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When care was failing my daughter at local level I researched the internet for decent care and found there was virtually nothing in the UK.  Centres like Earth House and Alternative to Meds amongst others were all in the States and then I tried to get my daughter sent to Finland where she spent happy times over several months on a working holiday and where I had read about unique care in Tornio.   This was before she was used as a human guinea pig and labelled with several diagnoses and she had a bright future to look forward to. Still to this day, Elizabeth talks of Finland and her wish to return and I would like to take her where they have the best care in the world to a place called Tornio.  The care is humane which is unique as everywhere else in the world care is all about control and manipulation and patients are not listened to – they are not treated in a decent manner and I know all about this as I am in touch with so many ex patients.  I also see so many mothers just like me who are in despair at the whole system which is failing so many.

Anyway, I was so happy when my daughter got moved to Cambian as I had read good reports although the move was done in a shocking way.  I received a call from her social worker and within a day she was moved, leaving no time for family to visit or say goodbye but I was already banned as I myself was labelled by the team as being aggressive and threatening.  In actual fact I would state it was the other way round judging by the way I was treated by the staff.  I have already referred to staff threatening me with arrest on several occasions, treating me like a criminal and acting as though they were above the law, all sticking together to cover one another’s back so it would seem judging by the letters I received.  I have never seen so many people copied in one letter before.  When threatened with arrest I got so fed up with this that I decided to apply to Kent Police and then members of a group of ex patients speaking out about their shocking care got in touch with me and one recognised the hospital and ward where he/she spent the most horrific time of life and has since compiled data based on research on all the experimentation going on under the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  The patients arranged a demonstration on behalf of my daughter and I think it was a combination of my application and this that led to a hasty and sudden move to an area far away from home and family.

On arrival, Elizabeth telephoned me to say how happy she was.   She said it was beautiful, peaceful and it was like a four star hotel and the food was nice unlike the shocking food dished up under NHS hospitals.   As Elizabeth was happy so was I and then I read something about a new law in Wales for holistic care, giving choice to patients and I was esctatic.  I though thank goodness she was no longer at that prison camp and at Cambian where they took on board patient’s comments – or so I thought and took on their ideas.  These are patients who have been on acute wards and know what they are talking about.  I also thought they had patient involvement but was wrong there!   They have pets, no doubt some of the staff have been very nice to my daughter but what is going on there leaves a lot to be desired.

I work full time and so there is not a chance to phone every minute and was not on the phone every minute but at weekends I would speak to my daughter and there were times when she was happy/not happy.  I began to notice conversation appeared a bit awkward unlike before and I had already complained about the phone being left in the office weeks on end charging and noone could get through.  I commented one day about whether someone was there listening and whether she was being discouraged from contact – on one occasion she said she was on 15 minutes watch which the manager strongly denied and on this occasion when questioned she said “yes” but I cannot say by whom.    I had already had a conversation with the consultant psychiatrist and it was clear that she was cool and quite abrupt towards me.  I wanted to know whether I could take my daughter out for a meal and she would not give a decision on this and this was left up to the manager.  This is when she commented on my past behaviour because we had also discussed the “medication”.  Elizabeth had consented to me knowing what drugs they had given her at the Bethlem ie 500mg Metformine and 300mg Clozapine.  I found out because an emergency doctor had to be called out to her after we had gone running together in the grounds outside the Bethlem.  I had no idea they had put her on this drug at the time and she was so drugged up she did not know herself.   When I insisted staff tell her they turned to her and said “do you want your mother to know”  – to this she said “yes” and they had no choice but to tell me in front of her and then I got ordered off the ward and after that I got a letter saying that I was not welcome to come on the ward any more and that I could only see my daughter off the ward at a time when escorts could be arranged.   So I discussed the medication with the new psychiatrist at Cambian and she was sounding agitated about this especially when I questioned by Metformine was being given off label for weight loss and whether she had diabetes.  It was then she referred to “she had heard about my past behaviour”.  The conversation was cut short and that was that.    I got to find out that the Tribunal was set for my daughter on a particular date and then I got to find out that her father had been invited to this Tribunal and not me and I am the Nearest Relative.  When I questioned about the Tribunal the staff made out they did not know anything about it but then a certain member of staff telephoned her father to invite him and that put the team on the spot but still they were trying to make out they did not know.  How on earth can a Manager not know what is going on especially with something as important as a Tribunal.     

