Ward crisis

My younger daughter just cannot keep things a secret. “I cant tell you Mum” – this makes me want to know more especially if it is regarding her sister who has been wrongly and unfairly sectioned because of the actions of the National Psychosis Unit – where the psychiatrists are responsible for causing the psychosis in order to force or trick unsuspecting vulnerable patients into being used as human guinea pigs for experimentation purposes and for the favoured drug they ply – Clozapine.

I actually like the new psychiatrist but he has been on holiday this week as I tried to ring him.

I have just found out that apparently the ward where my daughter is may have to be shut down due to a virus which sounds very much like the Noro Virus to me. I am only going by what my younger daughter said and none of this has been confirmed officially but with 11 cases and staff affected I would not be surprised if this was the case.   I have no idea how Elizabeth is – I tried to phone but could not get hold of her and will try later.  On these chemicals she is on, it weakens the immune system and my daughter could be susceptible to picking up all kinds of infections.

At the local hospital I discovered in the file what looked to me like a certain skin infection MRSA and I immediately complained because on one occasion I most of the staff outside the ward promoting cleanliness –  when I looked at my daughter’s cubicle of a room it was filthy and these patients are so drugged up they are not capable to do very much and not motivated.  I immediately stated that the room must be cleaned and that my daughter should be encouraged herself to be involved instead of a load of staff standing outside the ward.  I cannot say from what I have seen that Cambian is filthy (to the contrary) but then all I have seen is a box room of a waiting room and have never been invited on the ward for one single meeting despite Elizabeth saying she wished I could be there.  In fact everything Elizabeth says is contradictory to what the team state.  I am obviously concerned about her and will try and ring later –

The problem is at Cambian I reckon from what Elizabeth told me the patients are stuck on the ward most of the time and do not get out nearly enough as they should do.  Elizabeth told me she was not even allowed out to the shops unescorted and this is ridiculous as she can at least get to the corner shop on her own which is just down the road.  Anyway I am not happy that Elizabeth is only getting out twice a week – it is no wonder she looks so pale.  Now I am prepared to pay for someone to come along and take her out as I can appreciate the fact that staff are busy.  I would be happy for her to go out with a young person of around her age as long as they are responsible. It is not good enough if she is only getting out in the fresh air twice a week.   It is clearly not doing her any good being stuck on a ward and as I have said before, the section is completely wrong as she is of no risk of anyone.  I know Elizabeth is not happy being on a section and it is an infringement of her human rights that she was even put on it in the first place and I am not satisfied with any of the letters sent by the Maudsley.  There have been previous attempts to bar me from meetings and knowing what is going on but I always get to find out.

The Maudsley -copied so many members of staff into replies to my letters, all of which were unsatisfactory.  I am just one person – it is laughable – it is as though they are all sticking together there and I am far from happy that the CQC have done nothing or at least have not responded in any way to indicate they are at least looking into my complaint.  When I visited the last shocking ward I kept hearing lots of patients complaining of their human rights and I can completely understand why after the way I have been treated myself by them.

Anyway, I have found the best way to catch the very people I need to speak to is to attend the meetings and this is exactly what I am going to do from now on.  The meetings are a good way to get your points of view forward – much better than any letter writing and I would recommend this to anyone plus the AGMs are organised very well unlike the care provided.  There is nice food and plenty to drink at these dos.   I am extremely disappointed that the Chief Executive of the Maudsley responsible for the shocking National Psychosis Unit has not replied to any of my letters.  He seemed to listen and care when I spoke of the shocking care and highlighted all the chemicals my daughter had been plied. You can be sure I shall attend the next AGM as I have not had any satisfactory responses to my letters and emails.

Anyway, I am going to the cinema today with a friend – a friend who I met on one of the wards who knows what I am talking about when it comes to shocking care.  The film on locally and I am looking forward to this.   Since writing this my friend wanted to see “Side Effects” starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Jude Law and Channing Tatum –  the role of the psychiatrist being played by both was all too real and it highlighted the tremendous dangers of such drugs that cause a dream like state during the day. Elizabeth used to complain about this like she was having a nightmare during the day and she looked completely dazed.  This of course has nothing whatsoever to do with such an illness as has been diagnosed.  Which one – there are several in the files and nothing has been done properly in my opinion.  You cannot just come up with a diagnosis in 2 minutes like a psychiatrist said form the Maudsley on the tape I have.  It cannot be an accurate diagnosis.  Anyway the acting was extremely good and I have written to what I hope is the real Twitter accounts to congratulate them on an accurate but all too real performance.

The Police have been round today about my burglary and were helpful.   In contrast to my phone call on a previous shocking matter, I received a much nicer response.   I do not think it is right to be dismissed by any organisations such as social services and NHS/private sector care professioinals or the Police.  It is completely wrong how professionals and social services do not communicate and can manipulate things to their own ends.  This is all wrong and the right thing to do is to complain about it as many just grin and bear this kind of situation.   All the more reason to adopt the brilliant system in Finland or perhaps I could send my daughter over there.  She has asked to go to Finland many times as she has happy memories of the time she worked out there.

I telephoned Cambian but I have to wait until Monday to sort matters out.  I want to know why I have not been informed about all of this – the rest of the family seem to know about it and this is a matter I should be informed about.  Staff tried to play things down but I know there are a lot of people affected by this virus and if I do not get any answers to this I shall pop down to head office to voice my concerns.   I am determined to find out what is going on.


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