Message from Elizabeth

I’m at home with my Mum for the first time in ages.  It’s good to be home.

My mum has shown me the website and I am so happy that so many people have written to offer support via Twitter.

I am being collected by the team today to be brought back to hospital.  I have had a nice weekend.

Yesterday we went to see some of the sights of Wales.

A typical week is:

Get up at 8.00 am.  Breakfast served early.  Medication follows.  There is a morning meeting with about 10 other patients.  I find the meetings OK.  We have to discuss what we are going to do during the day.  The meetings do not last long and then we have to get on with tasks and other groups.  The hospital is much nicer than the last hospital.  It is a private hospital and smart inside.  The food is better than any other hospitals I have been in .

It is not noisy like the other wards and I find this is good as the previous wards were very disruptive and that made me feel more ill.

AT the previous hospital locally there was less support and and more attention is given although I would like there to be more outings as most of my time is spend on the ward.  There is a garden at the back but the weather is not good right now.  I am allowed out to local shops escorted only.  I am taken out twice a week to a local park and shopping.  There is a small gym in Cambian and this has a few pieces of equipment but there is no personal trainer.  The hospital is very strict in discipline and this is the first time I am allowed home in a long time.

It is a shame but our house has been burgled on this occasion and I do wish that my visit home has been longer as it is a long journey to get home from where I am.

Sometimes I get bored at the hospital but I have made friends there.

I do not like taking the mediction and would prefer other forms of treatment or therapy.  I would like to see more trips around the area and feel this would be helpful to me.

The group I go to at the hospital – one of them is psychology and this is good.  I found it very good when my Mum booked me hynotherapy – I really liked that.

At my previous scheme in the community I felt I lost it –  I was not happy there at all.

The last Hospital (Bethlem) was very strict and like prison.  I hated it there and I was glad to get out.
I do not want to be in hospital much longer and would like to be out.   I would like to get on with my life.

I want to thank everyone for their support – the group my Mum sees Speak Out Against Psychiatry and people who have sent messages of support too many to mention but thank you all.


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