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Elizabeth has now been in hospital for about 2 years and has said “I’ve had enough, Mum”.   Elizabeth misses her family and her cat – she is miles away however the environment is more peaceful than here in London.

For the first time in 2 years I will be allowed to have Elizabeth off the ward for 2 nights, such is the strict control.   The entire family will be going down to support Elizabeth shortly but I will have to share my time with them as well.

I am extremely sad by what I have seen happening.   I have been warned that I am up against a lot of power so this goes beyond the nurses on the wards, many of whom want to see positive change and humane care.  

Mental health patients do not get listened to  – it is all about control.

Sir James Munby QC wants to make secret courts open and I hope to contact him shortly.

I am promoting the need for therapeutic communities –  I believe this is the answer rather than acute wards but of course this should be a matter of choice.  There is virtually nothing in the way of choice and it must be costing a fortune of taxpayers money to keep someone in hospital for a long time.  All I kept seeing was the same faces time and time again every time my daughter was admitted to an acute ward.   Surely something should be done about this situation.








The more I think about it I feel that Elizabeth is not in the right place. You cannot go by a glossy brochure or the title of Best Care provider that is for sure. It was the hospital’s recommended solicitor at the Bethlem who came out and said “same as any other” but I did not wish to believe her as I had read what I dreamt of in terms of care under private sector. I was unprepared for the exclusion/bullying that was to face me. It must be costing at least £1000 a week to keep my daughter under the private sector care but I would not wish for her to be on a shocking ward locally. In fact I do not believe my daughter belongs under any shocking care for mental health simply because the care is not right for her. An acute ward is noisy and volatile – no good. The private sector exclude you if they do not like you and ignore you as a mother and have caused damage in my family. It could be partly them and partly social services as all they have wanted to go is to get rid of me. None of this behaviour on the part of the team is doing an good to my daughter that is for sure. Wherever I go I think of my daughter in that hospital – she is missing out on her life, To make a song and dance about her even going up the road with her family to buy a box of chocolates for another patient – what kind of law allows this to happen. It was like at the Bethlem when not even a visiting room was provided and they would not let her just come down and stroke the kitten I had brought all the way to see her at her request. How evil and cruel are these professionals. The only time the smile was lifted off the teams face was when I revealed I was on the police training course – not once are the team honest enough to tell the truth. I would rather someone be nasty to my face than behind my back.

This is where I had to tell Dr Joanna Moncrieff who I met last night that she was wrong to think that things were getting better. I have personally seen no evidence whatsoever on this.

The Stuart Lowe Charity organised a fabulous presentation with Dr Joanna Moncrieff speaking – it was fabulous to meet her and I fully agreed with most of what she was saying apart from things are getting fairer and better. I in turn introduced myself to her at the end and got up to speak – I mentioned how these chemicals had affected my daughter and my daughter’s comments. Dr Joanna Moncrief mentioned about the Critical Psychiatry network so it would appear there are some honest psychiatrists – if only the majority would join the above. I must get her book the Myth of the Chemical Cure – this is very appropriate. I will later scan some details of the presentation onto the website but would fully recommend anyone to go and listen to what Dr Moncrieff has to say.

Elizabeth would have liked this event that was very nicely organised and very well attended. I would like to volunteer at this wonderful organisation myself especially with Xmas coming up and would like to take Elizabeth along.

Elizabeth telephoned during the week and the first thing she asks after is her cat.  The cat is better than all 14 mind altering chemicals that the various teams have pushed at my daughter.  Elizabeth was thrilled to see her cat recently but I have heard that the consultant psychiatrist was not too happy as she was meant only to be seeing the rest of the family.

The whole family will be getting together soon and I have booked a beautiful farm to stay in.  This is the very sort of place that Elizabeth could get better.  How I wish that I owned a farm but instead I live in London.  Having said that the more I think of it I am becoming more and more concerned .   The fabulous facilities and trips/outings mask disturbing things that have become increasingly evident.


