After 4 requests and about to give up hope I finally got the go ahead from Cambian that I can have leave for Elizabeth coming up soon. I really thought they would say no so I decided to look for their head office as it is nearby to where I spend most of my time and I was stunned at these offices. The offices are plush and modern in a quiet and peaceful location where they are building a new development next door. I thought that this new development would be very nice for Elizabeth because of its peaceful location and you could forget you were even in London. However, unfortunately this is all in my dreams! If only Elizabeth could live somewhere like this with a live in carer surrounded by decent people. What is for sure she needs a quiet peaceful location but she is far away from home and family. I am in an awkward situation as my younger daughter likes living in London and does not want me to move but I have thought about this of course.

I do not know what is going to happen now but I am uneasy about her being in a place where things have got back to me that are not nice that are being said behind my back.

I have also had the test results which I cannot detail but these results are not brilliant at all. My first concern was to pass these on to Dr Walsh and Dr ……………………who is going to represent her in court.

Anyway the leave has been agreed so I am planning on where to take her where it is nice and peaceful.

I have h ad a nice day today in Ipswich visiting friends who have known Elizabeth a long time back and she once babysat for them.

My daughter has been made disabled by these drugs – what are the drugs companies doing – I have contacted some of them and they all make themselves out to be caring when they do NOTHING. Just like the tobacco companies they should be made to do something for the victims of the pharmaceutical industry like my daughter classed as being Treatment Resistant. The drugs manufacturing companies are not caring in my opinion otherwise they would pay for holistic care centres or give some money in grants towards these being set up with them having NO INVOLVEMENT. If they were involved it would be like a situation with Rethink and the Maudsley where they have psychiatrists on their Board and are manipulated. I am suspicious when these advocates are attached to hospitals and believe that again choice is not available. For instance I picked a former patient to be the new advocate when I could see what was going on.

Anyway I believe in peer support and there are many patients who wish to help others and could do this better than any professionals because they would have a complete understanding of how awful it is to be on an acute ward.

So I believe there should be therapeutic centres offering housing and peer support and holistic care in a peaceful surround with professional doctors trained by Dr Walsh himself and given guidance by Dr Ann Blake Tracy on any reductions in drugs. Nothing is done correctly in the UK that is for sure – when a leading hospital takes someone off 150mg of Seroquel and mixes this with Olanzapine this would cause psychosis in ANYONE. I have spoken directly with Mr Behan of the CQC about this shocking care. I hope both Mr Lamb and Mr Behan have had a chance to look at my website which is completely honest in describing the abuse that goes on under the current care system and this is similar to the whistleblowers of the NHS who I am in total admiration of. It is very brave of them to speak out as I can see how you are treated and I am a carer and Nearest Relative. It must be even worse if you are a member of staff that is for sure.

There are many currently under section who are NOT a risk to the public but because there is NO decent care in the community and it simply does not work. I have detailed the alternatives and the choice should be given to patients as some may prefer to make a fresh start outside of their area.

Also social services need to be looked at very closely after the way I have been treated.

It is only another week before I go and visit Elizabeth and I have something very nice planned for that weekend.


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