When a team do not like you, you know this as their way of dealing with you is one of exclusion. Then the team will involve the patient as an excuse. A patient can feel intimidated into going along with whatever the team want and if a team headed by a psychiatrist who does not like you feels that it is best to have less contact then the team take the phone away and it is forever charging in the office.

I noticed a drastic change in everything the minute Elizabeth was transferred miles away from home to Cambian who have won Best Care Provider two years running 2012 and 2013.

Despite my feelings about the Bethlem Elizabeth had her telephone and was constantly texting me. All this has now ceased.

A patient is weakened and vulnerable on 800mg of mind altering drugs ie 300mg Clozapine which is highly sedatory and 500mg of Metformine (given off label so they say for weight loss, however Dr Ann Blake Tracy says it is to counteract diabetes (protection for themselves) the team are adamant she does not have diabetes but then again I have not seen the file. This was another thing that the hospital stepped in to ensure I had no access to the files – again this was done by using my daughter as the tool in terms of manipulation as Elizabeth had already given consent on more than one occasion at the Bethlem and each time access was denied. If the team have written nasty things about me as a mother like I have seen in previous files again they are protecting themselves or else maybe they do not want me to see if there is something seriously wrong. Elizabeth was always quite open and told me that emergency doctors had come out to her at the time she was put on Clozapine. The team can exercise secrecy as when they do not want you included they just ignore you and concentrate on others in the family who are not outspoken and favoritise.

People have said to me that you have to toe the line with the team and act in a certain way so as not to upset them however they are the professionals and I am the mother. They are the ones benefitting from having my daughter and others under their care and the more disabled they are the better.

The more someone is drugged up and like a zombie the easier it is for the team to control that person.

I have once or twice telephoned Elizabeth and she has not been happy – she has said “I do not know what to do with myself, Mum” “you put me here” – well these last comments are not true because the team placed my daughter miles away from home but I must admit I did want her out of the Bethlem in desperation to the hospital she is currently under as I had read such wonderful things. However I did not know she would be so far away from home for a start. They have better facilities for sure and are in a better location, more peaceful that London, I do not think Elizabeth is happy certainly due to the fact she is on section – treated like a prisoner and she has admitted to feeling up and down. She has said things like the Doctor is protecting her – I have heard third party via her sister some other very disturbing comments too. The problem is the team are very loyal and I think afraid to speak out because otherwise they would lose their jobs. Some of the nurses openly praised the doctor concerned however I have now got the evidence to go before the court.

I have today written an email copying everyone in including social services at local level and the Head Office of Cambian who appear not to care less. The last time I spoke to Elizabeth she said she wished I could be there at the next CPA – I have never once been invited to a CPA or included unlike other family members from the very beginning, from well before I started writing on my blog. I had so far been writing about the Bethlem but the doctor concerned has highly praised this hospital as being worldwide renowned and that is where in one conversation I noticed she brought the discussion to an abrupt halt. I was denied everything but escorted and supervised visits and then on complaining about the phone I received a letter stating supervised phone calls at a time I could not ring at the request of my daughter and she has said in front of the family that this was not true. In fact all the time she was texting. It is only now that the texts have stopped and the conversation was last awkward as though she was in a hurry to get off the phone “I must go now” At Xmas Elizabeth was brought down like a prisoner by two nurses escorted all the time and I did a party for her with people present who have known her since a baby. The two nurses who were very nice were no doubt there to report back to this doctor on anything negative which would have led to a ban on my daughter seeing me. Elizabeth had just 3 hours and spent most of the time travelling in the car. The same visit was provided to the rest of the family but without the escorts staying all the time. Then on her Birthday only the rest of the family saw my daughter – I was not included at all and my younger daughter was told not to tell me. Briefly a change in doctor was provided at Cambian and this doctor was very nice and returned my calls. He may not have agreed with me but still allowed the assessment to be done at the Bio Lab for Dr Walsh as I was most concerned about the drugs being given. Many psychiatrists stick together and back one another in terms of prescription drugs – however some are beginning to question whether they do in fact work and the risk factors involved. I very much appreciated the way this doctor responded to me and communicated effectively.

I have been trying to find out about the date/time of the CPA but no one has responded after 3 requests which led me to contact Head Office who have also ignored me but today finally I have that information but have yet to hear from social services. There is a wall of silence there. There is also a wall of silence at Cambian’s Head Office. I thought that if the team did not want me present at the CPA that I could have a video link or conference call arranged through head office so that I could join in the meeting but it is bad when Head Office do not return calls, dismiss you like you are nothing. If I was a celebrity that would be a different matter. So this is the reason why the team want to keep my daughter – so they can continue drugging her on the same level of drugs prescribed by the Bethlem regardless of her health or anything else. A section makes it easier for the team to do whatever they like as this is the law of the UK and the professionals are clearly above the law. It is no wonder they can laugh. The reason the team do not like me is because I have been outspoken against the drugs but my daughter was put on this so called wonder drug Clozapine against her wishes and I complained at the Bethlem – “I have heard all about your past behaviour” – these are comments said by the current doctor when I ran down the Bethelm.

I feel the team are distancing the relationship between myself and my daughter and no doubt would be happy if I was not around. I know for a fact that they wish me not to be the nearest relative and think of me as an unfit. As an “unfit” mother I have gone out of my way to research all the dangerous drugs my daughter has been on. I now have strong evidence I cannot disclose in my blog prior to the forthcoming court case. I have also gone out of my way to find good representation in court. All the advice I obtained was from professional experts but the team just like the Bethlem are not interested.

My concern is that if the team carry on as they are doing giving drugs at this level I will lose my daughter.

I think the whole care system in the UK is rotten and rife with bullying – these the drugs are like a life sentence and given to someone who may have been suffering trauma as a result of a terrible incident for instance instead of trauma therapy. The drugs and care received by my daughter have not only destroyed her but affected the whole family. The whole family are lately concerned by what they witness as decline. I have always questioned the labels and the fact she did not seem to benefit from any of the drugs – they have made her worse. At 26 my daughter should be enjoying herself but cannot do much as she has been made disabled on a cocktail of toxic drugs. There is nothing I can do – I would not say this to my daughter as it would only upset her and neither would I encourage her to stop taking them as I know she could die as a result. A section can be extended for 9 years and the longer the more institutionalised someone becomes to the point they become completely helpless and disabled.

It is shocking there are no facilities to help someone be reduced if a drug is not working in the UK. It is shocking that the care means another drug has to be given in place rather than a proper drug free period. Prof Robin Murray promised a drug free period of assessment but instead she got Clozapine and I was told “you should have done your research – it is all about Clozapine here” – I cannot do anything for Elizabeth right now but fear she is not going to get better if a doctor is working against me rather than with me. I am disappointed with everything as this was not what I was expecting.

Anyway, I have not been refused the chance to go to the CPA on this occasion but this has come about in such a way that is so very sad and I wish I could move to Finland where I know my daughter would receive good care in a place called Tornio and I would be truly happy as a mother as they have open dialogue there and it is no wonder they have such a high success rate. Unlike in the UK families are included.

Lastly I think that therapeutic communities could be the answer to help some that are classed as untreatable providing they have a lot of support and I would like to see more patient involvement. Whilst a therapeutic community may not work for everyone same as the drugs, same as the acute wards, this would give much needed choice to patients and if they could model this on Finland, Tornio’s success with open dialogue and include families instead of exclude then I would be truly happy.

Since writing this I have heard from Head Office and hope to speak to Mr Asaria on Monday.


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