I went along to this event and thought it was very good. There were many outstanding speeches and a good turnout. I thought Frank Bruno and Eleanor Longden were brilliant. In fact everyone who got up to speak were fantastic. It takes courage especially when someone has suffered from mental illness and been on the wards suffering in some cases shocking treatment and there were members of SOAP present (Speak Out Against Psychiatry) – the group of mainly former patients who have done so much to help me and care about others who are abandoned and who have done much to support me as a mother. It was an all day event about Stigma and Discrimination and this not only affects service users but the families too. Some families are ashamed to speak out whereas I take a different approach and to eradicate stigma my approach is the right way in my opinion. I hope by getting up to speak and with by blog it will educate those parents and family members who may have distanced themselves from someone they care for, son or daughter – many patients said to me “I wish you were my Mum, my Mum dies not want to know me any more”. I would suggest that a parent/carer reads the book called Prozac Panacea Pandora by Dr Ann Blake Tracy. Also they should never give uo as parents or turn their backs. I as a mother have done research into this and have found many interesting books such as Pharmageddon by Prof David Healy, Molecules of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert, Dr Walsh Nutrient Power and he is looking for 20 doctors to train up for Chy Sawel. Surely anything must be better than yet another acute ward. When the care fails a patient needs a peaceful surrounding and understanding – peer support can bring greater understanding and encouragement to get well as they have a real understanding unlike myself and professionals who do not listen. My daughter was always saying “why wont they listen, Mum”. Frank Bruno mentioned about the negative response from professional’s too.

Getting back to me it is no wonder patients are upset as just look how I as a mother have been treated. It is easy for me to stand up to this kind of abuse but not so for the patients.

I am currently up against a wall of silence at Cambian and social services. Since I found out the Tribunal was arranged behind my back I am very cautious as to what is going on and feel I need a mediator to communicate with such a team which would end the lack of communication. Well I have managed to find one who is very experienced with court proceedings . This person has given me tremendous advice.

The date for the Tribunal is being sorted out right now – I know what I am up against – a team who have tried to get rid of me and do not explain to my face the reason why. It is like being up against a brick wall. At least I am being open about things. Instead meetings are going on behind closed doors and having heard from my daughter that she wants me at the next meeting I have requested from Cambian the date of this meeting but have for some reason had no response.

I shall sort this out next week – I shall make an appointment to go right down to the Head Office – it may be easier to deal with them at Head Office plus I want to know when their AGM is. I enjoy going to these events very much and I have not had the pleasure of meeting with the Chief Executive yet. He is obviously a busy man as he has not bothered to return my calls. Elizabeth would like the location of these offices and at the same time there is no harm in me looking at what wonderful accommodation there is that could be suitable for my daughter. As long as the one to one care is provided by the Local Authority then that is great. There is no way that I as the nearest relative want to see either the following:

Elizabeth In hospital for 3 yrs or more! – this is ludicrous – Elizabeth should not even be on a section and if there is any problem with the funding then they should let me know and I will do what I can to help because there is more than one responsible here for my daughter’s decline.

I do not wish to see Elizabeth in a scheme where there is not enough support and I have given this thought. It is essential that I am there to discuss this and other important mattes with the team themselves and this is the second request met by a wall of silence.

Elizabeth should not be on a section and neither should so many and the sooner something is done about this shocking expensive situation the better as far as I am concerned.

It is not good enough in my opinion to act in this way.

Luckily Cambian have found the oils ordered through Dr Tracy but I am also waiting to hear about the electronic cigarettes. Elizabeth has asked for these on several occasions. I am not happy if my daughter is being ignored and shall take this up with head office.

I have decided not to waste any more time with chasing up responses when I have Head Office within walking distance on my doorstep.

Tomorrow I have the Daily Mail coming to see me and I am thrilled that a leading newspaper is taking such an interest in my case. There needs to be a lot more said about the shocking system whereby young people are trapped on never ending sections simply because there are no suitable facilities where they can get the level of support they need in the community such as a therapeutic community. This may not be right for everyone but at least there should be choice.

Anyway, although the conference yesterday was about Stigma, I was delighted with the speeches of Frank Bruno and Eleanor Longden that are inspiring to so many like my daughter – only wish she could have been there – she did ask but she is miles away under a section which is unfair. I had to be honest and although it was about Stigma I found myself speaking about the shocking care too but pointed out in a relevant way that I as a mother am proud to stand up and talk about what is needed and on behalf of those who have no voice to speak for themselves that the public are unaware of and what is costing a fortune – how much does it cost to keep someone in hospital for years on end and then they end up deteriorating as the only care is enforced drugging. This money could be better spent on the A&Es that are being shut down . How is anyone going to get better on a neverending section when what should be provided is more support in the community and the involvement of other former patients as companions and peer support and the choice of a fresh start perhaps (which may not suit everyone) however there is no choice and nothing good in the current system.

Congratulations to the organisers of this event who worked hard to provide wonderful food, I could not fault the way this whole event was organised and the organisers would do a fantastic job if they were involved in patient’s activities and the provision of decent facilities and food etc for the patients. Well done to the organisers of this event.

I have not spoken to Elizabeth for a few days but I am not having the consultant psychiatrist of Cambian tell me the anything of the sort against what others have heard in the family that Elizabeth DOES NOT WANT ME AT THE NEXT CPA. OH YES SHE DOES. Elizabeth has requested I be present at the next CPA! I currently waiting for the response to this. I need to know the time of this meeting. I have not once been invited. I have never met the consultant psychiatrist either. I need to hear whether they have found the mauve rug and the outcome of the allowance of the Electronic Cigarettes too – there is much needed to be discussed at the CPA that is for sure.


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