My daughter Elizabeth was brought over to see me briefly by the rest of the family this evening. It was so lovely to be like a family again – all of us present for a change.

I spent most of the day shopping and preparing food. I was careful to choose really healthy foods having read the book by Dr Ann Blake Tracy and Dr Walsh and I may well phone Dr Walsh over the weekend. I would like to see the correct diet for my daughter as the wrong foods can affect behaviour bearing in mind the drugs she is on. I have seen the effects of this as a mother and I thoroughly agree with Dr Ann Blake Tracy and Dr Walsh. I have already telephoned Dr Tracy and now I shall ring Dr Walsh. If only these professionals together with a top chef like Jamie Oliver can get together they can transform care under the mental health like never before. Jamie Oliver has done various projects but has never tackled something as challenging as the mental health care before – whilst the food is a far cry from local level much can be done to improve things for the patients on the wards and this is where these experts should be called upon. There is special relevance with regard to Jamie Oliver and I don’t mind paying for his appearance on the ward to educate the patients and to review alongside Dr Walsh decent food in hospitals that could benefit everyone under the MH. This is some the DOH can invest in with the huge savings they have made that I read about in the Evening Standard on Friday last.

Anyway, the visit went well and Elizabeth was overjoyed to see her cat.

Elizabeth was visibly tired and I am sure that the cocktail of chemicals given contribute to this.

I did not probe and question her as I wanted this to be a special occasion but I also wanted Elizabeth to see how much support she has out there and how I would like to turn my website into something better and attract advertising for instance in order to donate to Chy Sawel for example. It sticks in my mind something Richard Branson said on Linked-in and this has inspired me with the idea of trying to raise some money for the kind of unique care that Tornio has to offer.

Elizabeth wanted to see her favourite band called Nightwish but this music is not my taste as a mother and sounded a bit depressive for my liking. Elizabeth spotted a picture of Eleanor Longden and I played to her the wonderful dvd and as she has been to Finland, we also looked at pictures of Finland and I have promised to take her to this country where they have the best care in the world.

Why on earth doesn’t this Government strike up a deal with that of Finland as I am so impressed with the care that I would pay something towards this myself. This Open Dialogue care is the opposite of “care” in the UK and it is no wonder they have 95% success rate.

Elizabeth did not feel up to writing much as she was tired but was thrilled with the support on Twitter. Also I briefly showed her the picture taken outside the Bethlem with all her supporters – former patients and myself of course. Elizabeth has said “you are a strong person, Mum, do what you can for me” One thing I have learnt is nothing comes easy in life and you have to fight for things. I happen to think that my daughter Elizabeth is worth fighting for. It is never too late to do things in life and I am appalled at eh way the mental health care keeps talented people down without encouragement and given the right kind of support many of these patients have so much to offer.

In no time it was time to take Elizabeth back to stay at her Grandparents house but I was very happy to see her back home. Eventually I would like Elizabeth back home but I also want for her to be happy, independent and free. Whilst I do not wish to control her life I do not like what I see one bit with professionals causing trouble and divide within the family and people end up staying in hospital under private sector for about 3 years so I heard. This is unacceptable! My daughter should not even be on a section as mistakes have been made at the Bethlem. I want this section removed as it is an infringement of human rights. It is Elizabeth’s wish not to be sectioned and it is no point in the team saying otherwise as the whole family are witness to this.

It is wrong that I should be replaced as the Nearest Relative by social services simply because they wish to wash their hands. If the care did not work locally they should continue to provide as it is the fault of the local care for her to go downhill in the first place. Why should this be passed to another Council to pay for. It is wrong also for social services to resort to bullying tactics and it is not good enough to receive a letter from the DOH – as I have previously documented. I have quite rightly pointed out to the DOH they need to update their Strategy 2010. In fact over the weekend I may make suitable amendments to pass on to them myself.

It is miserable weather in the UK – I wanted to do a BBQ but could not because of the rain. What can you do in this weather. It is a shame Elizabeth could not stay a while with me and I would have taken her out. We used to go to lots of nice places including London but then I had to choose quieter locations – that is fine as I lead a hectic life and do not mind peace and quiet. I am already planning ahead for when we all go down to Wales soon and have seen nice accommodation to stay in – a Spa! I still hope to go and take Elizabeth to Bluestone but my ultimate ambition apart from eventually improving my website is to go to Finland to Tornio and it would be nice if Mr Lamb himself went to visit so that changes can be made over here and then I would be full of praise instead of criticism.

Some people on Twitter have appeared defensive but every case is different I would never say to someone “I know how you feel”. I would never say to someone “no harm done” or “it doesn’t seem so bad”. If the drugs work for some people I would never criticise having read Dr Walsh’s book however these people who say they get on with the drugs must respect others who are not happy – I as a mother am not happy in the slightest bit that professionals have not listened to my daughter and when I as a mother have quite rightly defended having listened to her – what right do these professionals have to start slagging me off behind my back.

I do not like ANYTHING about the care in the UK. It is secretive, and should be open and accountable to the public when dealing with vulnerable patients who are too weak in some cases to stand up for themselves.

At the Bethlem I was told to sit back and relax and leave things to the professionals. When I heard what they were going to do I immediately brought evidence that what they were doing was wrong and the response was one of laziness. They clearly did not know how to do things properly and there were students there too so I thought that I had done a good job of bringing forward evidence and information as to how things should be done in terms of the reduction. It is not my daughter’s fault if she suffered psychosis – I am outraged by a professional taking my daughter off 150mg of Seroquel and mixing it with Olanzapine. I had sought professional advice and taken the time and trouble to read books on the subject. Not one apology has been forthcoming for their mistakes and the way I have been treated and this is not good enough in my opinion. Anyway it will be a while now for the Tribunal but I am so happy that Elizabeth has had a good time this weekend.


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