The family meeting:

The family meeting went surprisingly well. I am afraid that is all I can put at the moment on my blog on this as there will hopefully soon be the much awaited court case.
It will be decided at this court case the future care of my daughter who is under strict control by Cambian in Wales right now. I think they would like to keep her forever – the more she is drugged the more disabled she is becoming, the more noticeable – it is heartbreaking to watch and especially to think that these so called responsible caring drugs companies do NOTHING to step in and help the victims of their industry. It should be enforced in my opinion that each and every drugs company helps – for instance there is no decent care throughout the UK and I have seen humane care abroad – where is the help when there is nothing here. As there is nothing decent here in the UK the Government needs to help organisations like Chy Sawel, Root and Branch and Soteria. As no one has a clue how to properly take someone off drugs in the UK if a patient is having adverse side effects then the advice should be taken from experts abroad such as Dr Ann Blake Tracy and Dr Walsh who should be invited over here to give advice.

I am horrified at the bulk of psychiatrists who only want to push drugs left right and centre without any regard for anyone else but themselves. There are however a few outstanding psychiatrists that do speak the truth may God praise these few for being brave enough to stand up for the vulnerable patients like my daughter. I commend them.

Anyway, I have spoken to Elizabeth today who was hoping to be taken out to the coast. On a beautiful day like today I hope she has not been kept cooped up on the ward.

Anyway, I went to a fabulous show in Aylesbury tonight – a dance show with full orchestra. As a young girl Elizabeth was given the opportunity to do ballet and I thought had potential for this however I did not push this upon her as this was something that she just tried. She also did swimming, brownies and piano. Elizabeth continues to take an interest in music and has said on occasions “All I have is my music”. Elizabeth should be enjoying herself – she is young and should be out with friends, she once had a job and was doing OK but the drugs that have been prescribed have ruined everything and she even has said “I am missing out on my life, Mum”. How extremely cruel life can be but that is the care on offer in the UK DRUG PUSHING and acute wards and now patients like my daughter where all else has failed are referred to the private sector care paid for by the Local Authority. The kind of private care that would be better suited is a therapeutic community and not just another private hospital where OK the facilities may be better that your average acute ward but the care is as inhumane as any other acute ward. In addition to the drugs prescribed by the Bethlem I happen to know that other drugs were pushed such as Lorazepam and I have specifically requested that this practise be stopped. It almost reminds me of the Michael Jackson case. I applaud the family of Michael Jackson to stand up for his rights and I as a mother intend to do that for my daughter and hope that awareness is brought about by the public and accountability to the Government for how much they are spending on care that is NOT WORKING! and is against human rights. and for anyone who believes in God – it must surely be against God to allow enforced drugging – a patient being tortured by being pinned down by numerous members of staff to administer a drug which they WRONGLY state you have to be on for the rest of your life. If withdrawal was done correctly like Dr Tracy says over a period of 1 – 2 years slowly and gradually then there would be no problems. However, nothing is done properly in the UK in my opinion.

nly wish I could have brought Elizabeth to see this wonderful performance. No doubt Elizabeth would be in bed at this time. She has to lie down and have a sleep in the afternoons but they make her get up early. They make her do chores even though she says she does not feel well. The staff do not know how badly Elizabeth must be feeling as they are not on these drugs themselves.

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  1. Sarah said:

    Forced drugging is so wrong. There are alternatives. It cannot be good for staff either to treat fellow human beings inhumanely. I am on holiday abroad now and wept before I went as my son needs a good holiday far more than me.He was so caring and kind and wished me a lovely time with other family members. He is not a madman.
    I wanted him to have the freedom to go to my home for a couple of hours regularly whilst I was away as he will miss that. He comes home serveral times a week and overnight once a week. They said no not even if a family friend were there. It is so much control and risk assessment.
    I applaud you taking your daughter’s case to court and support you. I wish my son would agree to have a lawyer but he finds tribunals very stressful. Good luck and God Bless you and your daughter.

    • Thank you for your comment. I would say that the drugging weakens someone so much particularly when on a high dosage. 14 mind altering drugs later and my daughter is deteriorating. What is so shocking is the vast majority of people stuck on sections are not violent or a danger to the public. I believe the system is evil – it destroys families – it is all about control and my daughter was a victim and should have had counselling not drugs but the drugs can actually cause psychosis and can affect patients in different ways.

      What is needed is peer support as a solicitor called off my daughter’s tribunal on hearing she was stressed – sadly she could have got off the section there and then. Instead they bullied and harassed me the legal teams in order to force me to go along with the Section 3. I have never encountered such bullying in my life – phone call after phone call and then the court papers issued and sent to me at work by email giving me no time to get legal representation. Fortunately now I have that representation but that did not stop the team from keeping quiet about the Tribunal that had been arranged without my knowledge or my solicitor/independent doctor’s knowledge. The entire team knew about the date of the tribunal and just before my visit the consultant psychiatrist asked my daughter “do you really want your mother to be nearest relative” – this same psychiatrist has denied my daughter being allowed home for Xmas in the most cruel manner she went on holiday leaving decisions in the hands of the management leading to a visit escorted and flanked by 2 nurses. The rest of the family did not have such supervision. The rest of the family recently went to see Elizabeth and for the first time are very very concerned. Her father commented on the fact she was hunched over and her face was scratched. Yesterday I spoke to Elizabeth and she actually came out to say she wanted me to be invited to the next meeting. I am going to put that in writing to Cambian as all along they have made out that my daughter does not want contact, wanted supervised phone calls at a time I could not ring and it was her wish as she found my visits stressful that they should be supervised. This is care at Cambian – Best Care Provider 2012/13. The care is all about control – even more control than a prison.

      When we have visited Elizabeth she looks so pale and has piled on weight and feels constantly dizzy. She is on Clozapine and has admitted she does not feel this drug is helping her and it gives a strain to her heart. I found out at first the staff were giving drugs on top of this and had to ask them to stop. For Gods sake she is on enough – what is wrong with these people that they have to push the drugs to such an extent that it puts a patient’s life at risk. Why are they giving an off label drug that has not been tested for its purpose. They are quick to say it is not their prescription but the Bethlem’s however they continue to give 800mg of drugs to my daughter on a daily basis and she is forced to take this and made to feel uncomfortable if she does not agree and abide by their strict rules. It is like bullying in my opinion.

      I know not all the staff are bad but still I believe this care is abuse – the forcing of drugs, the keeping of patients on longstanding sections without properly looking at their underlying health problems.

      Very soon Dr Walsh will be coming over and I am going to the Institute of Psychiatry on Thursday and wish to promote the fact he is looking for 20 doctors to train up.

      I will be so happy if my daughter can go to Chy Sawel – I’ve already had the tests done privately and they are not good. Now I want something done about it.

      Elizabeth is not happy on the section and neither am I or the rest of the family happy with her being on a section and I want to know how much this is costing.

      Perhaps the group SOAP could help your son – it is so sad to see people locked away unnecessarily and again my question is How much is this all costing when if there were more therapeutic communities this could suit people more than an acute ward.

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