Shocking news on Anti-depressants

There is no doubt about the dangers of these drugs but as Dr William Walsh points out the drugs can be effective for some – those who are undermethylated with low serotonin levels.  For others they are of no use and should not be given and that is why a proper assessment should be given first and there should also be choice.  I cannot think of any worse than to be told you have to take a drug and are forced to do so especially when that person is suffering from terrible side effects and where is the proof of the diagnosis in any case.  I have asked for such proof and no proof has been given and I have noticed the way such diagnoses are dished out and it would appear purely by observation rather than proof.  In addition I have a tape full of interviews of actual psychiatrists laughing.  Some were saying it took 2 minutes to come up with a diagnosis and others that an empty surgery = no money and in America it is all about insurance but over here in the UK there is no doubt the power of the pharmaceutical industry who offer funding for training programmes for up and coming psychiatrists/doctors.   I do not hear the Government speak about mental health care and this is something that needs addressing.
I would say that the drugs are highly dangerous and I have seen the shocking effects.  Thank God I have not experienced this myself but the suffering of watching my daughter on these drugs and crying out for help has had a deep effect on me as a mother and the rest of the family.
I can understand why professionals wish to stick together – they are thinking of their own families first and foremost.  They get good money and benefits and this goes towards their own families.  They do not dare to speak out against anything to do with the care as it will come back on them.  It is all well and good Mr Hunt trying to stop whistleblowers but I do not think this will work.  I am more than happy to speak out about the shocking care but I have experienced a backlash for doing this.  Now that I have solicitors involved the team have had to back down and allow me unescorted visits and unsupervised phone calls.  I have no doubt though that my daughter who once texted regularly has been discouraged from contact with myself.  Having said that the new doctor is nice and has given me the opportunity to pursue the assessment with Dr Walsh and this is costing me hundreds through having laboratory tests done but Dr Walsh whose Walsh Institute is looking at proper treatment – this is a charity who gets nothing and it would be nice if the Government were to offer a donation to the Walsh Institute.  The donation could be in the sum of the money my daughter would have got given if she had chosen to be taking part in a clinical trial.  Instead she was used as a cheap human guinea pig.  Treatment Resistant – in fact chronic treatment resistant in her case is the new label.  What a load of rubbish.  My daughter is not alone there are many trapped in the system and it is not because they are a risk to the public.  This is because there is no decent care in the community to cope with them despite the fact that there are so many unemployed including many under the mental health who cannot work full time hours because of the shocking effects of the mind altering drugs.   However there are many who are highly intelligent and could help the likes of my daughter and should be offered funding to support people like my daughter where teams have failed to do so.
I know that the team at Cambian are pushing my daughter to do things such as every day chores and this was someone who  used to do everything for herself and worked, but what is lacking is peer support of someone who has been through such a similar experience – people like Eleanor Longden and others could have a significant role to play –  as I have said previously, my daughter responded to another service user more than staff.  This service user could get my daughter up doing things.  They may well be doing this in the hospital but forcing this upon her however my daughter responded to someone who was not even trained as a “friend” rather than someone ordering her around and of her own accord.   I was denied direct payment to provide such a “friend” for my daughter – that is a great pity as not only would this be encouraging for someone who is wrongly “cast on the scrap heap”  but this is the answer in my opinion as I noticed how my daughter liked to help others and how someone can feel like giving up on life because they are made to feel worthless.  This is the shocking way that some professionals make patients feel.  Stripped of their human rights patients are made to feel like nothing and I have seen that the patients have a lot to offer and have even helped me more than any groups available that I could go to as a carer.  They should be INCLUDED not excluded.  There should be a scheme to offer incentives to help others which could lead to them themselves recovering instead of trying to keep someone down and control that person.  That is exactly what is going on under the current care system.  I get the feeling that the longer someone is kept in hospital the more ongoing care in the community they will need as they become more and more dependant and need more and more support which is not on offer.
The forthcoming Tribunal:
Unfortunately from what I have heard the Tribunals are held in closed courts without publicity – this allows the legal system to be manipulated by the teams of profesionals who stick together and try to prevent a patient from leaving their establishments manipulating the legal process in every way they possibly can.   The Tribunals are sometimes drawn out longer than necessary by the teams and how much is this all costing the public let alone how much a further lengthy stay in hospital is costing which is unnecessary.  A section 3 can be renewed for up to 9 years so I understand and each time is 6 months – what if the patient is not in a position to challenge this – what if that person is so drugged up they do not have the capacity and yet have to remain in hospital for never ending sentences – how extremely cruel the care of the UK is.  The argument is “how will that person manage in the community”.  The problem is if that person cannot return home for whatever reasons – however if suitable care was available in the community then that person could still excel and get on with their lives but at my daughter’s scheme locally there was one person in the office asleep all night long.  Then they tried to increase on the care as that one person was male and they appointed a female member of staff .  Unfortunately the care did not work out.  There was talk of activities such as horse riding and other things but nothing came of this.  There were the odd outings but not nearly enough stimulating activities going on and Elizabeth mentioned this to me – this is not just confined to the care in the community but on the ward.  I wanted Elizabeth to enjoy a day out once with Enfield Mental Health users group once whilst a patient on the ward, but this was denied to her.    The fact is who cares!  The public are misinformed as to what is going on by the press –  the public cannot see what is going on due to confidentiality and they would be horrified.  If only they could get to speak to some of the patients but instead the press just carry on and produce articles that portray a patient as violent and a risk to society.  This is totally untrue in fact I felt  nothing but sympathy for these patients, many who have been abuse victims themselves but instead of decent help they get the drugs instead of decent humane care.
