The conference on the 4th July at the Institute of Psychiatry is about Stigma.

Many people are misinformed about mental health patients and read articles in the press that portray them to be violent/aggressive, killers and psychopaths which is untrue.    I believe that ignorance leads to Stigma and that the press do not help as they do not print enough positive things about mental health patients for a start.    All you get to hear about is negative articles of someone who has committed serious crime –  there is no mention hardly of the psychiatric treatment and what should be looked at is in fact the drugs that are prescribed by psychiatrists.  Such drugs do not help everyone and can actually make someone worse.

Stigma is attached to the label given by psychiatrists – there are too many to mention in the DSM5 and the labels could even extend to them themselves but a label is access to the so called “treatment” and access to the benefits because once on this “treatment”  a person is not in a fit state to work!   The treatment I am referring to is the anti-psychotic and anti-depressant “medication” which I prefer to call as drugs.  These so called drugs have done nothing for my daughter except cause harm.  She has been on around 14 now and none have worked in my opinion.  The team will desperately try to defend the drugs.  It is beneficial for a team to put patients on drugs and the more drugs the better because a patient is less trouble when they are sleeping and like a zombie – it is easier to control under a locked prison like environment such as an acute ward.   The public may think that such people deserve to be drugged and treated like this and that a professional expert such as a psychiatrist is qualified to come up with diagnosis after diagnosis and can be trusted in these diagnoses.  In actual fact a diagnosis is just a label – it is the green light to give the drugs which is the main treatment in the UK and opens doors as far as benefits go providing work to many professionals and money to the establishments.  The stigma is attached to the label given and sometimes there can be lots of labels and this has made me question everything and look further into matters.  The public may perceive Schizophrenia for instances as a very serious illness where patients are violent and can kill.  How very untrue –  patients with such a condition are treated appallingly in the UK – in fact some may be misdiagnosed and with the neverending drug treatment given, it is hard to tell then what is really wrong but many have in the first instance suffered from some sort of abuse/trauma.  This is the kind of abuse I am talking about:

Bullying/rape and sexual abuse   

The symptoms of depression can be mistaken for something more serious and then a label gets given.

When people read negative things in the press about mental health patients, they are afraid and some people affected by such labels are also afraid to tell others because of prejudice and discrimination. 


Mothers may be ashamed of any adverse behaviour but how many look into the drugs given and see the real truth and the fact that such drugs can affect ANYONE even those who are so called “normal”.   Who is normal in any case –  I have watched psychiatrists and the way they behave and have come to the conclusion that they seem very insecure people and some get a kick out of their powers to control.  A psychiatrist can control the whole team and influence their decisions as I have seen.    The team stick by a psychiatrist and say “it is a team decision”.  In fact the main person giving the decision in my opinion is the psychiatrist.

I have come across psychiatrists who are too lazy to read and some who say “I have enough reading to do”  – in actual fact this is not good!  A psychiatrist should look into everything and be interested in what happened to that patient before they were referred.   It is easy to point the finger at home and family but that is not always the case – sometimes something has happened outside of the home and family and that person needs counselling and not drugs.


In my family such powerful mind altering drugs which can be used to chemically brainwash patients against families (especially if a team do not like the mother for instance) and these drugs can actually cause hallucinations, delusions, confusion –  as Dr Ann Blake Tracy quite rightly says in her book Prozac Panacea Pandora these drugs can affect people adversely – it is all about serotonin as Dr Walsh says in his book Nutrient Power if undermethylated the drugs can work but if overmethylated the drugs can be harmful and that is why I have had my daughter tested privately.


Getting back to stigma it is wrong of a mother to attach blame on their son/daughter without looking into the drugs and doing some research into things.  I do not deny that at first I myself was not pleased and could not understand as a once immaculate person was going downhill before my eyes and I also trusted the professionals but they only give the drugs on a trial and error basis without any scientific proof of whether such a label is correct or not.

Not all psychiatrists are bad but the vast majority of them just want to push the drugs.


For instance there should be more orthomolecular psychiatrists like the one I appointed privately.


An orthomolecular psychiatrist will carry out intensive tests at the Bio Lab to determine what is the real cause.  Such tests were dismissed by the local NHS hospital.  I have had them done again especially for Dr Walsh for when he comes over.


Yes I believe such behaviour and personality “disorders” may be caused by food intolerance, copper/lead imbalance and I believe that these can be rectified by correct treatment in terms of nutrition. 

