Friday – out with friends and colleagues on two occasions. Saturday a quiet day but could not get through to Elizabeth on her new phone. I could not hear what Elizabeth was saying the night before as I was in a noisy station and I had to buy her a new phone as it has mysteriously gone missing. Elizabeth now has that phone and telephoned me yesterday.

Tomorrow my younger daughter is preparing a BBQ for my Birthday but I shall miss being a complete family without Elizabeth there as well but cruelly in accordance with the dated and shockingly cruel law of the UK Elizabeth is held miles away in Wales on a sentence that can go on forever under the Mental Health Act despite the fact she has done nothing wrong. All she did was push two nurses out of the way as she wanted to go outside of the prison camp environment of the horrific Bethlem Royal Hospital. Prior to that Elizabeth suffered from Akathisia which can only be described as the most horrific side effect from the drugs themselves NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY KIND OF LABEL OR DIAGNOSIS OF WHICH THERE ARE THOUSANDS TO MATCH EVERYONE IN DSM 5. No, Elizabeth was suffering from the results of the drug itself namely Quetiapine manufactured by Astra Zeneca who I wrote to personally to tell them of the shocking side effects my daughter was suffering and everything is shrouded in secrecy. Well I believe in openness and honesty and am documenting everything like this for the world to see as no one has a clue what really goes on behind closed doors of the shocking care in the UK. I do not discount good members of staff are present. I can even list some of them but that is not the point I am right in saying that the law, the care is dated and needs changing and even some professionals agree with me but God forbid if they speak out. I am just a mother but have encountered shocking abuse and bullying so you can imagine the bravery of those who do speak out and the consequences they are faced with when there are some at the top who only care for themselves and not those who are the most vulnerable people that need support and care. It is not just the professionals take a look at social services who get involved in the pushing of drugs too. They are no professionals in terms of knowledge of drugs so what on earth are they doing! I have received bullying and can prove it in writing and total lack of inclusion and communication in the past and they cannot do anything right now as I have solicitors appointed but what when those solicitors are not appointed – who is going to protect me as a mother then as once the solicitors disappear it will give the grounding for the so called healthcare professionals and social services who provide the funding to attempt again the displacement of me as the Nearest Relative. This will be done in the most manipulative way as I have seen attempted that my daughter has been asked whether she really wants me to be the nearest relative. This has been done by one particular person and I cannot mention who it is but the person approached Elizabeth on her own without an advocate or anyone present. Elizabeth feels threatened and afraid of the staff that she will lose reputation by not agreeing with them. How wicked the care is. When the nurses discovered my daughter Elizabeth was out in the car waiting for the expert witness doctor who would be representing her in court to arrive they pushed past me like I was a piece of rubbish to grab Elizabeth from the car stating she needed to eat something when in fact the drugs were due. Drugs that could have sent her to sleep and rendered her incapable of meeting the private expert witness doctor that had appointed for the Tribunal. I insisted on waiting in the corridor for the doctor to finish interviewing my daughter alone and he had to hang on for the consultant psychiatrist and even ask where she was! The consultant psychiatrist who does not like me was late and this doctor needed to catch a train home on time so I had offered a lift and besides it was raining. There was no way I was going anywhere because Elizabeth wanted to get a box of chocolates for another patient. The staff refused and they played on the law for her leave which I pointed out had originally been agreed for 2 nights but in fact I only needed 1 night and this was because I had heard from other people how these tribunals are sabotaged by professionals who are a law unto themselves – they can drug and drug someone up to such an extend they can brainwash that person against their own family. That is what is going on as I see it by this private hospital team. The Tribunal should have taken place sooner rather than later and is now not scheduled until October. It is laughable that psychiatrists are answerable to no one and can sit their smugly smiling – I have seen this several times. However there are a few out there who are honest and have a conscience and I have found good representation for my daughter in court and may God praise those who are honest and brave enough to stand up against the shocking abuse of human rights allowed to go on in the UK – a so called civilised country which in my opinion is far from civilised. It is the “uncivilised” undeveloped countries that have more respect for the mentally ill. I would like to see a change in this shocking care in the UK not just in hospitals but in the community as it is the community care that is failing many sending them back into hospital time and time again simply because people can become isolated by society and have become dependant and disabled not only because of the drugs but because of the care itself that leads someone to have to rely on having things done for them and end up dependant on others and suffering from worse anxiety and even agoraphobia like never before. The longer someone is in hospital the more dependant they become and the harder it is to rehabilitate them. Whilst every case is different people get treated the same and they are not treated with respect and the care is mainly drugs which do not help someone who has suffered terrible abuse. The drugs companies should be more answerable and help financially in order to give more choice in care hat does not revolve around solely drugs. Why should they care when they get so much in profit and the psychiatrists are on good money. It is all wrong in my opinion. Elizabeth will be brought down here soon but no doubt for a flying visit. She has only been allowed to spend 1 night yet most of the time is travelling which must be stressful. Why not 2 nights. Why are these professionals allowed to have the power to play God. I may not be the most religious person but I believe in God and hope he will do something to help my daughter and stop this abuse going on. Where are all the religions of the world? Why aren’t they uniting in this fight to end abuse of this nature? Well I believe that I have been put in this position of having to speak out, of having to fight for some kind of justice. I believe God has put me in this position and am honoured and pleased to take on such a challenge not just for my daughter but for everyone. The consultant psychiatrist at the Bethlem told me to sit back and leave it all to the professionals that my daughter was in good hands. Well the minute I heard what they were going to do I brought proof with me on how things should be done and this did not go down well and the next thing I was banned. He also said “I have enough reading to do”. This is nonsense. This is laziness on his partas I have little time but still have researched and looked into things properly and sought advice from professionals in the States. Proper advice which I brought with me to the meetings to prove and was treated like a criminal. I was even threatened with arrest on more than one occasion. I am not bothered by this or any threats but it is a different matter if you are on a shocking prison sentence worse than any jail under MH care. Why should someone but go along with the team. Why cant the team learn and respect and treat patients like a human being. It is one thing treating me like this but another thing in treating a patient this way and this to my opinion is totally unacceptable.


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