Elizabeth told me a patients scrawled over the notice board in Cambian “psychiatry is abuse”  –  I have been on such wards many times to visit Elizabeth and what strikes me is how normal the patients are – I do not see adverse behaviour  – the only adverse behaviour I have seen is from the staff themselves in some cases.

Anyway Elizabeth said she is really looking forward to seeing me –  I have not had a nice letter inviting me to an important event like the rest of the family. 

Anyway I cannot write too much about what I am about to go through except it is quite shocking what is going on.


Tonight I had a nice evening out with my younger daughter at “The Spirit of Summer” – the venue – BBC Club.  I do not work for the BBC but I thought what they arranged was fabulous and I am very glad I went.  I got the tickets through my gym.  Elizabeth would have liked this very much – if only she was here.  There was one act after another and I was impressed.


Tomorrow I am looking forward to meeting Joanna Moncrieff.  I hope I get a chance to speak to her in person. 

On Saturday I have seen an event I would like to go to in Hyde Park Speakers Corner at 12.00 pm. 


Anyway this is a short blog tonight as it is late and I have to get up in the morning.


I wish I could share the whole picture of what I am going through right now however the truth always comes out in the end and I am in favour of the truth rather than secrecy and this is what I want to speak to Sir James Munby QC about.  My case will be a brilliant example of what is really going on behind closed doors at public expense.

My father showed signs of forgetfulness in the first instance and he did not seem to hear properly.  A diagnosis was not immediately given to my father but the first signs were not evident to me first of all as I had never come across anything like this.  Gradually the forgetfulness and other things became more evident and my father had gone to see his GP – the GP diagnosed him with Alzheimers and he was referred to the hospital ‘s Memory Clinic.  Things had been going on for some time and the first drug he was put on was Aricept.  It was described as some kind of a wonder drug but as time went on, my father did not respond so well to this and was taken off this drug.   My father was an active person – he was always working in the garden shed and even though he worked six days a week, his time off from work was never idle.  My father was Polish and came over to the UK after the War. 

I fought to get care in place for my father who could not seem to manage in his own property but moved in with me and at the time I had two young children.

It still sticks in my mind someone saying to me “he will take over your life”.    My father was the kind of person who could not sit there doing nothing as he  had always led an active life and had made it known to me that he would not be happy in a home.   I took these comments very seriously and went out of my way to get some care in place by way of Day Centres and in the morning Home Care –  I was working part time at the time and bringing up two young children.  First of all the Day Centre which was opposite where I worked took him for a few days but then I had to fight to get more care in place as my father had a tendency to go out walking and get on buses for long rides.  Sometimes my father would be brought home by Police and he was known to them as being a vulnerable adult.   My father was not so happy having been used to a home of his own living in my house with two young children so a flat on ground floor with a little patio garden was purchased for him and it had a warden there.  My father also had an alarm which he frequently pulled to an emergency response unit and one day I was with my younger daughter who was having maths tuition when I got a disturbing call.   “Your father has been in touch – he claims his flat has been ransacked and everything is in a mess.  I suggest you call the police and get round there”.  I told them that my father had been diagnosed by this time as having Alzheimers and that it was possible there was nothing to worry about but I would check it out.    As soon as I could, I drove over – it only took about 10 minutes from my house to do this.  When I got there my father was distressed and talking about the mess of his flat and that he had been burgled but everything was in place and tidy in the flat and I realised that this along with other disturbing signs was an increasing sign of his decline.   My father could no longer be trusted to pick up my younger daughter from primary school and I worked in the afternoons just up the road but by this time she was old enough to make her own way to and from school a short distance away and my father used to go round as he saw it his duty to look after the children but the tables had turned – it was the children looking after him especially my younger daughter who used to get something ready for her Grandad to eat before I got home from work.  My younger daughter also knew that my father would seem to carry a lot of money and it turned out he would go to the Post Office and collect his pension more than once a week.  He had a book and was well known to everyone there but having lost what appeared to be a lot of money, I arranged sadly for his money to be paid in to his bank account.  He had also lost a very nice watch and other things and I had by this time the keys to  his flat as you could not just replace these keys being keys that had to be specially ordered for security.  I did not like having to take over  things for my father in such a way and although when he was in his right frame of mind he had given me consent by way of Power of Attorney to deal with whatever needed to be dealt with the thing he took most hard was not having the pension book.  He reported me to the Police and the Police got in touch and asked if I needed assistance.  I went down to the Police Station to explain my position.  I tried to explain to m y father – it was of course impossible and I complained at the Post Office because of them allowing more than one withdrawal a week from the book leading to loss of money.   So I had to control that and pay the bills, make sure my father had food in as he would buy 6 packets of butter and loads of cooking oil and things that were just not right at all but he never stopped caring for the children and like I say my youngest who was at primary school recognised that her granddad needed help and it was for half an hour each evening that the children would have to return straight home from school as I finished work around  5.30 – 6pm and this was in order that the Day Centre could bring my father round by transport.

