Visit to Elizabeth

For the first time I will be allowed hopefully to take Elizabeth out unescorted.

Cambian will not give any reasons for why they imposed such sanctions against me in the first place but I suspect getting solicitors involved has made a difference as when asked, they refused to give me any reason for such a ban being in place.   The control and manipulation I have seen under Cambian and this hospital below has been unbelievable.

The team seem to be panicking about me seeing the contents of the file in any way and this makes me believe they have something to hide.

The battle for justice for my daughter has definitely had an effect on my health but not mentally – I feel all the more determined to see justice and the fact that what they are doing is so very wrong and detrimental to my daughter.  To use a patient in that way who is drugged up to her neck on powerful sedatory drugs is wicked and cruel.   There is a greater divide in the family now as a result and Elizabeth and her sister are torn between family members – for instance the Grandma who said “dont tell your mother” – that was as a result of Elizabeth being brought down for her Birthday to the rest of the family.

It is Easter coming up and I have put in for some unescorted leave and hope that I can have my daughter home then.

It is as though the team were trying to sever contact altogether and I feel I have a right to see the files as there are comments relating to me in them and if a ban is imposed against someone and you are referring to that person then I have a right under the Data Protection Act to see this.

This is a time also when you can clearly see who your friends truly are and many just disappear or some can take advantage.  It is sad that you cannot always trust who you think are your true friends especially when it comes to money and possessions.  Again the law is not geared to protect you against dishonest behaviour but I will document more about this another time as this will result in yet another court case.


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