1. It is shocking what is going on and there needs to be decent care in place with proper assessments, to check for food intolerance and mineral vitamin deficiencies and for say copper/lead overload – all of this can cause adverse behaviour but the labelling leads to drugging and once the drugs start to wear off more and more drugs are given on a trial and error basis. A patient is told they have to be on the drugs for the rest of their life which is wrong. However there is not one centre in the UK for someone to safely go in and be reduced in a proper manner.

    How many people has the current care system failed and this is costing the public a fortune when A&Es are being closed down and services cut in the NHS. When patients return time and time again to the wards the drugs are increased and at the Bethlem they portray Clozapine as the best resort but in fact it is the last resort (when all else has failed) this dangerous drug which can lead to constipation/death, heart problems and huge weight gain is given and they call it a wonder drug. The drug is also highly sedatory and my daughter has complained of feeling confused and disorientated – she has complained of strain to her heart and of constipation yet was given paracetamol for this. Not content with these drugs Metformine 500mg off label and Clozapine other drugs are given on top if say a patient is feeling stressed out such as Lorazepam and Diazepam. It would need expert help and care to get someone off the drugs and many mothers such as myself are left in the most heartbreaking situation.

    If you dare to complain you experience severe backlash from a team of so called professionals – I will never forget a woman who screamed at me to “Get Out” “I will call the police and have you arrested” – It is laughable how many times I have been threatened with arrest.

    I have never once threatened a member of staff but on one occasion got up to walk out of the meeting at local level in disgust at that immediately the psychiatrist threatened to call the security and police – I said go ahead as at the time I was actually on the police training course as I really wanted to work for the police and deal with people like my daughter who I feel are completely and utterly misunderstood and there is a lot of ignorance surrounding mental health care and people think that everyone is violent and criminals that should be locked away. However they could not be more wrong.

    If people do become violent and aggressive – how would anyone feel if they were locked away in a cage like an animal in a zoo.

    I would urge anyone to go and have a look at the Bethlem Hospital in Beckenham Kent. You will see enormous shocking looking electrified barriers – beyond the prison camp doors you go in and many of the patients are so drugged up they are just lying around asleep. You may well be impressed by the beautiful grounds as I was when I first drove in however you go on the wards and you see the reality – there are hardly any people about. The only time I have seen life there is on their fete but they do have good facilities. Not once did my daughter get taken out swimming – why ever not!

    Why on earth do they have the dogs that come round sniffing for drugs – the hospital is rife with drugs that the staff push all the time and force patients to take the drugs.

    Why is this allowed to go on in a so called civilised country and how much money is being spent on keeping people who are not violent and dangerous locked away. Even those who are aggressive should not be written off. Dr Walsh needs to be involved here and more therapeutic communities set up involving the patients themselves. The patients have so much to offer – even those who have got to the stage they feel like giving up – every one of these patients should be included not excluded – they could help someone like my daughter. This is the care I want and apparently it is hard to get funding transferred outside of the local area. It may not suit everyone but in some cases people need to get away from the local area however they need humane care not one that is about rigid control and enforced drugging as is going on right now in both public NHS services and the private sector hospital care where patients are referred when all else has failed.

  2. There is a lack of suitable care in the community and this is why patients are kept locked away for years and years on end at enormous expense to the public.

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