More shocking news about Cambian

I am horrified!  I thought from the description that Cambian Four Star Wards was wonderful compared to the shocking acute wards at local level.

Well, for people to contact me and tell me some very shocking things I cannot dismiss such comments.

Elizabeth says that staff treat her well and she may be lucky but I have no doubt that this is not the case for others from what I have heard – that their image of Best Care Provider may not be the overall case.  Maybe Elizabeth is lucky where she is however she has a doctor that I like right now but the previous doctor disliked me and things got back to me that I just cannot ignore.  I have therefore notified my solicitors of my fears.   I have a right to see what has been written about me in the past and am entitled.

They appear to be pushing Elizabeth to do things but what they should be doing is at the same time looking out for what is available for my daughter as a hospital is the wrong place for her.  Wales is a lovely quiet and peaceful area and I do not know how Elizabeth would adapt to London that is stressful and noisy.  Whilst I miss her so much I want her to get on in her life and the people, the whole environment is more friendly and relaxing than London is.  I have been thinking myself I would not mind to live there and may consider this in the future.

Whilst I miss Elizabeth so much on the other hand she has to be independent but she has lost her confidence. If she was to come and live at home she would then become dependant on me and would need 24 hour care – I would have to give up work if she came to live at home.   Then what would happen one day if I am not around –  this would not be good for Elizabeth either.  I would tend to do too much for her than I should to help.

When I looked after my father who had Alzheimers I worked part time and employed carers under Direct Payments. I was also heavily involved myself in the care.

I would like the Direct Payments so that I can ensure that Elizabeth gets good care as I have head shocking tales of abuse towards vulnerable people and that many people have suffered abuse.  This is my greatest fear especially if I am a distance away from Elizabeth and I would need to have others involved to check on this and make sure she is OK as I have been let down so badly and find it hard to trust people regarding the care.  Certainly this applied to local level. I know this can go on wherever no matter how qualified people may be.  I would rather go to the local college and select appropriate students of about my daughter’s age.  If they were studying psychology or nursing then all the better as long as my daughter was treated kindly, not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs that would be good.  I have found that the kinder staff are those who are starting out in the profession such as at the Maudsley – the junior nurses – some were nice towards my daughter.   I just want my daughter to get better in the right environment and a hospital with a psychiatrist who has not behaved appropriately is wrong in my opinion – this is no place for my daughter to get better and I have heard that Cambian like to  hang on to people for a long time.  Well I feel uncomfortable if I come across the previous psychiatrist who treated me in the most dismissive way which left much to be desired.

The new psychiatrist is allowing the assessment by Dr Walsh –  I am about to have the tests done and then the outcome will determine what type of depression she has and then this will determine whether my daughter is overmethylated or has pyrrole disorder or copper overload etc.  Such results cannot be ignored and I will then ask Dr Walsh to draw up the correct diet and nutritional plan and I also am impressed by the properties I saw at affordable prices for my daughter and would like to appoint the suitable care, preferably orthomolecular so that my daughter can follow a holistic care programme which Cambian I doubt will be prepared to go along with.  I have told the new psychiatrist that he should get himself booked on the Chy Sawel Conference so that Dr Walsh can train him up and then he can benefit all the patients like my daughter who deserve choice in care in accordance with Welsh Law.

I am waiting to hear from Carers UK as I wish to attend a forthcoming conference and at this conference I am looking forward to meeting and speaking to Mr Jeremy Hunt.  I really hope that I get a place on this conference.  It is unsatisfactory to me that he has not responded to any of my letters or to my comments via Twitter and I would hope to be able to speak up for everyone like my daughter in same position and about the shocking care in the UK of drug pushing and I would like him to answer to the public as this is draining resources on the NHS as if someone like my daughter is chronic treatment resistant – this is ridiculous!  I have every right as a mother to be furious with this Government who allows the cruel abuse of patients like my daughter to go on and places like the Bethlem to use patients as human guinea pigs.

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