A person in order to be discharged from hospital needs somewhere to live – a prisoner is given better support.  A prisoner is given a hostel whereas there can often be no signs of when a patient can be released from mental health services and excuse after feeble excuse is given.
Well I have thought of a good solution.  Once my daughter has had a proper assessment by Dr Walsh then she can look forward to decent holistic care and I will look for the accommodation and I have already found an organisation offering 24 hr care in the home.  However Cambian have not invited me to a single CPA meeting as yet so they are still excluding me.  They will argue it is at my daughter’s wishes – however the other week she said ” Mum I wish you could come to the CPA”. It is the team who do not want me there that is for sure and no doubt someone in the team has questioned my daughter as to how she gets on with me.  Well this where they can get someone on an occasion when they do not feel so good and blame the nearest relative.  Just like my father with Alzheimers it is quite often the person closest to the patient that can get a backlash but that is exactly what a team wants.  Any negative comment and they use it against you.  Elizabeth has admitted she said something but nothing bad but she also admitted she was angry at the time and at a previous hospital when questioned by a so called professional as to whether her mother hit her as a child – she replied “yes”.   When I got to see the files I asked my younger daughter to show her what was written and on seeing these comments Elizabeth was very angry and denied having said this but then she said she may have said – something because she was simply angry at being in hospital and accused me of her being there.    There is no truth in cruelty – in actual fact I have been scrutinised by social services and every team as though I am a criminal and guilty of mis- treating my daughter but when someone is drugged up to their necks they can be manipulated and do not feel their best at times and can lash out at the closed person to them.
The team seize upon such comments to put in place sanctions against that person and make matters ten times worse – and this is my argument as to why Open Dialogue is best.  A team can only make comment when they have met the family as a whole and thoroughly look into the family backgroup.
Elizabeth’s last comments “I will have them arrested, Mum – you are still my Mum”.  “No it is not what I want –  I did not say I wanted supervised phone calls”    “…………………….Mum is coming to the CPA –  I wish that you could come to a CPA, Mum” – this latter comment referred to another patient’s mother who had been invited unlike me.
Even if I am prevented from having my daughter for whatever reason or excuse over Easter I do not want her to be alone as noone else is going and so I plan to go down to see her and perhaps we can do that train journey that was shut down as it is not quite holiday season.
As for the drugs – the drugs can affect people in different ways depending on the serotonin levels.  Dr Walsh’s book Nutrient Power is backed by research and highlights the problems of these drugs and that they do not work for everyone – yet they are still given regardless.
Dr Ann Blake Tracy focuses on what the drugs can cause in her book Prozac Panacea Pandora.  These drugs can cause ANYONE to react in ways described.  It does not matter whether you have a mental illness or not these drugs are highly dangerous.
Professor David Healy.  –  Look on Facebook and add Professor Healy who has documented the dangers of these drugs and how dubiously they are passed and all for profit.
My daughter is a victim of the pharmaceutical industry and these are the words of a professional – how true but what are the pharmaceutical companies doing to help these victims – the answer is NOTHING.  They just rake in their profits and pay off a lot of people who take them to court in return for their silence.
They try to say that everyone who speaks out against these drugs are Scientologists but THAT IS NOT TRUE!
I am still waiting after over a week now to hear whether for the first time ever I will be able to have my daughter come and stay with me at home otherwise she will be alone this Easter.  This would mean me having to go down to collect her and bring her back which I am prepared to do.
Elizabeth wants to come home to see her pet kitten and in my blog called “Abuse at the Bethlem” I document how this was denied to her by these  cruel professionals.  I will never forget this experience and how I was threatened with arrest.  Certain individuals stick out in my mind and others who I have never met before where copied in to letters –  it was shocking to see how many people were copied in at the Bethlem.  I suppose this was done to cover their backs as they were all  backing one another in banning me and at the end of the day I am still waiting for an explanation.  I only had a fraction of the paperwork I am entitled to under Data Protection.   This shows what is going on and I doubt very much whether there will be a bit of change under Mr Hunt’s proposals – it is certain individuals that should be made accountable.   Why discriminate against a hospital altogether when certain indiviudals are responsible and the only way to find out who is responsible is to appoint people in positions where they can monitor the situation under cover.
I hope I get to have my daughter at Easter come and stay with me.

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