money well spent as some of these patients could even be involved in helping my daughter who I would like to be doing something with her life but current care has led to her just being drugged and allowed to go downhill to the point she lost complete interest in life.


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