That was not the only thing –  The Tribunal failed and I got to hear my daughter in a confused state saying she did not know why she had all these letters from Welsh Solicitors.  It was then I realised that Cambian had intervened in this.   Previously Elizabeth had given consent for me to know some details about her care – all I was interested in was the so called “medication” – nothing else.  Suddenly, the team were saying as in the Bethlem despite several forms of consent that my daughter objected to me knowing anything about her care and that she wanted matters kept confidential from me and this is very much contradictory as I believe this was the team who did not want me to see the files and were absolutely desperate that I knew nothing about what was in these files.   So I then found out that a member of staff had advised my daughter that  now she is in Wales it would be better for her to have a Welsh Firm.   Her solicitors were excluded and so was I from the Tribunal and from representing her fairly in accordance with her wishes.  Surrounded by members of team who no doubt put pressure on her during times when she was weak and vulnerable on a drug that is so sedatory that it takes away all your thinking capacity, she was like putty in their hands.

So, then I appointed solicitors and I got to find out that Enfield Mental Health were trying to replace me as the Nearest Relative.  She had a new social worker – did not even know her name but got to find out and this social worker tried to make out she did not know anything yet I know for a fact there was someone there at the failed Tribunal from ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH.  Here is another example of the team sticking together.


As I am Nearest Relative I am then entitled to challenge the Tribunal and in accordance with my daughter’s visits I have attempted to do this.  A Manager’s Hearing was called not that long ago.  I had already told Cambian of a date I could get time off for this and they arranged it on another date and I had to go out of my way to change things and alter my day off from work which I succeeded. It looked like they did not want me there at the Manager’s Hearing as then they did not cooperate with my solicitors.  I fitted in with their changed date and my solicitors were going down for this occasion but then at the last minute they were refused .  WHAT KIND OF TEAM DOES THIS SORT OF THING.  THIS LOOKS VERY  UNDERHAND TO ME.  They are supposed to divulge information to my solicitors but flatly refused and this led to my solicitors having to cancel the Manager’s Hearing and since before Xmas I have been waiting for the date of the Tribunal.  It would seem to me that Cambian are trying to delay matters all the time and sabotage everything.

THE MOST SHOCKING THIS IS THAT  I HAVE JUST FOUND OUT THAT CAMBIAN HAVE EXTENDED THE SECTION BY 6 MONTHS and I intend to tell my solicitors next week.  The reason I think they are trying to delay matters is because their appointed/recommended solicitors who they put forward for my daughter have told my solicitors that my daughter is not ready yet to see the independent doctor who wanted to visit her prior to the Tribunal. The appointment of these solicitors leaves a lot to be questioned – Elizabeth was told it would be better for her to have a Welsh firm and she told me she felt she had to go along with their suggestion.  She has made comments that “it is very strict here, Mum” –  it is easy for a team to put pressure on someone and this is what isgoing on behind closed doors to many who have their Tribunals delayed.  Recently a landmark case has been won by Kaim Todner so I believe.      I have questioned before the fairness of solicitors that are recommended by hospitals and this sort of thing should never be allowed to go on.  A solicitor is supposed to be totally independent but judging by what I saw at the Bethlem and how the tribunal was called off by a solicitor laughing and joking constantly with the team I wonder!  Also the advocates that get funding who are linked to the hospital are also manipulated as in the case of Rethink attached to the Bethlem so I saw at first hand and witnessed another people I know.

It is very serious that Cambian appear to be doing all they can to delay/postpone the Tribunal and this cannot go ahead unless there is an independent doctor appointed through my solicitors and I have one ready to speak to my daughter who has agreed in writing and this has been witnessed. However CAmbian are saying the opposite that she is not ready to see this doctor and they are trying every trick in the book by the looks of it.

In light of all this, I have asked for the file under Data Protection as there must be mention of me and my “behaviour” and reasons as to why the team have treated  me so differently from the rest of the family.   At Xmas she was allowed time alone with the rest of the family.  At Xmas she was brought down for a very short time all the way from Wales and staff stayed from start to finish. They came to my home and reported back that everything was OK – aparently they gave a good report back to the consultant psychiatrist that it was not an awful home – (which is something they probably thought bearing in mind the shocking things that had been said about me behind mind back in previous files).  

