Nice day out

Today I met up with some of the my school friends which was very nice.  We all went out for the day to Freeport Designer Village.  Elizabeth is always on my mind and my thoughts turned to when we visited a wonderful designer village in Wales not long ago.  The new psychiatrist had allowed her to come home for the first time and even though it was just for one night it was better than nothing.  He had also increased the time allowed to be spent with my daughter to four hours a day.  She had a very nice time but I am worried that all this will change when the previous psychiatrist returns to her post.  This doctor did not like me and was saying things behind my back to my daughter, all of which got back to me and I knew that this person was behind it because of the way that she had responded to me prior to this.  She had gone on leave not giving an answer as to whether I could see my daughter leaving it to the management.  It could be that the whole management do not like.  Just look how they have ganged up previously and refused the files to my solicitors dragging out the legal process. This is all a waste of public money and should be looked into especially as they claim to be Best Care Provider 2012.  Of course Enfield Mental Health might have played a part in this because behind my back they were all trying to once again for the 2nd time replace me as the nearest relative.  Fortunately this time I was prepared.  I did not h ave to go through the day of bullying by their legal teams.  I would have been arrested if I had used this approach to deal with someone so why should such legal teams be allowed to get away with this kind of harrassment.   I have decided to go to the Carers UK Conference and have every intention of trying to speak and putting across the views of many parents who have young adults stuck in the most cruel and abusive system ever.  Locked away from the public eye with the press not caring to publish the truth or being allowed to in terms of legal action I am informing the public that there are many people locked away unfairly in the system costing an absolute fortune and who are of no risk to the public however the professionals could say they are a risk to themselves.   Why on earth is there not a fairer system where these people can get proper help.  When my father  had Alzhiemers I had heard of a good idea for a scheme –  like a small community with a doctor on site, shops for basic things.  Perhaps this should be thought of with appropriate security and peer support involving other former patients who have pulled through their ordeals who can possibly get through to some of the more vulnerable people.  What is there to loose.  I have seen an agency providing 24 hr care in the home and if there was one to one peer support with individual living accommodation, a nutritionist, doctor, counsellor, activites both evening and during the day, like a community – just like Root and Branch Project want to provide and open dialogue and then Chy Sawel want to provide proper assessments and humane care which is what is lacking today.  There is none of that.  I have written to Enfield Social Services who have not replied to my email.  I shall therefore write again.  I have seen suitable properties where Elizabeth is now and the area is peaceful and the right environment to get well.  Dr Walsh is coming in June and hopefully the proper assessment will be carried out soon.  I am waiting for the test results to come back from the Bio Lab and then I will send them to Dr Walsh.  I will then get to hear the correct results of tests and a proper diagnoses as to which Bio type of depression my daughter has.  I cannot accept Chronic Treatment Resistant.  This is ridiculous. Now I wish to see all the proof as there are several different diagnoses and I am not happy about the chemicals my daughter is being given when they could well be making her worse and will certainly cause long term health problems.

In the meantime, I have booked myself on the Carers UK Conference.  Mr Hunt was supposed to be speaking there but cannot attend.  However there are plenty of other professionals I wish to speak to and I hope I get the chance to speak in front of everyone at this conference.


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