It then got to the stage that my father who by this time had every day at Day Centre/transport arranged to take him to and from his home and at weekends I would have him round so care had been increased substantially and I realised that it was not safe for my father to make his own way round to my house as there was a busy main road to cross.   The routine worked well for quite some time that my father would be brought back to his flat and stay there and then I would go round and help him get ready for bed and make sure he  had something to eat.  Every single day there was something I needed to do to help my father. 

The hospital had warned me that taking him off Aricept I would see within a month or so extreme decline and this was so true.  Suddenly my father who was once so active became disabled and needed a walking stick.  Before going to work I would be taking him to the hospital for appointments or his doctor and got a walking stick in place, later a zimmer frame.  Everything was falling on me including nursing care and I would sometimes have to stay round there.  It was suggested many times I just put my father into a care home but I could not do this as it would have been against his wish and the flat was quite suitable.  It was thanks to the Direct Payments Scheme that eventually my father was assessed as needing 24 hr care –  well I managed to get such care.  A typical day would be:

Up around 7.30 am – Home care services would turn up dressing, washing and providing breakfast.

Transport would collect my father around 8.30 – 9 pm to take him to the day Centre where he would remain until 3.00-3.30pm.

A wonderful organisation and charity called Crossroads would come and sit with my father getting him tea and assisting him for a couple of hours every day Mon – Friday. 

At 6pm the Polish carer appointed through Direct Payments would turn up and provide dinner and give the “medication” and help my father into bed.  This person slept on a settee bed in my father’s lounge of his one bedroom warden controlled flat.

Here is the “Medication” list of my father:

Asprin 75mg

Omeprozole 20mg




Quinapril 25mg




That is quite a list for an elderly person who was nearly 90 years old and now having researched these chemicals I am disgusted by this list.  I knew nothing about any of these drugs before but one of the effects was that my father who was once quiet and placid became the opposite and could be abusive to staff and lash out. 

I soon found there was complete lack of understanding with some members of staff.  The care was working with the regular carers and my father was used to them but did not like it when several members of staff would say “crowd him” at the Day Centre.   Some staff coped better than others but some would complain about my father’s behaviour and lacked complete understanding.  At the  hospital after my father had suffered a heart attack,  my father being a very strong person recovered from this well and the hospital wanted to discharge him immediately but I needed a day or so to get all the services up and running but never should such a conversation have taken place at the bedside with a nurse approaching me as it would seem that my father could understand every single word being said and obviously was not happy being confined to bed in hospital but I will never forget the recognition of his understanding and seeing tears in his eyes.    It is wrong of some professionals to assume that someone even in the later stages of Alzheimers cannot understand what is being said around them.

There was many hospital admissions for my father and I used to struggle to get him in my car which was a people carrier as my father was wheelchair bound and on Saturdays I took him to a wonderful centre run by Age Concern.  I could not do much at the weekends as I had to be there to pick up my father and bring him home and wait for the carers who I had employed by way of direct payments to turn up.  Even going on holiday was impossible as respite was arranged but on one occasion my father had climbed a wall and gone missing – he had walked for miles in his slippers back to his old home crossing major roads in doing so. The woman who was now living in his former home was a  nurse and tried to take him home but each time he would direct her back to his former home.

