I thought it strange I had not heard from my daughter Elizabeth in response to my text message. I do not telephone every day but was concerned about her wellbeing particularly in light of certain things that have gone on which I hope will be investigated as I now have the legal papers ready for court.

Anyway, her sister also had trouble getting through. She telephoned the office and spoke to her through the office. You have to wait in order for the staff to locate Elizabeth’s whereabouts and you could be hanging on for a long time. It is not so bad if you are on the house phone but during the week I am on the mobile and out of concern for my daughter I telephoned. Could not get through, telephone constantly ringing but no answer. I then telephoned the office and a member of staff said she would look for my daughter and get her to answer the pay phone. Anyway I was just kept hanging on and on and on – I then had to telephone back and the member of staff apologised she had forgotten about me. Elizabeth came on the phone and the conversation was brief. Prior to this staff would not call her because she was in a psychology class and when I could not get through later I then telephoned her the next day.

The explanation I have had from Cambian is that her phone as gone missing. I then asked if the staff could help my daughter find the telephone and I got a call back today to say they could not find it.

I am so extremely concerned for my daughter’s wellbeing. Without a telephone to ring anyone in the family she is very highly vulnerable. I am most unhappy and so are other family members and some are suspicious of the phone going missing as some time ago the phone constantly charging in the office and when I complained I got a short curt letter from the Manager of Cambian to say that it was at my daughter’s request that I only be allowed to have supervised phone calls every Monday at 6.00 pm and the staff said that was her decision. When I spoke to my daughter and witnessed by other family members I was told that this was not true. Now I am having to buy another phone and send it to her special delivery.

Cambian said they would reimburse the rug but if her phone keeps on going missing then this is not a good situation.

In addition to this I have been waiting to hear from the Welsh Tribunals Office and so have my solicitors. When my solicitors said they received no response I rang myself and know the person who is dealing with matters. I telephoned this morning but unfortunately my telephone cut out but not before we had discussed a date for the Tribunal as everyone would like to be there but my solicitors have said that the Tribunal can be arranged by their office at any time they wish without consideration to the family. The person I spoke to sounded very nice and helpful and I explained how upsetting it was that it has all taken so very long and how I have felt that things have been dragged out by one thing and another and definitely the team were involved in delaying the tribunal. It is as though they just want to keep hold of my daughter forever on a prison sentence because that is what it is. She pushed a couple of nurses out of the way at the Bethlem as she wanted to go out in the grounds. You only have to show the slightest bit of reaction and the staff are watching, assessing all the time. I have been kept under strict scrutiny by this team like a criminal and no one has been honest to tell me the reason why I have been treated this way. Well I have found out now – it is all in the legal papers which I have. The truth always reveals itself in the end but the lack of communication and inclusion – deliberate exclusion from the very beginning whilst the team ganged up trying to replace me has left me feeling that this is far from the care I thought my daughter would get. Care should be compassionate. Care should not be pushing and forcing someone to do chores so I have heard. How do the staff possibly know what it feels like to be on 800mg of mind altering drugs. Elizabeth has told me she feels tired, and the drug is highly sedatory. To top it all other drugs like Lorazepam and paracetamol are given on top. This is why I asked where the oils were from DR Tracy and Elizabeth has confirmed they have been found. So, my next question is where are the supplements from the private psychiatrist I appointed? A while back Cambian were short of fish oils and I had no end of fish oils in that box so where are these supplements which cost £130. Well I want to see proof of where they are otherwise I shall be giving a bill to both the Bethlem and Cambian for reimbursement. Now the telephone is missing but Elizabeth will not be without a telephone for long as I am dealing with this immediately. The more telephones that go missing the more suspicious it looks.

They are having a meeting on the 8th August but I will not be going down on this occasion after all. There will surely be another meeting before the Tribunal.

Elizabeth’s Tribunal of course was unsuccessful and I was excluded from this – her father went instead and of course it was only when I appointed solicitors myself that I found out the entire team were plotting once again to have me removed as the Nearest Relative.

Today in my lunch hour I met with one of the many mothers I am in touch with campaigning for her child. So many have got in touch with me all with the same problem, lack of inclusion and communication, bullying and threats. When is Mr Hunt and Mr Lamb going to do something about this situation and I spoke to Mr Behan of the CQC about how I was treated and the shocking way my daughter has been treated by a system that needs complete and absolute overhaul. Both Mr Behan and Mr Lamb spoke of changes as I was not the only mother getting up to speak at this conference in the same way.

I wrote to social services today about the therapeutic communities and how this could benefit my daughter before she comes home. I may have to even consider moving as living in a City is hardly the place for my daughter to get well.

Lets hope I finally get a date for that tribunal this week as it is not fair on Elizabeth.

When you have been treated like this all along you start to think all kinds of things and begin to mistrust. I thought this was a civilised country – the care of mental health patients is not right for everyone. There are those who get on and are happy to take the drugs, there are others who complain of serious side effects and suffer from Akathisia but they are forced to continue to take the drugs. This is inhumane.

Diet could be a factor – a patient discharged from hospital after a long-term stay does not get enough support in the community and if that person is not eating correctly they can easily go downhill. Even the food in hospital leads a lot to be desired and there are no assessments to see if someone is food intolerant or lacking in essential nutrients. Correct nutrition can “cure” a lot of behavioural problems. Someone so drugged up is unable to look after themselves and needs more help and support especially with on a day to day basis nutritious food.


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