Not Elizabeth’s words but I think I know who could have said these comments.  These comments were said at Cambian Four Star Wards during the time I was banned from contact.  This ban has been lifted now as there were no grounds for such a ban.  There is a new psychiatrist who is much nicer in the way he has bothered to communicate with me directly and this is something that is rare as normally a doctor could not care less to ring you back and you have to phone again and again to get response.  It is not of any benefit to Elizabeth to listen to nasty comments said against me behind my back or be deprived of contact.  It was extremely cruel what was going on under Cambian 4 Star Wards before the new psychiatrist was appointed.  He in contrast has telephoned me and returned my calls – he seems much more of a caring and understanding person.  I am not sure I want Elizabeth to remain at Cambian when the old psychiatrist returns who clearly did not like me.  I have no doubt it was detrimental and upsetting for Elizabeth who commented that other mothers were invited to the CPA meetings but instead of me the team invited her father and that is because he has not been outspoken on anything to do with the care.  Neither does he know anything about the drugs and how harmful they are.

Since the letter from my solicitors, my ban – supervised phone calls and escorted leave have been lifted. In addition, my daughter can now have the assessment done through Dr Walsh..  Now I have had a verbal confirmation Elizabeth can see the independent doctor for the Tribunal – the independent doctor represents my daughter at the Tribunal appointed by me.

I will be going to see Elizabeth next week, as I have time off from work.   It is a quiet area and peaceful where Elizabeth is.  I have requested that she comes to stay me – she has said “nothing beats home”.

It is such a situation now that Elizabeth cannot manage alone to do anything – needs looking after and if left on these awful drugs will need looking after for the rest of her life.  Also what none of these doctors consider is the long term health problems and even if a patient complains of serious side effects nothing is ever done.

The trouble is the hospital have renewed her section for another 6 months and could continue to do this for much much longer.   A hospital is no place for Elizabeth to get better but whilst I would like to have her home I just do not know if this is the right answer also as she will become too dependant on me.  Elizabeth will one day need to be independent and at home she could not be left alone in the house and I would have to stay at home rather than go to work.  The carers contribution from the Governement  is paltry –  very little to stay at home and support the patient.

What I did for my father was to buy a property, have carers living in and I wonder if this could be possible for my daughter and if only I could find an orthomolecular doctor/nurse to ensure my daughter has the correct treatment – holistic care.

I will write more about my visit to see Elizabeth next time.


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