Looking after my father for ten years or so meant sacrifices had to be made and time was one of them – as he declined, it became more distressing to watch and I had to spend more time with him but I was not going to give up – it was what he would have wanted to stay in his own home.

I would still find time to help my daughters with homework – the eldest by this time was studying for exams.  Elizabeth did not seem to get on with one particular subject – IT and was playing truant from school.  She did not seem happy – her best friend had moved to another area but then I was relieved as she seemed to make other friends and always knew what she wanted to be –  a chef.   I paid for private lessons for the IT and hoped that would be the answer.  I felt that the main problem was my father and my younger daughter who would come home from school with her jacked covered in chalk and her face scratched and refused to talk about it but eventually I got to hear and went up to the school to complain.  It got to the stage where my youngest refused to go to school and no longer wanted to live any more and this got her referred to the doctor and hospital.  The hospital sectioned my younger daughter and diagnosed her with Schizophrenia.  She was sectioned for 2 weeks and I had to arrange emergency respite for  my father at short notice as I could not cope with them both.  When I heard she had been prescribed Rispiridone like my father had first of all been put on I was horrified and complained.  I did not want her to be on these drugs and I noticed she had suddenly ballooned in weight.  My daughter would be called “fatty/psycho and mental” in the street and I was extremely concerned as this drug they had put her on seemed to make her even more anxious and restless.  It did not work at all but she was only on 1mg.  I got dreadfully criticised when I listened to my daughter about her not wishing to take this chemical and the team of course were in favour of continuing this.  She got referred to Gt Ormond St but I started to look at private schools as I felt this was the answer and I used all m y savings to pay for three years of private education which has been the making of my daughter.

Getting back to my father,  I continued to struggle but I am not the kind of person to ever give up.  I managed to focus my mind on other things too and I had plenty to focus my mind on what with certain terrible incidents that had happened relating to my younger daughter but all along I thought Elizabeth was doing OK –  she had been chosen to go to Finland to work as a chef.  I had no worries about Elizabeth then and never could have envisaged what has since happened.  

Anyway my father sadly died in hospital several years ago after a hip operation at the age of 90.

It is very hard looking after someone with Alzheimers and watching them decline and I would praise Crossroads, Age Concern and everyone including two very good social workers who went out of their way to help my father.

It is because of the good social workers under the Adults Division that I tried to get my daughter Elizabeth transferred there instead.  Of course this was refused.

The best thing that helped me was having direct payments for my father – if only just a little bit of this could have been provided for Elizabeth – in front of the EMU group Elizabeth showed lack of understand regarding direct payments but she was never one to ask for anything.  Sadly if you do not ask you do not get and that lead to unfairness – for instance if clear instructions are not given for a trial then nothing is done.  If someone cannot pick up the phone and ask they go without.  There are people stuck on never ending sections that have become institutionalised this way when they are no risk to society but if someone has not got the strength to go through with a Tribunal and appointing and dealing with solicitors and also if a team try to persuade someone otherwise and influence them in their decision then a patient is not being treated fairly at all.   A team have nothing to lose by keeping someone in their establishment for years raking in lots of money – this is the difference – with my father social workers helped tremendously and all I had to do was just keep the records of payments and even if someone cannot do this there is help and support.  Whoever thought of Direct Payments is brilliant but as for Personalisation this is not working under MH as when I heard nothing had been provided after 6 months I stepped in to arrange hypnotherapy – I could have found out the answers in just 1 hour as to what my daughter wanted and then the team could have just provided.  This did not go down well at all but I had witnesses in terms of friends who accompanied Elizabeth and it was like a miracle to see my daughter temporarily cured and this is why I cannot understand why on earth this is not included in NICE guidelines as it worked and what is more my daughter asked to go again.  Why is it like a post code lottery when this is provided by SOME NHS authorities.