I telephoned Cambian on Friday and asked to speak to Dr ……………………  I was asking about the assessment which I want to go through with and Elizabeth has agreed which could lead to holistic care and a reduction in the drugs given as I dispute the diagnosis as a drug free period was not given.  It was Professor Murray who recommended a drug free period and Fitzmary II Ward of the Bethlem did not do things properly and this led to a drug induced psychosis and experimentation on several more drugs.  I am in touch with another mother who is likewise horrified and disgusted with the care at the Bethlem – the person she cares for is on an enormous dosage of drugs, is only young but can only sit in front of the TV and unable to barely move and my daughter suffers constant dizzy spells on the Clozapine and has had no end of side effects.  They ignored the fact there are heart problems in the family.  Cambian have continued to ply the drugs as prescribed by the Maudsley and have done nothing to change such a prescription, continuing to give a drug off label that has not been tested for its purpose of weight loss.  This is why I am keen to have a proper assessment and Dr Walsh is happy to carry this out and now it would seem that Cambian are trying to delay this in every way they can along with the Tribunal.

I have lost my patience and have telephoned Cambian to tell them what I think.  I had a text message saying “the team want ………………………………”  – so the team want personal information of my daughter from me yet they have been far from open and honest in their dealings towards me. Cambian denied I was still on such a ban and tried to play this down as regards the supervised phone calls and escorted leave.  I told them there was NO COMMUNICATION under Cambian and I had received no letter stating such a ban was lifted.  They now tell me a letter has been sent in the post.   This is very sudden after all these weeks of silence.  Maybe this is as a result of me saying to them that I am prepared to take things to the limits.  I am prepared to go to court and give publicity.

Meanwhile my daughter telephoned me saying she is upset about the section.  She is of no risk to anyone – there is no excuse for this at all.  She is prepared to remain voluntarily in hospital and what is wrong with this?  I told her that without the Tribunal nothing would be moving forward with regard to the section being removed and for that she would need the help of her solicitors.  She said, Mum who are my solicitors? and I do not have their telephone number – I think this is in the office.  I was astounded – my daughter does not appear to have the ability to appoint solicitors on her own accord whereas she did have ability to appoint the previous firm and I was not even around to influence her as I was banned at the time. It would appear the team helped get the Welsh solicitors in place for my daughter perhaps because they  knew the previous firm had been given consent by my daughter to divulge certain information to me.     This is how a team can manipulate a patient who is drugged up to their necks on 800mg of mind altering powerful LSD like drugs and then go on to say “she has capacity”!    Elizabeth then went on to tell me that the section had been extended to a further 6 months – she would be happy to remain there as a voluntary patient but of course being sectioned gives a team more power to control and push drug after drug after drug and how many cases are there of people who die under such rotten awful care which is the only “care” available at the moment in the UK.    Dr ………………… told me I had a right to contest matters but I told him that the delay of a Tribunal meant that this would not be going ahead and that I had plenty of evidence that my daughter had agreed to see the doctor in writing with witness.    When I told him I knew about the 6 months extended section he was a bit lost for words.

Well,  now I await the letter from Cambian and I have my solicitors lined up.  Unlike some people who are ashamed to discuss matters of mental health or admit to this being linked with their families I am proud of my daughter but ashamed of what is going on in the UK. I would be happy to go on TV and speak about the shocking care.    I wish to see humane care set up in the UK more than ever now in the form of Chy Sawel with doctors like Dr Walsh and Dr Ann Blake Tracy and also Professor David Healy and others involved who are looking for the underlying causes instead of just pushing drugs that are so dangerous yet are passed by the FDA in an unscrupulous manner and these drugs manufactures will resort to any underhand tactics to get their drugs passed as Dr Healy quite rightly says.   I am fed up with TV and the newspapers and media giving unfair representation towards mental health patients when they conveniently choose not to mention anything about the dangerous drugs which could affect each and every one of us yet are passed in the most shocking unscrupulous manner.  I have seen everything how these drugs have affected my daughters and my father to say that they should NEVER EVER HAVE BEEN PASSED.   There are always going to be some who say the drugs work for them but then they could benefit because they are “undermethylated” and this is why it is important for anyone to have a proper assessment before being put on the drugs as certain conditions where there is already an overload of serotonin could mean that the drugs can make that person worse.  I want answers as to what bio type of depression my daughter has in order that she can have the right treatment and not be on the maximum of drugs for the rest of her life but CAMBIAN are quite happy to plod on and ply the drugs and I have had to send the book by Dr Walsh to Cambian for Dr ……………………….to study so that my daughter can have the right kind of care.


