I hope that the above wonderful collection of videos gives an insight to professionals in respect of treatment which in my opinion is inhumane in the UK.  Forced drugging and Community Treatment Orders are cruel and evil and not everyone is a risk to the public.  The drugs themselves can cause psychosis as in the case of my daughter and withdrawal is not done properly in the UK.  Dr Ann Blake Tracy gives proper instructions and Dr William Walsh is hoping to conduct proper assessments here in the UK through Chy Sawel in November.   It is interesting to note that bullying plays a big factor in such an illness as I know for a fact.  Also trauma/abuse contributes to the development of Schizophrenia and it is not always the parents involved in such abuse.  All I know is the first cure was drugs in both my daughter’s cases given to a 13 year old at 1mg Rispiridal, given to my elderly father aged 90 – Seroquel, 14 mind altering drugs given to my elder daughter currently on a section miles away from home with multiple diagnoses and the latest – chronic treatment resistant.   It is wrong to say someone has to take the drugs for the rest of their lives however you cannot just come off them and there are no facilities to come off prescribed drugs safely in the UK.  Chy Sawel, Soteria and Root and Branch Project offer me some hope of getting the right treatment for my daughter but first I have to contest the section and the team have tried to manipulate the legal process in many ways.  Now I am just waiting for the date of this and the results of the tests to be sent to Dr Walsh.  I have had to seek treatment outside of the UK as there is nothing here and I hope that the Government listen – I hope I got the message across on behalf of lots of mothers whose son’s daughter’s are kept on never ending sections when they should be given the right kind of care that is not even available in the UK as yet.   The Government should support holistic care and choice for patients but nothing is being done.   Now the Minister’s office has asked to contact me through Carers UK.  I sincerely hope that they will listen and do something as how much is it costing to keep someone locked away on never ending sections.  It is wrong to point the finger at a mental health patient and say they are dangerous.  This is purely ignorant on the part of someone who just reads the negative press without looking into matters further and seeing that it has long since been known that these drugs are highly dangerous and can affect some people very badly and actually cause aggression or suicide and Dr Walsh details the five bio types of depression and the fact that these drugs can actually make someone worse.     Anyone sceptical of this should read Dr Ann Blake Tracy’s book Prozac Panacea Pandora,  Dr Candace Pert – Molecules of Emotion, Dr William Walsh, Nutrient Power, Professor David Healy Pharmageddon and there are many other experts who are now questioning these drugs and the treatment of mental health patients.  The drugs also cause long term health problems, diabetes etc and tremendous weight gain.  Patients are used as human guinea pigs at hospitals like the National Psychosis Unit and I spoke about this to the Chief Executive Officer, David Behan of the CQC – this is against NICE guidelines what is going on there.


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