I have documented how Elizabeth was transferred at short notice from the Bethlem (Beckenham) to Cambian in Wales and how I was so pleased about this at first. I had read about what I thought was fabulous care and facilities.  Sure enough my daughter has described the facilities and food far better than what is on offer under the NHS locally, however, there have been some disturbing things that have occurred. I was obviously shocked to hear from my solicitors that a further attempt was being made to get rid of me as the Nearest Relative and this would explain the reason I was excluded from Day 1 by the team.  I have only ever listened to my daughter who is not a risk to the public and have spoken up for her as I felt she was being ignored and right now she is quite rightly unhappy at being held on a section that could go on for up to 9 years. Apparently, Cambian keep patients there for a long time – as long as 3 years. so I heard but we as a family feel she has been there now over a year and further time spent at the Bethlem and locally. I as a mother and Nearest Relative had the right firstly to call a Manager’s Hearing but of course this never took place as the file was refused to my solicitors.  Now the Tribunal complete with independent doctor is due to take place soon.  It has been very hard to get all of this in place as I felt that capacity was being played upon by the team -Elizabeth would never just pick up a phone and ring her solicitors for example. Then to my shock and horror I discovered by accident that the entire team were going to the Tribunal except for myself, my solicitors and the independent doctor and it is lucky I got to hear about it.  At last we have a date for the Tribunal but I understand that the Consultant Psychiatrist has been to see my daughter alone asking her if she really wanted me to be the Nearest Relative and I think that this is very very wrong.  I have also got to hear today that at the CPA meeting apparently the team are not pleased that my daughter was brought over to me.  I feel very threatened by the team’s reaction towards me as a mother.  There are so many of them and I have been warned that it is very hard to get someone off a section and that I am up against a lot of power.  I know only too well that I have been subject to bullying like I have never experienced before in the way of exclusion.  When you think how happy I was for my daughter to go to Cambian and then to my shock and horror I find out that all these things are being plotted behind my back and it is not a figment of my imagination.  I have proof in writing how the team tried to distance me from my daughter.  I have proof of the reason why they wish to get rid of me as the mother. A team should work with you as a family whether they like you or not.   A team should not assume or guess in any way.

I believe the team are hiding behind the excuse that I as a mother will try and influence my daughter to stop taking the drugs.  They are using this as an excuse when in fact it is much more personal than this.  I have already said that I am not qualified to take her off the drugs and even if I am not happy I would not convey my opinion to my daughter as I know she could be severely affected with her health if she was to stop taking these drugs unless she had professional  help and I am not a professional.  I am disappointed that the team should focus heir personal dislike on me as a mother to try to get rid of me and it has been very upsetting to be targeted like this. For instance we live a long distance away and it takes a good day to drive down from Wales and this is not taken into account – just an extra night would be nice to spend with  my daughter but this has been flatly refused and as a result it is now not just me upset with the care given. I am now waiting for consent for leave coming up but have had no response despite two emails.   The team say it is at my wish my daughter was sent to Cambian as I wanted this –  well yes I did as I had read so many good things about it but I did not bargain for this kind of treatment/control – even at local level I have never encountered anything like this.  At the Bethlem there was also very strict control but I understand they did not want visitors or attention.p>

My summing up of care under the private sector is as follows:

Better facilities so I am told “its like a four star hotel, Mum”.

More to do – cookery and outings not available on the NHS.

The location –  peaceful and quiet.

The food – good – a far cry from what is on offer under the nhs.

The environment – extremely strict – get up early during the week and have chores to do – focus on personal hygiene – various groups to attend.

The environment according to my daughter is not always good.  It is not a good environment according to Elizabeth to be surrounded by other seriously ill people. The worst thing is the relationship towards family has been affected by the attitude of the team ie lack of communication/exclusion.  from Day I.

Not once have I been invited to a meeting.