It is not just me but I am in touch with many mothers who want the same – the best care available and that is holistic – something that is not even thought of in the UK.  I would pay to send my daughter to Finland if only I could to get her the decent care on offer where there is 85% success rate and it is not just holistic but open dialogue something that is unheard of in the UK.


It is about time there was change so that this abuse does not carry on any longer.  I cannot wait until Dr Walsh comes next to the UK in June for the forthcoming Chy Sawel conference and Dr Walsh is appealing for 12 doctors to work alongside him and I and other mothers and patients would like to see this happen more than ever.



The Tribunal was meant to be before Xmas in December but this did not take place as there was a mix-up at the court.  I have been waiting for a date and so contacted my solicitors as it is now February.  I was dismayed by what I heard.

In the meantime after a wall of silence I had an email from Cambian.  In the email they requested some very personal information from me as regards my daughter.  Here is my response:

“Before divulging personal information which could put me in breach of confidentiality, I have a duty to speak to my daughter first in order to gain her consent.  However, Cambian have placed upon me restrictions – they have allocated supervised phone calls at a slot when I cannot telephone, ie 6 pm on Mondays (supervised only).  Cambian have restricted my time with my daughter – escorted leave, whereas this has not been done for the rest of the family.  When I have asked for reasons, I have been told by ………………..(Manager) that it is not because I amnot trusted.  I would therefore like a full explanation from you as the whole situation is unsatisfactory in my opinion.


I am most concerned at unfair/detrimental comments in the file about my character and under the Data Protection Act I am entitled to see everything relating to me personally, especially in light of comments by Dr ……………….. about “my past behaviour”.  I would like to know everything about this.


I would very much like a call from Dr ………………in relation to the book “Nutrient Power” I sent and proposed assessment by Dr Walsh.  Dr ……………….. has said he does not mind me having such an assessment as long as I am paying.  I am fully prepared to pay for this assessment and it is OK with Dr …………………. and so I am keen to get things moving.  It is also OK by my daughter who is happy to go along with this and I wish to proceed with this assessment as soon as possible.


Last of all, I would point out that my daughter misses me, misses home, misses her cat and is upset about the whole situation.  There are contradictory comments by Cambian and there needs to be a full investigation into matters if nothing is done about the whole situation.  I was originally delighted that my daughter had finally been given a place at Cambian where I thought you respected patients and took on board their wishes – well my daughter has made it clear she wanted family mediation and that does not mean excluding her mother because you as a team personally dislike and choose not to give me a reason why you are treating me like a criminal.  I also thought in Wales she would be entitled to holistic care under the new law, especially after all the experimentation of drugging that has gone on.  If you cotninue to say this is my daughter’s wish regarding the supervised ban on phone calls/visits then this needs to be said directly by my daughter to my solicitor and to the private doctor (in person) who will  be appointed for the Tribunal and by the way, any information from Cambian relating to the Tribunal would be most appreciated from yourselves.   By the way, my daughter has agreed to see the doctor for the Tribunal and this I have in writing and also this is witnessed.


What is most upsetting to me is there is a complete lack of communication towards me by the team at Cambian and exclusion as a mother simply because you as a team do not like me, so it would appear and all I have done is nothing but praise Cambian and beg and beg over and over again for my daughter to come to your hospital in the first instance because I thought she would be treated fairly and that you were the most caring organisation and especially after the cruel way my daughter was treated at the Bethlem where her face was covered in bruises when I visited and she was taken off 150mg – any doctor would agree this actually causes psychosis and so it is unjust that she is even on a Section in light of this.


The last comments my daughter said to me “Mum, please do whatever you can to help me  ……………….is not a strong person like you are”  “Mum, get me out of here (ref to Bethlem) I do not have much to leave behind in the hospital – lets go away – I want to go to Finland”  “I am prepared to go along with any assessment – just arrange it”. “I am happy to see the doctor for the tribunal”  

I look forward to hearing from you further and from Dr ………………. I am entitled to hear a full explanation from you as to your treatmeent of me as a mother”



