I know that daughter misses home but home is in London and not a peaceful environment and Wales is beautiful however my daughter Elizabeth is in hospital where there is strict control even more so than anywhere else I have come across.

The Tribunal is coming up soon and the independent doctor will be visiting Elizabeth. It is so wrong that she is on a section – it is so wrong that my daughter should be treated in such a cruel manner.

Whatever my views are against the drugs there is nothing I can do and it is horrifying that not one single political party seems to care less. It is all very good speaking about this topic of mental health but if someone has the power to do something about it and does nothing then it is really shocking and inhumane. The current Health Secretary could not seem to care less about the mental health. If this is something that does not interest him he should be answerable to the public as to how many people like my daughter are trapped on never ending sections when they are no risk to the public. The fact is these victims of the pharmaceutical industry are kept imprisoned because there is no decent care in the community and there should be more therapeutic communities. A hospital is just a place where they dish out drug after drug. There is not a hospital that will take someone off the drugs even if they are suffering severe side effects because what they do is mix this with another or increase the dosage. If done correctly someone can come off the drugs and that is the sad thing about it. Dr Ann Blake Tracy gives instructions to this effect and this should be taken into account.

It is the Bank Holiday weekend and Elizabeth is miles away and we are not going down this weekend – However she did tell me that she was taken out with some other patients yesterday to a park where they had animals. I think that most of the time though is spent on the ward that is controlled even stricter than a prison.

We will be going down next week to see Elizabeth and of course the consultant psychiatrist has allowed very restricted time to spend with her and I now do not know where to book or where to go as the hospital’s suggested sounded great but they simply will not take a booking for just 1 night. I tried to phone Head Office but when no one returned my call I phoned again and this time spoke to a psychiatrist based there.

I have been told that this hospital like to hang on to people a very long time for years in fact. It will be interesting to see how the forthcoming Tribunal goes as a section can be renewed for up to 9 years and this shows what power these psychiatrists have. In fact I think they are above the law – who would ever listen to a patient because even the advocates are working together with the team so it would appear. I think that not only should a patient be able to choose a psychiatrist but also they should be able to choose an advocate and the best advocate would be patients themselves who fully understand and unless a psychiatrist has met the parents and has solid proof it is wrong that they should get away with writing nasty comments or even saying them behind your back. To anyone else this would amount to libel and slander but to a “professional” doctor they are a law unto themselves.

The former patients below are arranging a protest which highlights the labelling of people with diagnoses in an ever increasing volume of the book DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) and this is version 5 and I am pleased that this has come under criticism from some professionals themselves. I believe the labelling of someone is very harmful – I believe when Elizabeth was labelled she felt she had no hope any more. I believe that in some cases people are being misdiagnosed and many have suffered abuse and I believe that the drugs are wrong if someone has suffered trauma and abuse they should have decent humane care – therapeutic care instead of drugs and ECT.

I think not only is it brave of a group of former patients to stand up and speak out against their treatment but I think it is informative to the public that such people are willing to share the most shocking experiences – these people are human beings and have been treated in the most dreadful manner. I believe it is about time the press reported fairly on the subject of mental health and to this group of former patients and some carers are not only informative to the public but show that a former patient can succeed in life despite being kept down by an inhumane system.

I believe it is important to bring the subject of mental health care out into the open including the secret proceedings of a Tribunal so that the public know what is going on and that will lead to a fairer trial – also I do not believe in stigma – I think that the people who have suffered ie the patients are extremely nice people unlike what they are unfairly portrayed to be in the press. Some are highly intelligent and what a waste – many are thought to have no hope and classed as being treatment resistant. They are made to be disabled by the drugs and left with little hope.

The shame and stigma should be directed at the Health Minister (Jeremy Hunt) who does not seem to care less and does nothing and what a waste of public money by these never ending sections and lack of suitable care such as therapeutic communities – I heard at the Chy Sawel Conference as regards funding that is is hard to get funding transferred from local level to another area and this is all wrong. If the care is not working and that person wishes to move then that should be allowed and the funding should the given rather than waste money at local level. I am not against Elizabeth making a fresh start elsewhere but I am against the control and the way a team can exclude you just because they do not like you if you have dared to challenge them in any way. This is bullying in my opinion and I know I am not alone in experiencing this from a team who think they are well and truly above the law in terms of power.

Here is the link and I would recommend anyone to go and be educated and speak to some of the former patients staging this demonstration who have suffered no end. I as a mother and carer am proud to stand alongside them and voice my concerns about what is going on and the validity of all these diagnoses detailed in the DSM 5.


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