Mother’s Day

I had a nice day today. My younger daughter presented me with a nice card she had designed with photos of her and Elizabeth. Elizabeth looked stunning in those photos as they were taken at a time when she was not on a mountain of drugs – drug free and happy.

We went to a nice Indian restaurant which was not local to where we live. The journey was horrific as there had been an accident and in the UK this brings chaos to the roads.

My younger daughter is doing well but was once labelled and put on anti-psychotic drugs as a child – a victim of something that happened to her at school. I could not believe how quickly they wanted to push drugs at a child and when I looked up Rispiridal I was apalled to see “not tried and tested on children”. Even on 1mg of this chemical her legs became like tree trunks, her body swelled out and this led to bullying and being called “psycho and mental” in the street.

The cure for my daughter was a new school which I had to pay for as there were no places in state schools available and this was a stage school where she excelled. 7 to a class, extremely competitive but kids who threw themselves into working so hard to put on a good performance which led to her achieving good academic results too. Anyway, she has much to be thankful for with regard to this school.

Elizabeth was not interested in acting/dancing like her sister but was given the same opportunity. She liked music and had piano lessons but she was more into sport and wanted to be a chef. Elizabeth was doing well for herself then – she had a car, was learning to drive and going to college as well as working for 2 years part time.

I did not hear anything from Elizabeth today but then she does not know what time/day or anything she is so drugged up. It is sad to think my daughter is in bed sometimes midday because that is the effect of these awful drugs. She has even said “I am missing out on my life, Mum”.

I am going to see Elizabeth next week. I have been told verbally by the consultant psychiatrist at Cambian she can now see the independent doctor which was holding up the Tribunal.

I quite like the new doctor but am worried how things will be when the other one comes back who clearly did not like me at all. When a doctor does not like you they can say all sorts of things behind your back and influence the person under their care by persuading them that it is best not to have contact with the mother. The new psychiatrist in contrast has bothered to speak to me on the phone – whether or not he likes me he has tried to communicate with me and to understand my concerns that these drugs will cause long term health problems to my daughter. Also I do not think she should be sectioned – the Maudsley have a lot to answer for in my opinion. I am furious at the incompetence of this so called worldwide renowned hospital taking my daughter off 150mg of Seroquel then deliberately slapping on a section. I want a full investigation into this and what happened to cause my daughter’s face full of bruises. I also want an investigation into the way I was treated like a criminal.

The team at Cambian cannot find any reason to ban me from contact. Despite the way I feel about these rotten drugs – I am not a doctor and could not attempt to take her off however if only I could send her to some of the brilliant care centres in America. Despite the shocking care in America there are some places like Alternative to Meds, Earth House and Cooper RIIs – these places offer humane care – what is there here – NOTHING. I want to address all of this in person to Mr Hunt himself and will hopefully see him at a forthcoming conference. I will bring the book of Dr Walsh for him to read and learn something as it is all well and good him going on about more data. I have provided him with more data on Twitter and he needs to read the books I will bring with me to this conference.

I am thinking what to do now for the future as I do not want Elizabeth to remain in that hospital forever but coming home to live in a busy and stressful environment of London may not be good for her either. I want to buy her somewhere to live but she will have to have a carer live in. The problem is – who can you trust. I have heard such horrific accounts of the abuse going on from various mothers and am worried about placing her in anything that may be council run. I would rather find the employees myself and see to it that things are checked upon. Anything would be better than being in that hospital for ever but she cannot do things for herself any more and I would have to look for an orthomolecular nurse – there are orthomolecular psychiatrists and this is what I would like for my daughter as the drugs do not work so surely it is totally wrong to just carry on pushing these drugs that will kill her. I need something done to allow Elizabeth to be gradually and slowly reduced by professionals and Dr Ann Blake Tracy should be invited over here to train some of these professionals up as noone has the faintest clue how to properly reduce someone off these chemicals in the UK. ANYONE taking these LSD like serotonin reuptake inhibiting drugs could suffer psychosis not just a so called mental health patient. I saw a post by Professor Healy about this and this is quite right. I have posted some of his links to Mr Hunt. I am looking forward to meeting Mr Hunt in the near future.


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