I have heard no news about my forthcoming court dates and cannot wait for something to be sorted out.  It is truly heartbreaking – I do not wish to forever control my daughter’s life however the way the team have handled the whole situation is so apalling.  It is affecting my health and I know from what the other mothers have told me they are also suffering health problems as a result of stress they are going through.  I have taken it very very personally as there is nothing but a wall of silence from the team and you do not get any answers.  The Consultant Psychiatrist who has thankfully replaced the previous one temporarily has made out he is unaware of the ban but nothing has been put in place to change the current situation.   This will result in costly and unnecessary court action as I see this as bullying on their part.  You should be given a reason why you are banned/discouraged from contact with your own son/daughter but I am sure I am not alone here.  It is dishonest not to give a reason and write about someone behind their backs like no doubt they have done against me.  I am prepared to stand in front of the world’s press to  hear such a reason and for the public to judge me.  I would rather have the public to judge me than this team of so called professionals who if they do not like you they can write whatever they like.  If you so much as dare to challenge the care system which is shocking then they all gang up against you and I think I am doing the right thing to challenge the current care system as I have listened to other people and many are too afraid and I can see why.  I dread to think what it has been like for Elizabeth but I am thinking of ALL the patients stuck in the same situation and if noone speaks up then nothing will ever change and this is wrong. 


At the Bethlem Elizabeth spoke of staff watching her all the time and this sounds to me worse than prison and I lost count of how many times they threatened me some of the staff and seemed to get a kick out of their powers.  Of course they have everything to be worried about because I now want some answers – I want everything sorted out in court and feel that my case should be used as an example of what should be improved upon in terms of communication as all too often mothers and carers are cut out by the team like they are insignificant – you are treated like nothing and the team do not want you to know what is going on and so they manipulate the person under their care who is already drugged up to their necks and they can say nasty things about you behind your back and they should be accountable for what is written in their files and explain in front of the court.    In Elizabeth’s case – they have taken her away without hardly any warning, not allowing any time for the family to say goodbye. I was not opposed to Elizabeth getting away as she had been allowed to mix in wrong company and I had trouble on  my doorstep.

To the team my daughter is just another number and I am sure not all the staff are bad but they way they have dealt with me shows that they have a lot to learn.  It seems to be a problem at the top of the care system – the more powerful and higher position within the NHS – this is where the corruption lies and I AM STILL WAITING FOR MR HEAFIELD TO REPLY TO MY LETTER.  I will make it my aim to catch up with Mr Heafield and then he can reply to me in person and I want better letters from the entire Government and have written again as I am not satisfied.

Shortly I am going down to the local Mind Store where I  have  left my petition and am offering money for each page of signatures as I do NOT want to be ignored by this Government. 

Out of all these funded carers groups none have done anything to set up Open Dialogue, including patients (not like Cambian 4 Star Wards who say they involve patients when they have no involvement in the running of the wards – if they did have then I would not be complaining) and they should make the patients feel worthy and useful which they are.  The patients should be involved in the running of such wards in my opinion.  It does not matter if they do not have the qualifications.  The patients have a greater understanding of what someone is going through and could help others and help themselves too in their capacity of caring as many of these patients have more caring ability than the staff I  have witnessed.  These patients could be earning some money and this could lead to them getting better instead of being left on the scrap heap. 