I was given a slot for supervised calls supposedly at my daughter’s request at a time when surely the team knew I could not ring.  Elizabeth told her sister this was not at her wish.

Elizabeth said it is very strict and you have to go along with the team and that she “has her reputation to think about”  –  I gather from this they make her feel bad if she was to refuse to do what they ordered.

Elizabeth is 26 but not even allowed out to go to the corner shop alone and has now been there for over a year.    It is wrong that a team should try and influence Elizabeth but things have happened –  ie her solicitor changed which she would never have done herself –  the tribunal got dragged out as they kept saying she had not given proper instructions to her solicitor.  Now the latest the questioning of my daughter as to whether she wants me as the Nearest Relative and this is overstepping the mark professionally surely.

Now apparently the team are not happy that my daughter was brought over to see me.

For a while the care worked better under Cambian when another doctor took over briefly and this doctor was very good –  he communicated with me and that is the main problem with the team at Cambian.  There is lack of communication and lack of inclusion.  I feel their dislike of me is personal as the consultant psychiatrist said “I have heard all about your past behaviour”.  I was denied leave, I was denied access by phone and all the time Elizabeth was phoning me.

It is not  Cambian and the facilities/outings/food but the way the team have responded towards me as a mother. I was overjoyed when she was given a place but am now not happy –  The CEO Mr Asaria has not got back to me.  He was supposed to get back to me after a couple of days and never bothered. I feel the CEO does not care otherwise he would have telephoned or written by now.  It is harmful to to try and sever contact with the mother(in my case) just because a team does not like you with the excuse that I would advise/influence or try and stop her taking the drugs.  That is the issue the team hide behind It would be far better if they were open and honest and direct. There would be no complaints on my part however it is good to see that not all psychiatrists are bad.  I have just bought a new book called De-Medicalising misery which is edited by Mark Rapley, Joanna Moncrieff and Jacqui Dillon.  I am delighted with this book. Elizabeth texted me today and she sounded calm and positive.  There is no reason to keep her locked behind closed doors for many more years to come. This is an infringement of human rights. I feel concerned at the fact that once the Tribunal is out of the way and should Elizabeth stay where she is that I will be very vulnerable without the backing of my solicitors. So far, I have twice requested leave from Cambian but received no answer and I have booked a farm house cottage for my forthcoming visit when the Tribunal will take place.

I am well aware that the Tribunal will focus on elements of risk and safety but it is off-putting when a team have reacted this way towards you with disregard towards the person in care. It is not my daughter’s wish to be caught in the middle of a dispute with the team and myself based on unfounded beliefs surrounding the drugs. It is wrong of them to adopt bullying tactics. All I can hope for is that Elizabeth will be released from section and transferred elsewhere under a team who will work with me and the family. Elizabeth mentioned she liked Devon.  She has talked of wanting her own home and I would be prepared to buy her a home of her own but so far social services have not responded to me on the possibility of this an what support could be provided. I feel 3 years is too long to keep Elizabeth in hospital and feel that it has been nearly 2 years if you combine the stay locally and the Bethlem in total.  There is no way that I or the rest of the family want to see her decline under a similar type scheme locally as before that didn’t work out. All I want as a mother is for my daughter to be  happy and go forward (not backwards) with her life.  All I want to know is that she is safe and being looked after – she will need a lot of support as she has once again been in hospital a long time. It is supposed to be very difficult to get someone released from section and this is terrible and costing the public a lot of money when most people are of no risk to the public.

As always a weekend is very busy for me trying to cram so much in as I work during the week.

