Took an hour off to go to this today. The room was so packed there had to be an overflow room to cope with demand. Unfortunately despite putting my hand up I did not get the chance to speak as you could ask questions. My question would be as follows:

“How come drugs are given without proper assessment and when someone is labelled “chronic treatment resistant” is it right that drugs are still given. What about when there are mistakes made like in the case of my daughters – surely you should not give 500 mg Metformine off label.”

I made up for this afterwards by circulating amongst the professionals and dishing out my leaflets.

I spotted the Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry and he recognised me as I had met him at Maudsley AGM. He had come up with a speech which I found inaccurate about how smoking shortened life. I pointed out to him that it was the drugs that did this and did not feel he had spoken fully on this as he should have done.

The speech by Felicity Callard was very good in my opinion and accurate. There were other speakers that I did not agree with one bit.

After the debate had ended you could meet everyone to discuss this further.

I was shocked at how many young people voted in favour. If only they could see my daughter now. If only my younger daughter age 22 could be there to speak to them all. These young people have not seen the suffering of my daughter on all these drugs. I took the opportunity to hand out my leaflets and I also mentioned the group SOAP who have helped me no end. They are former patients. You cannot possibly get a clearer understanding unless you speak to those who have been on the shocking acute wards themselves.

I also pointed out to these young people that my daughters had suffered trauma – this causes psychosis such as bullying, rape, abuse. Straight away if you complain about the care you get labelled as the person abuses your son or daughter and you should see what has been written about me.

After the debate I looked around at the shocking wards of the Maudsley – it is sad that there are people stuck on these wards instead of being given the option of therapeutic communities.

I also took the opportunity to talk about Dr William Walsh and pointed out in his book Nutrient Power the research he has done. As a mother this is the kind of care I want – holistic, humane, special attention to nutrition and therapies and more support.

Anyway I shall be looking out for the next debate and hopefully I will get the chance to speak then.


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