I would love someone like Jamie Oliver to get involved in a project to try and help people where everything else has failed.  Even if experts are sceptical it is all very well and good them experimenting to their hearts content on known dangerous drugs but in fact they should be thinking of the long term health of that person and listening to the patient if they say they are suffering from serious side effects.    Imagine what it must be like to be pinned down and forced to have an injection of poisonous chemicals by 6 staff or more.


So I have read that Mr Lamb thinks Triage in the street would help back up Police.  No, this is not the answer –  proper assessment centres set up with doctors trained by Dr Walsh and helped by Dr Ann Blake Tracy is the answer – such a Triage where is this leading back to the acute wards where patients are forced to take drugs and the drugs are increased.  How many admissions/re-admissions and the cause – in some cases the drugs are the cause as they can actually cause psychosis and act like LSD.  I have seen my daughter in a dream like state during the day –  I have listened to her described how it felt to feel like she was crawling out of her skin.  This is a condition called Akathisia – A DIRECT RESULT OF THE DRUGS AND NOT AS A RESULT OF A SO CALLED CONDITION.

Look at the book by Dr Candace Pert.


The drugs do not affect everyone in such a bad way and can appear to help some but for others it is a downward spiral.  I can never accept that someone is beyond help and should be just written off but that is what the current care system is doing to so many.

It is not just people who are deemed as being violent/aggressive kept locked away for years on end – some of the most vulnerable people are also locked away alongside them – they may have been abuse victims and put on a multitude of drugs that have not helped.  They may be self-harming and suicidal –  again the drugs can cause not only hostility but also suicide.  People think this is to do with the condition but the reason why the professionals like to keep someone on the drugs forever is simply because it is easier for them and I believe it is profitable as the more disabled someone gets the more the team can argue that the person cannot look after themselves or are a risk to THEMSELVES – not a risk to the public!   It is risky to put someone like that in the community however if in the right environment that person could excel.  For instance what is there on an acute ward – very little to do – noisy volatile atmosphere where patients are locked up as prisoners.  This can be intimidating for some and they can end up feeling worse.



I for one would be more than happy to meet anyone to talk about this indepth and show how people can get well again and move on in their life – that a label means nothing as there is no proof –  the background of someone under mental health is not necessarily a bad background and it is not always associated with poverty either.  I would wish to show that people have a lot to offer and are not all violent criminals but want to work, want to do something but may be limited because of the drugs and ARE NOT LAZY.  The drugs can make someone tired and lethargic unfit to work and do even simple tasks – some people may perceive this to be laziness.  Some people may point the finger at someone who is overweight without question and label them as being lazy.   This is not the case –  someone could be affected by weight gain because of the drugs for instance.  Elizabeth is being given Metformine off Label not even tried and tested for weight loss.  How bad is this!  The harm these drugs are doing to my daughter can be seen from the test results done through Peter Bennett of Rehealth/Bio Lab and now as a mother I want something better for my daughter and changes brought about in the UK  –  Someone should personally go and have a look at Tornio and Trieste.  The care is humane unlike here in the UK -I am disgusted with the care in place and the press should be doing more to promote the need for Chy Sawel and Sandra Breakspeare will be coming to this conference hopefully and like I say I would welcome the chance to say exactly what I think about Stigma.    The way to get rid of stigma is to educate and it would seem that the professionals need to review what they are doing as it is easy for them to push these drugs and dump someone into society but it is the families who see the true heartache and are left feeling helpless by the inadequate services and care of only drugging.  It is the patients and some of the families who should be listened to and how on earth is this Government going to make a team communicate with a mother like myself – what can they do to ensure that families and carers are not just dismissed as it is all very well talking about it but something needs to be done to ensure this goes ahead.  I would personally welcome the opportunity of intervention in my case as I have had nothing but trouble in terms of inclusion and communication – I have only been faced with exclusion and threats from various teams which I would personal label as bullying.

Like I said in a previous blog, it does not matter whether you are outspoken like me or quiet you can still be treated the same from what I have heard from some of the other mothers.

I do not recognise Stigma as a mother of two who have been affected.  If stigma is termed at guilt or shame I feel none of it as I am proud to be outspoken on this subject and feel I am using this opportunity to inspire a fresh look at current care.  There are many other mothers who also feel this way but are not being outspoken –  so it is not just me who is unhappy but I can understand why some do not wish to speak out.  Just look at the hassle I have had to deal with and that not only includes the care teams but social services!  It is not just the care in hospitals SOCIAL SERVICES need to be told about INCLUSION rather than EXCLUSION.  In fact a social worker said “she would be happier with her own kind”   This is ridiculous!  there should be integration more and more help and support given in this respect.   











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