I am very happy today. I am busy packing right now and my younger daughter is flying back from Italy tonight. Tomorrow we will be practically reunited as a family as we will be seeing Elizabeth.

Because of the Consultant Psychiatrist’s reluctance to let us spend 2 nights with Elizabeth we had to think again as I thought it was a brilliant idea of Cambian’s that we stay at Bluestone National Park but it was not possible to book for just 1 night. I am extremely disappointed as this whole setting would have been ideal for Elizabeth but what good is just 1 night. The more I think about it something needs to be done about this whole inhumane system and having heard what was said at the Carers UK conference I as a mother who has been excluded and treated like a criminal will never give up until something is done about this. It is not good enough for Mr Behan and Mr Lamb just to talk about this – I as a mother want to know what they intend to do to enforce the inclusion of carers – it is disgusting what is going on in the UK and I am determined to see that some change is brought about.

Although I contacted the Head Office, the Chief Executive did not bother to ring me back. I intend to get everyone’s email addresses at Head Office now that I know who is who – it would be much easier for me to call in to their offices rather than phone.

Anyway, we will make the most of the time we have and I have been busy today arranging somewhere else to take Elizabeth – a spa where they do nice treatments but a lot of my time will be spent driving. I just hope the weather will be nice tomorrow.

Because there is not much time to spend with Elizabeth I plan to go down again soon after this.

I would say this that the team were helpful about suggestions of where else we could stay but everywhere I tried is fully booked and I was lucky to get what I managed in the end – I would have had no difficulty if I had been able to book Bluestone a week ago and I am determined to take Elizabeth there another time.

I will write all about my weekend with Elizabeth when we get back.

Also, I have two ideas regarding the care that I have seen but I am up against a wall of silence. I may have to ring them and if necessary call in to see them.

Nothings compares to the humane care in Finland and I wish so much for Chy Sawel to be set up along similar lines in the UK – I would be more than happy to take Elizabeth to Finland as I think this is about the only place in the world where they are doing things correctly in terms of mental health care. I plan to visit Finland to see for myself the wonderful care on offer in Tornio – I often think if only I could move there – from what Elizabeth said it was fabulous and she had a great time but it is not as simple as that – there are others to consider who like living in London whereas I would move anywhere in the world where my daughter could get the correct care. I hope that things improve in the UK but I am anxious because of the level of drugs my daughter has been on and none have worked – I feel her life is at risk. To think that the Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry blamed the shortening of life on smoking – well I told him otherwise when I met him at the AGM of SLAM. I hope he will be there at the Maudsley Debate – the last time I spoke to him he seemed in a hurry to get away from me and I was showing him my leaflet and website details of the shocking care my daughter has had. I shall look out for him there that is for sure.

Very soon coming up in London at the Institute of Psychiatry is an important conference regarding the DSM5 (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) – There is the Maudsley Debate the next day and I will be delighted if I get the chance to speak at this important debate. I hope to try my best to go there and I will be documenting this in due course. I hope there will be plenty of press to witness this conference. It will be laughable if these American Psychiatrists come up with a diagnosis for me! There is a diagnosis for everyone in the DSM 5. It is a complete joke in my opinion – My family is living proof that the shocking care of drug pushing does not work and this I want the world to know about.


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