Saturday I was helping the old lady I visit occasionally with something and I missed the meeting where I go occasionally to meet up with members of SOAP however I invited these former patients to my house and did some food.  The former patients are very decent people in my opinion and I would say highly intelligent – unfortunately in the press MH patients are portrayed in a very negative way and I did not hesitate to invite these respectable people over to my home for the first time. There are also a few mothers who have turned to the group and I admire these people for speaking out about the shocking care.  I think it is extremely brave.  It is one thing me doing that as a mother but it is all the more admirable to listen to some of the horrendous circumstances surrounding some of these former patients.   I wished that Elizabeth was at home to meet some of these people who have come a long way and are what I would call “survivors”.  It is precisely these people who in my opinion could help my daughter.  That is why I think it is so wrong that patients are completely ignored and not given the opportunity to get involved in the care.  It should not be all about qualifications –  I appointed someone who was a trainee psychologist for example and this person was about Elizabeth’s age.    My point is that some of these former patients would be more than suitable for peer support and companionship alongside student nurses and student psychologists.  The people that are studying for degrees in this field should be involved in the care of someone like my daughter and have the chance to come and meet the families and see the background.  Unfortunately some of these experts base their opinions on guesswork.  How can they know what I am like as a mother when they have never met me or come to see the family home?   Yet they can write what they like about you behind your back and this may well not be complimentary and some of these experts judge you on what has been written by other experts without even meeting you first to form an opinion.  I feel this is completely wrong as when I found out that I was portrayed as someone who was abusive and hitting my daughter as a child my other daughter went to question her sister and she was angry and could not remember saying anything of the sort but then when someone is on a lot of drugs, if they are questioned along these lines it is shocking –  the fact is you get labelled yourself as a mother by the team if you dare to speak out about the care and disagree with it.

I try an switch off my thoughts on Elizabeth and concentrate on other things.  Today I have been busy at home tidying up and gardening. 

I rang Elizabeth today but the conversation was brief as she was out and they had taken her to MacDonalds.    I am looking forward to when Dr Walsh gets involved here with the correct nutrition and I am impatient for this so I may well give Dr Walsh a ring – the sooner the correct care and diagnosis is in place the better as far as I am concerned. 

Anyway I am not happy with the CEO of Cambian as he is supposed to be looking into matters to do with my enquiry.  Once again I find I am having to chase people up – I do not have much time to do this for a start and when something is promised – that promise should be kept to in my opinion.  Anyway I can soon call there again if I do not get a response.

I have had numerous letters from some of the other mothers and have offered to appear on the C4 programme in respect of the Bethlem –  I am waiting to hear- they may well have carefully selected patients for this programme but I would be delighted to speak from a mother’s point of view and also I know of others who would like to speak on this programme too. 

Last of all I  had a text message from Elizabeth “I love you Mum”  –  I have proof of this message which I would show to social services and the team alongside all the other messages sent when I was banned from phoning Elizabeth and given a slot of once a week at a time I could not phone.  I have proof that it was not true that Elizabeth did not want contact with me –  if that was the case then why would she have texted me throughout the time that I was banned from phoning and only allowed supervised calls.

This shows more and more the need for a complete change in the system and open dialogue – no wonder Tornio has 95% success rate.

As for the Governments gagging orders –  this is ludicrous. This shows that the Government are afraid of someone like me telling the truth and there is no way on earth they should be allowed to get away with this.  This spells an end to democracy if there is no freedom of speech and then more and more abuse will be allowed to go on in rotten system.

I have already said the law needs to be changed to stop this abuse and if there were decent facilities then there would not be the need for all the beds on acute wards which are appalling.  There are organisations that need help is setting up like Chy Sawel and Root and Branch – Soteria that offer a different kind of care – humane care.   What is lacking is communication – that is the main problem and of course playing on capacity and confidentiality.  Noone wants me to see the files –  what are they hiding in these files and I have a right to see what has been written about me and when I applied at the Bethlem I did not get all the papers.  Where are the rest of the papers?   Also the supplements – I shall need proof of the fact they are there with Cambian as I sent the Bethlem.  The supplements cost £130 which is not a lot but it is the principal –  these may be useful for when Dr Walsh comes over here.

Lastly Elizabeth has told the rest of the family she wishes to go to a therapeutic community – I as a mother am pleased about this.  I hope that eventually Elizabeth can return nearer to home as we all miss her. 
















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