Amanda has been in the news a lot lately and I cannot get over the ignorance of some people and especially those in the media.  It is unbelievable how cruel and ignorant some people are and I suggest they read the following books:   Dr Ann Blake Tracy – Prozac Panacea Pandora,  Dr Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion,  Professor David Healy Pharmageddon and Dr William Walsh Nutrient Power.  I would also urge such people to look at Peter Breggin, Dr Joanne Moncrief

It is easy for someone to judge someone else without even meeting the person or their families.

When I met Amanda Bynes I found her extremely nice and very charming to my young daughter who from a very early age has wanted herself to go into acting however I would not wish her to go into such a profession having read the nasty bitchy comments.

Whatever Amanda may have posted on Twitter does not excuse such comments –   I feel sorry for her an her family having read that the care in the US is quite shocking as a whole.  However there are alternative care centres which is something this Country should be looking into.


I do not take Twitter or any other social media site very seriously.  In fact someone so it would seem – a complete stranger to me even questioned the fact I was “angry”.  I have learned that these professionals are always looking for some excuse in order to come out with ridiculous diagnoses.   I found this highly amusing.  

Everyone is entitled to their views and lots of people would not agree with me however  I am going to stick by my opinions that the care in the UK is cruel, abusive and mainly about drug pushing and ECT is given  – this and the drugs can be given under a section forcibly.  A patient can be held down and forced to take the drugs.  I do not know how any professional can do such a job.

It is very sad there is such ignorance in the world and in the UK it simply is not reported accurately.   I must check and make sure that the recent articles concerning myself have been corrected “I DID NOT AGREE  –  THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE TO SAY THAT I RELUCTANTLY AGREED FOR MEDICATION WHICH I CALL CHEMICALS OR DRUGS TO BE GIVEN TO MY YOUNGER DAUGHTER AS A CHILD.    In the files where I have criticised and stuck up for my daughter I have been viewed as a bad mother and they did a full child protection investigation behind my back on me.  Because I was outspoken against the drugging of my daughter as a child it did not go down well with the team.


The reason I am against the drugs is because in both cases counselling should have been given instead.   Even on 1mg of Rispiridal my daughter suffered withdrawal and it seemed to make her worse than ever.  I was shocked at the weight gain.  Anyway I would have liked more of a mention in the article about the drug Rispiridal and there is a Twitter Account I believe by the name of Johnson & Toxin and this is well worth looking at.  Of course I have complained about the drugs to the FDA who do nothing and Professor Healy is right I am sure these drugs are passed in a dubious manner as I have personally seen the shocking effects of them and I am not impressed.     As Dr Walsh says if someone is over methylated the drugs can actually make someone worse.   My daughter might also be suffering from Pyrrole Disorder.  I first had the tests done through Bio Lab when Elizabeth was on a local ward and now I have had them done again.  It is worth every penny to see as proof how these drugs are affecting my daughter and she is stooping and looking disabled.  She is in bed by 8.00 and feels dizzy.  She should be enjoying her life and has been made disabled.


I am  not shocked by the pictures of Amanda Bynes at all and I think it very nasty that they have been published and I am more worried that she will be sent to a shocking institution and be put on even worse chemicals.

I wish I could write to her parents and tell them to take her to see Dr Ann Blake Tracy and Dr Walsh of the Walsh Institute.  Dr Walsh will be coming up with the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment of nutrition.  I do not accept any of the labels especially Chronic Treatment Resistant.


Some people on Twitter are saying that I should be patient.   This is ridiculous as my daughter’s life is at risk.  Why on earth should I be patient when the care is appalling and has made my daughter worse than ever. 


The private hospital where she is now is better with the facilities however the care is just the same in terms of the drugs and I think it is wrong if staff are pushing and bossing my daughter around to get her to do things as how on earth do they know how she is feeling on 800mg of drugs a day. 


“You try taking them Mum”   –  well that says it all.


Because I have quite rightly spoken up for my daughter I have been treated like a criminal. 

I applaud those who speak out like Professor Healy and Dr Ann Blake Tracy.  There are others beginning to question things.  As I stood outside the Institute of Psychiatry a psychiatrist was just going in and took a look at my leaflet with all the 14 drugs or so they have experimented with on my daughter –  his comment was “you are right they do not work.

I am in touch with people who have never felt better now they are off the drugs.  However I still would not be telling anyone to stop taking them but what should be provided for is correct facilities.  It is dangerous to come off the drugs and the people I know who have done it have suffered terrible illness however if someone wants to come off them there should be the facility.  My campaign is about choice and the provision of therapeutic communities where former patients can be employed to help in a proper way like any professional.  Patients have a lot to offer and should not be discarded like rubbish.


The professionals just prescribe the drugs and administer them and then they do not see how these affect someone and how much they are suffering in some cases.


For those who the drugs work all well and good.  Dr Walsh points out in his book that they can work for some people BUT WHAT ABOUT MY DAUGHTER AND OTHERS LIKE HER – some on as much as 1300mg and in hospital who can barely move.

How can such abuse go on in a so called civilised country –  It would seem that the churches and religions of the world do not care about the plight of the most weak and vulnerable people on never ending sections.  Where are these churches in helping such people.  What are they doing to defend the patients – the answer is NOTHING.  Just like the Government there are connections to the pharmaceutical industry – they have abandoned my daughter and others like her. 

It is a paltry amount that carers get to look after someone at home – as my daughter says “there’s no place like home, Mum”  –  the law is manipulated and Tribunals dragged out.  So much for the team’s refusal of me having sight of documents.  Well I have everything ready for court now.  What is more I think these court cases should be made open and that is the whole problem with the current care system.  I am speaking openly and honestly about a subject that many people do not know about and in fact I myself knew nothing about the drugs, about the labelling.  I would advise everyone to take a look at the book DSM5.  (Diagnostic Statistical Manual).  I hope that the parents of Amanda Bynes take her to a therapeutic community such as Cooper RIIs, Alternative to Meds or Earth House and they consult Dr Walsh and Dr Tracy. 


I would further emphasise that my younger daughter suffered trauma and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia as a child and now is on top of the world – this shows that you cannot accept what some experts have to say and I have an interesting take of psychiatrists who say it takes 2 minutes to come up with a diagnosis – another one is stating that a psychiatrist with an empty practice is a psychiatrist without money.  Other experts talk about insurance as labelling is away to get money for benefits and a licence to drug.

I am never going to change my mind on my views here as I have done a lot of research into matters.

I also feel that an acute ward is no place for someone like my daughter or Amanda Bynes to get well and I hope her parents will look into things like I have done.



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