It was a lovely day on Monday and I was out with a close friend when the phone rang and it was Elizabeth. Elizabeth said she was watching television indoors and the weather was not so good in Wales. She asked me if I was coming down and I said yes but the team are silent. I have not been allowed more than just 1 night to spend with my daughter by the consultant psychiatrist.

I have just typed a new leaflet highlighting my daughter’s care which I will attach to this site showing all the drugs she has been on and I am extremely worried for her right now. I believe the team have failed in the care of my daughter – instead of giving her counselling it was just drug after drug. I am absolutely appalled and just wish I could go and take my daughter to Finland and move there instead of the UK and get her decent help. The treatment here of mental health patients is appalling and to force drugs on them is totally wrong. No-one cares about these people – they are stuck on the wards and some are isolated from their families and have no one to turn to. I am disgusted with the care in this country and how cruel it is. I would not describe myself as being very religious however I believe this treatment of weak and vulnerable people should be against the principles of any religion but no one seems to care.

Many carers do not have the strength to speak out and patients are too drugged up and I am doing this for not only my daughter but other patients who do not have a voice – even the advocates are controlled. The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt does not seem to care less about the mental health.

Anyway, in the short time we spend in Wales I hope that we make it a nice occasion for Elizabeth – she says she feels dizzy, lightheaded and feels like she is about to fall into a big black hole and she is only 26 and should be enjoying life at her age. Whoever says that Clozapine is good! What good has all these drugs done for my daughter that are highly recommended by so called professionals. If only they could have witnessed how much my daughter has suffered through their experimentation on a trial and error basis.

Elizabeth is on a highly dangerous drug and has complained about heart palpitations and I believe they are killing my daughter – I wish I could do something but there is nothing in this Country good in the way of care and that is why I would like to see Chy Sawel set up.

The drugs manufacturing companies make a huge profit out of people like my daughter – victims of the pharmaceutical industry and I am in touch with many others who are equally upset and helpless in their situation.


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