IS PSYCHIATRY FOR SALE? – Joanna Moncrieff

I purchased this Maudsley Discussion Paper No. 13 and would highly recommend this to anyone.

I would also recommend as many service users as poss to attend the Maudsley Debates and have pointed out that there is a lecture on Neurobiology of Child Abuse/ Treatment Implications at the Institute of Psychiatry coming up on the 17th June at 5.30. This is very controversial indeed and I have put the link up on Twitter and on this site so that everyone can read this and if possible be there to voice their protests. This booklet shows you just how much influence the pharmaceutical industry has on academic and practical psychiatry and it does not surprise me one bit.

There are many victims of the pharmaceutical industry like my daughter who have been made disabled. It is disgusting that these pharmaceutical companies do nothing and yet they portray themselves as caring when in fact they are far from this.

Here is what I think of the pharmaceutical industry:
They do not care less about people like my daughter when the drugs do not work. It is all about profit to them. They do nothing to help the victims.

The law does not protect the weak and vulnerable and bullying is rife if you dare to oppose the team like I have done. They try to turn the person you care for against you and cover up mistakes by sticking together.

This wonderful booklet (Maudsley Discussion Paper No. 13) is full of facts and reference notes. It also talks about the expanding mental disorders documented in the DSM incorporating more and more increasing amounts of disorders – anything to push the drugs. It is critical of the FDA and in Britain the Medicines Control Agency which fail to collect routine data. That is obvious because my daughter has told me of no end of terrible side effects. She has suffered so much whilst nothing is being done to put things right. Every day my daughter is faced having to take 800mg of poisonous drugs against her wishes even though she is treatment resistant and can remember everything but has times when she is confused and not feeling at all well. She has complained of heart problems to me – no one could care less about the suffering of people like my daughter. It is pure evil what is going on – they are shortening the life of my poor daughter who now has no life at all thanks to the shocking care of the UK which is nothing but drug pushing.

It concludes that as a society we are consuming more medicinal drugs than ever and that psychiatry practice is now firmly centred around drug treatment – how very true! At the back of this booklet is no end of references. Copies of this and other publications can be obtained from Sarah Smith, Division of Psychological Medicine PO63, Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park, London SE5 8AF.
“It is time for the psychiatric profession to reflect on its relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and attempt to reclaim its integrity.”

Anyway, I have booked yet more hotel accommodation to enable Elizabeth to stay when I come down to Wales shortly. It is expensive to keep going down there and the Tribunal will not be long now. I have no idea how this is all going to end up. One thing is for sure hospital is not doing my daughter any good.

I will document my visit to Elizabeth in due course.


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