As a mother I have put up with many things going missing but this is the last straw!

When my daughter was a patient at the National Psychosis Unit in Beckenham Kent, she was promised in writing a drug free period of assessment by Professor Murray but this was not given. The least I could do as a mother was to provide the Bethlem with something that Dr Ann Blake Tracy recommended, the Young Living Oils. In addition to this I provided books and CDs to assist the team but the consultant psychiatrist complained he had no time to read the books and it is no wonder everything was done wrongly. I had ordered the supplements from America and also gave these for safe keeping in the office as these were prescribed by the private psychiatrist that I had appointed. It has only just come to light that the oils and the supplements have vanished into thin air and now I want an investigation.

To be fair there seems to be a new manager at the Bethlem who was quite helpful but I received calls from the hospital whilst I was away in Wales and today I telephoned as I would like to know what is going on. It is possible that in the rush to get Elizabeth away from me and send her to Wales that these were forgotten but a young female nurse today said she personally remembered the oils being packed – this disputes what Cambian has to say that they have not got them. I have had to ring Cambian again today.

Well I want those oils found as they were beneficial to Elizabeth and it is better to give them than say Lorazepam. They cost enough and as for the supplements they seem to have vanished as well. Well to me this is not good enough.

I am going to contact Dr Ann Blake Tracy this evening as I may have to order more oils and more supplements at this rate and I will be sending the bill – why should I have to pay for these beneficial items yet again that have gone missing. There was a lovely blanket that I bought for Elizabeth too and this has only just come to light that it is also missing.

When someone is on a high level of chemicals like my daughter they need to be properly looked after and these items are not just a few pounds. “The only thing that works for me is the oils” – now I want these oils found. I may have to even call into the ward if nothing is done.

Changing the subject – on TV this evening was featured about restraining mental health patients. Well having been on the police training course myself I have to say this was excellent and no way did the training in any way advise restraint by pinning a patient face down. This is totally wrong – the training was right however the biggest abuse as I see it is the enforced drugging and this in itself can mean pinning a patient down and forcing them by staff. How very inhumane. It is not just the police that media should feature but it is the shocking care itself and the whole legal system that allows such abuse to go on.


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