If I was running an alternative care centre I would not hesitate to draft in some of the former patients I know as they have lots to offer and are the most decent people who should be given credit in the press but the press are biased. When is a newspaper going to publicise the dangers of the mind altering drugs and the way the patients are treated on Enforced Treatment Orders.  I would be more than  happy to write myself about this injustice. The newspapers I have approached have said they are interested in hearing from the patients but what about those like  my daughter who are not able to speak and what about when you have overwhelming evidence in writing – they seem more worried about being sued and I have been threatened myself for what! – for speaking the truth!  I am not afraid of their threats and see this as a form of abuse and bullying.  I would rather speak the truth any day than lie like so many of these so called professionals who just go along with their superiors for the sake of their jobs.  It is a lie to say you have to be on the drugs for the rest of your life – some of the diagnoses are doubtful because proper assessments are not carried out and that is why I cannot accept the diagnoses as they stand.  There are several and I will accept a diagnosis only when Dr Walsh has carried out his tests properly and then a proper treatment can be established.  Anyway, it shall be interesting now as the Consultant Psychiatrist from Cambian 4 Star Wards should have the book from Dr Walsh called Nutrient Power which I would fully recommend.  I have made sure that the forms are correctly completed as by the sounds of it he is plugging Clozapine!  I made sure I documented thoroughly the shocking side-affects my daughter has suffered which would have been played down I am sure.  You have only got to look at the video Clozapine not Clozaril to see what shocking effects this chemical has. Also I can put people in touch with the patients who have been put on this harmful drug if no-one believes me.  Anyway this psychiatrist has promised me that I may have the assessment by Dr Walsh which I am prepared to pay for even though Dr Walsh has said it will cost nothing as his orgnisation “The Walsh Institute” is a charity.   This Government should offer a donation to Dr Walsh and invite him  over to set up a nationwide proper assessment project as soon as possible or they should come to the next Chy Sawel Conference in June.   I could not be more happy about the prospect of a proper assessment and cannot wait to get things moving.  As Richard Branson said you must not sit around waiting for a present –   well I am not – in fact his words are very encouraging to me and make me even more determined. I am doing something about this unsatisfactory situation and challenging the shocking care and I have the backing of lots of people who are likewise unhappy and wish to have their say as well.  Unfortunately it takes more than just speaking but a successful petition is a way for sure of being heard by a Government who does not care to listen.   Meanwhile, Mr Hunt has not even had the courtesy to reply to my letter.  I can soon hand deliver a letter to him straight from work and that way he will have no excuse that he has not received my letter.   On Twitter just now I have slated the Conservative Government for not caring about mental health when so much money is wasted.   There are too many people doing nothing except complaining and now I am getting impatient with everything and want some action.  As I have said I have brilliant representation in court and witnesses to top it all.  I am also trying to raise money for Chy Sawel as I would like them set up.

I also hope to go over to the States to have a look at the wonderful alternative care centres or Finland,  Tornio where they have decent care unlike here.  Elizabeth wants to go to Finland and she was very happy over there and I intend to take her to Finland and then I can write at first hand all about the wonderful care on offer over there. 

Soon it is Elizabeth’s Birthday and I do not know what to get for her as I doubt I shall be going to Wales.   I wish I could get a celebrity chef to go and visit Cambian as this is what my daughter wanted to do from a young age and when I last spoke to Elizabeth she said she was enjoying cooking at Cambian.    Unfortunately staff do not even tell you what they have going on – there is nothing but a wall of complete and utter silence.  You do not get shown the slightest thing apart from a tiny box room where you are allowed to sit with a member of staff virtually standing over you listening to every word.  This is what I see as care under Cambian – like prison – even more tight security and control than the Bethlem and that is saying something – I would describe the Bethlem as Colditz!  – I have never seen such a shocking place since I visited a well-known theme park attraction which could well have been based upon the reality of care under the prison camp.   It would have been nice if a member of staff were to tell you about activities, pick up the phone and speak to you and let you know what they are doing, how my daughter is doing, if there is any problems – it is all one-sided this so called care and it is breach of human rights to control to this degree someone’s life and then make out it is what that person wishes when they are in a confused state of mind drugged up to their necks on Clozapine.  I would describe the care in the UK are truly awful, wicked and cruel.   They have torn my family apart and it is the previous consultant psychiatrist I believe who wanted to get at me this person and who is hurting my younger daughter too and this is unforgiveable in my opinion.    I want this consultant psychiatrist to be present in court and I want everything out in the open.  The public have a right to know what is going on.   Under the Data Protection Act I should be entitled to see what is written about me personally but at the Bethlem they refrained from giving me the important papers relating to when they banned me and labelled me as being aggressive and threatening and these surely contain my name in – where are these papers – I should be allowed to see what has been written about me behind my back.   I already know some of what I need to know – the level of drugs.  This was all I wanted to see and they  had to tell me as my daughter gave consent verbally in front of the staff and this is why I got labelled threatening as I managed to get to hear what drugs they had given her which she did not even know herself.  I can imagine what they have written about me behind my back because I have the bulk of the files and have read some shocking things by doctors who have never even met me.  It is guesswork on their part and if my daughter did not want to see me again how come she says “there is no place like home”    – she misses her home and family but there was not suitable care or enough support and that is failing on the part of social services and the Government who should step in with funding to support the victims of the pharmaceutical industry who have been used as human guinea pigs – a shocking practise allowed by law in the UK and who have been made so ill they can hardly walk, hardly a threat to the public – these young people have been ruined and I blame the whole care system and the law laid down by an uncaring Government who are wasting so much of public money when mental health affects so many and the answer is clearly not drug pushing and labelling but proper assessments as I am about to have done hopefully and also the inclusion of families.     

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