My comments in brackets:

Sorry to hear of your daughter’s ill health and I appreciate your concerns about MH standards.

The Government’s ambitious approach to talking drug use is set out in our 2010 Drug Strategy Reducing demand, restricting supply, building recovery: supporting people to live a drug free life which can be accessed on the Home office Website by searching for Drug Strategy 2010 and following the links. The strategy sets out a fundamentally different approach to preventing drug use in our communities supporting individuals to
recover from drug and alcohol dependence and cracking down on those involved in drugs trade (Totally irrelevant as this seems, if I am not wrong, to be relevant to illicit drugs not prescribed – in any case where is the updated version taking my case into consideration ie., surely there should be a version for 2013 which I would be delighted to write for the DOH myself.)

I also note your concerns about prescription meds in MH settings. An integrated approach is fundamental to the provision of high quality care to people with conditions such as depression, Schizophrenia or dementia and treatment should take into account patients’ individual needs and preferences.
(I find this wholly untrue – individual needs are not taken into consideration for a start and there is no high quality care – for someone left to go downhill to such an extent to end up in private sector care miles from home says it all and even that needs looking at!)

Medicines have their place in the treatment of MH conditions. For many this will be the most effective and appropriate treatment option. However, there are alternatives available such as counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy – it is important that medicines are only prescribed to people with MH conditions when necessary and are not used when non pharmacological approaches can be equally effective (Drugs as I prefer to call them – prescribed drugs or chemicals are given to children as young as 13, pushed at anyone who has suffered trauma instead of therapy initially making them dependant on these drugs to the point they cannot just come off and what about the elderly – what is the point in giving anti-psychotics to the elderly but I suppose who cares – this is the care of the UK for you. CBT did help my daughter but hypnotherapy more so as it was like a miracle seeing her back to normal again. Susan Hepburn did miracles on my daughter and this should be given as choice in some cases under MH care as my daughter asked herself to go again. Individual preferences are not met as the scheme of Personalised Care did not work out and nothing was achieved at local level via this.

Patients should have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their care and treatment in partnership with their doctors. If patients do not have the capacity then healthcare professionals should follow the department’s advice on consent and code of practice that accompanies the Mental Capacity ACt. (Well this is an act that can be manipulated to professional’s hearts content as when a patient may have just taken mind altering drugs there are times when that person can be taken advantage of and I have a good idea what goes on behind closed doors and the dishonesty some professionals will stoop to as I have seen in recent care. Capacity can be played on to deny the files to family that were once consented to by the person in care. Capacity can be played upon to replace a mother the team hate and want rid of as the Nearest Relative with her Father who lives in a different area because of funding issues. It would be cheaper to pass the care of someone where care has not worked to another area altogether but push a mother out of the way and then try to make out that that mother is unfit to be the Nearest Relative and it is all down to the drugs. I can swear on the Bible that I would not tell my daughter to stop taking them. I know her life would be at risk now – I would like to see the team swear on the Bible in God’s name that my daughter did not want contact with me and it was her idea to have supervised calls only at a time I could not phone as I was travelling home on work. Go ahead team and swear in God’s name on the Bible as I believe there is a God in this world who wants to see an end to this abuse and is giving me the strength to stand up and speak out against it).

Finally I should explain that any complaints about the Parliamentary and Health Serv Ombudsman can be made through its own complaints procedure As you may be aware the only recourse after the Ombudsman has made a final decision about a complaint is to seek a judicial review. This involves making an application to the court. As I am sure you can appreciate the Department has neither the necessary expertise nor remit to provide legal advice on how you can apply for this to be done. For this you will need to go to a law centre/Citizens ADvice Bureau or Lawyer. (Well I have done all – thank you for your advice which is worthless DOH! You try finding a solicitor beyond Tribunal level as I have and I did find 2 solicitors on one occasion after something terrible and guess what they said ” Negligent” well how come I got before this a response from the then Healthcare
Comm “satisfactory” – the ratings from the CQC are not true and when they say good or excellent you should always doubt. You cannot go by awards either so I can see when it comes to standards of care and there is no proper ratings system let alone a fair complaints system – all the time you come up against a brick wall and there are no solicitors willing to take on such a case even though in full extent it is truly shocking and I would like to make an example of the care system if only I could but have contacted practically every firm and not a firm wishes to involve themselves in the UK – in other words the law is truly around protecting those who are the professionals themselves and it is no wonder some can sit there smiling whilst others can barely look you in the face and look to the ground. I am sure there are decent professionals – not all are bad however the system – the whole system is bad and outdated and the Dept of Health needs to change this system and I would be more than willing to help and can provide many other mothers who would be willing to speak to them also to advise them of what is really needed from a personal point of view.)

I hope this reply is helpful (do I laugh or do I cry – IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT HELPFUL IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT AND I AM GOING TO WRITE AGAIN GIVING MY IDEAS OF WHAT SHOULD BE CHANGED IN WWW.HOMEOFFICE.GOV.UK Drug Strategy 2010 – I would welcome anyone elses ideas and suggestions to put to the DOH for a review of this outdated Strategy that clearly needs to be updated as it is now 2013. To all my followers and Twitter followers etc please send in your ideas and I will send them or better still take them to Mr Lamb himself and I wish to drop in a copy of Dr Walsh’s book at the same time for him to study.)

Last of all I wish to thank the supporters of my daughter Elizabeth – I am very grateful and do not mind criticism however as you can appreciate I cannot detail all the shocking details and the name Elizabeth is not the real name of my daughter. Anyway she has seen my website and was thrilled with the support. Elizabeth once liked writing and if she feels well enough she may wish to write on this blog but I would not push her otherwise. I am only being a bit “pushy with the so called experts and Government as I feel something needs to be done and as a taxpayer myself I am not happy to see public money being wasted and many mental health patients – in fact all of them even those who feel they are worthless have something to offer in my opinion and should be given more help and support and choice and if care in the community in the local area is not working then choice should b e given elsewhere. For instance the NHS wish to send people to India well I would be happy for my daughter to go to Finland and to even go myself for the unique care on offer in Tornio in Finland. Only in Finland is there such a thing as open dialogue and respect to MH patients – an openness and honest not seen in the UK or elsewhere in the world. My daughter Elizabeth has been to Finland and loved it there. I have never been before and wish to go and see the wonderful care on offer myself that needs to be incorporated I the UK instead of the current cruel system rife with abuse at present and inclusion not exclusion of families – not all families are abusers for instance. My daughter would get better in a quiet peaceful location such as a farm with animals – she loves animals and will be looking forward to seeing her pet Fluffy the cat.

This unsatisfactory letter from Mr Lamb has only made me more and more determined and if nothing is done I will stand up and speak at the next conference directly as there is no excuse for the DOH to sit back and do nothing about this shocking situation.

Once again for those who get on with the drugs- good as Dr Walsh says many are “undermethylated” it is a personal choice but my argument is where is that choice in the UK when there is CTOs and enforced drugging. This is against God and cruel and abusive.

So is ECT that can destroy the happy memories in someone’s life whereas with the right person/expert in hypnotherapy my daughter’s description was “it was like walking on air Mum – when can I go again” – professionals reacted in the most ridiculous way as I chose a top leading professional – I have never seen such a reaction when it worked! I have never seen her look so happy – how come it is only on offer under some MH authorities and now I have found out the DOH have so much surplus money I want to know where this money will be spent and may I suggest to the Dept of Health – more therapeutic communities with humane care and peer support/patient involvement. Also a look at Dr Walsh’s research in his book Nutrient Power as now I want a proper assessment done by Dr Walsh.


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