Elizabeth’s sister went to visit her today.  She has taken her out shopping and for a meal so I understand.  Elizabeth’s younger sister missed out on seeing her for her Birthday and works full time.  Elizabeth’s sister was once diagnosed with Schizophrenia as a child and given mind altering drugs – fortunately I managed to get her off and I sent her to private school where she excelled. She later went to boarding school and then university and graduated last year.  So  much for the diagnosis of Schizophrenia which makes me feel that doctors are only too willing to come up with a label for someone without any scientific proof. 

No doubt Elizabeth had a nice time with her sister and I plan to go and see her in a week’s time and hopefully have her to stay over Easter.

It is better now that sanctions have been lifted but I am worried when the previous psychiatrist returns then the team will once again be governed by rules such as this.  This previous doctor did not even meet me yet formed an opinion based on file notes so I assume – the previous doctor said “I have heard all about your past behaviour”  – the previous doctor clearly did not like me as there have been other more disturbing things said not directly to me, which have got back to me.  It reminds me of the team at her previous scheme when someone told a friend of mind “we cannot be bothered with her because of the mother” – well they clearly do not like it when you complain that is for sure but when you see no food in the fridge, overflowing washing, unclean conditions and rotting food, you start to question what care is there and then when you speak out and get nowhere and complain again and again it is not liked yet they got around £800 a week and how much is this care costing to keep Elizabeth in hospital drugging her up on one of the most expensive drugs when her diagnosis is in question.   It was heartbreaking to see Elizabeth declining when she was in the scheme, not eating well, staff not able to engage, the flat unclean and no food in the fridge considering she was once immaculate and independent- this is what the drugs do for you.  The drugs they insist someone has to take for the rest of their lives.  The drugs cause lethargic/overwhelming tiredness/complete lack of energy as well as other serious side effects. Noone cares or takes any notice.  Right now staff are pushing at Elizabeth to do things for herself and this can make a patient resentful –  again the level of drugs can dictate the capability of someone to do things for themselves as well as their thinking capacity which doctors like to play on and suggest that person has full mental capacity.

I am most concerned as to where Elizabeth will be placed in time and do not want her to go to another scheme – I am also not sure London is a good environment for her to  be in either.  I would like to buy a property for her and perhaps the mother of the other young man from the previous ward could move in there from hospital. We would like holistic care as nothing else has worked.  The house could have an orthomolecular nurse living in and hopefully direct payments to secure therapeutic care.  This would be my dream – I am not sure that direct payments would ever be given as social services like to play on the fact that a patient should ask but what when someone is not capable of asking then that person gets absolutely nothing and that is how the team likes to manipulate things.  This reminds me of when they had someone from Disability Action visiting and after 6 months had not come to a decision on what Elizabeth wanted.  I booked for Elizabeth to see the leading hypnotherapist called Susan Hepburn – you should have seen the team’s reaction!  Anyone would think they had some kind of disorder the way they behaved and I have never seen anything like that – in fact it was quite amusing.  They desperately tried to stop Elizabeth from going to this appointment which had cost me hundreds and there was no way I was going to allow them to get away with this. As I worked full time in Central London and at the time was near to Harley Street, I arranged for a cab to be booked to pick Elizabeth up from home with two accompanying friends.  When I first saw Elizabeth she looked dreadful and did not eat anything at the restaurant where I took the friends out to – I got the afternoon off work and met them near to Harley Street and then we took Elizabeth for the appointment.  Elizabeth was really ill when she went in – she barely spoke, barely ate anything and was like a bundle of nerves however after coming out of just 1 session of hypnotherapy I could not believe the miracle – Elizabeth came out like she once was, calm, speaking normally, happy and relaxed – what was all this fuss about!   Why is it that this is not recommended under NICE guidelines when it actually worked for her and that showed up the whole shocking care that the drugs are useless in her case.  I then got to find out that hypnotherapy is given by SOME not all NHS trusts and this is where they could further save their money.  I could have found out in 1 hour what Elizabeth wanted from Direct Payments and to think that social services made a huge fuss.   I would recommend this treatment to anyone but sadly I could not find anyone to take Elizabeth for the next appointment  the week after – if she had had about 5 or 6 appointments – I keep thinking about this now –  it would certainly be useful if Elizabeth was reducing off the drugs and could be useful for schemes set up by alternative care groups.   


Right now I feel the team are are holding up the Tribunal in that they are stating my daughter has not given consent to see the independent doctor. I know for a fact my daughter is too drugged up to be able to appoint a different firm to the perfectly good firm of solicitors she already had and she had already given her consent to me having some information about her care to the previous firm of solicitors and they were replaced by the team at Cambian. The consent was given at a time when Elizabeth was no way drugged up to the extent she is now.   This is what you call real manipulation and control of the whole legal process and now I want an investigation into what happened before this new psychiatrist came to work at the hospital. This sort of thing should not be allowed to go on and  hopefully my solicitor’s involvement will remind the team of their legal obligations and my daughter’s human rights.    So much for the advocates IMHA for stating that” they were not sure a London firm of solicitors would be allowed for the Tribunal as it is in Wales” –  WHY EVER NOT!  this is where the law is failing to protect the weak and vulnerable and there has been a landmark case won – I think this case was won by Kaim Todner Solicitors for the unfair delaying of tribunals.

I am in touch with more mothers and spoke to one over the phone this weekend  –  it would appear that the Panorama programme featuring mentally handicapped patients is just the tip of the iceberg. Abuse is rife by the sounds of it and the wrong people are sometimes employed in the care business.  It is either abuse or neglect suffered by many.   Neglect can lead to further decline in the patient and so many things have happened to Elizabeth whilst in the care system that I no longer want her to go into a council run scheme.  I saw a brilliant scheme run by Mind but in North Wales and they were inundated with people wanting that flat.  I was impressed with the way this was run and had been recommended by someone else.  Anyway I have been thinking of buying a property for Elizabeth to live in and maybe another mother will also be interested in my idea and the appointing of a live in nurse – orthomolecular and if direct payments can be secured then a nutritionist, therapeutic care.  Elizabeth will not be capable to getting to appointments, doing much in the way of work or anything come to that on this shocking level of drugs unless she is reduced correctly as Dr Ann Blake Tracy said.  I would not attempt this myself but if only I could find the right care as there is in the States re Alternative to Meds, Earth House and a few other places –  there is nothing here as yet.  If I could only get together with one or two other mothers and provide care that Dr Walsh instructs but with professional staff involved.   Dr Walsh will hopefully train up 12 doctors as he is coming over in June to the UK. 

There should be choice – not everyone benefits by these harmful drugs.  If overmethylated the drugs do not work and make someone worse – it is no wonder my daughter is “chronic treatment resistant”  – it is simple in that the care is not the right care and consideration to this should be given to all patients who are treatment resistant as this is draining to the NHS and this is where money can be saved for the A&E, Maternity and better care in the  hospitals.  By constant pushing of these drugs, this will only lead to long term health problems and further strain to the NHS.

I am not saying that all NHS care is bad and I feel that more money should be spent on this but when you get mental health patients returning time and time again to the wards I believe that something needs to be done about this situation and this contributes to the lack of funds within the NHS.

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