My daughter is diagnosed as being “treatment resistant”.  Miles away from home she is now in a private sector run hospital which she describes as like a “four star hotel” –  this for one shows that there needs to be improvements on the normal acute wards and I think they should only be used short term in any case.

However, what is so cruel is the control and manipulation of patients who are drugged up on high dosages of dangeorus drugs and I am so upset – why is my daughter being given such drugs when she is “treatment resistant” – at 800mg a day that to me is high but I know from some mothers that is low compared to what their sons are on – one told me 1300mg a day and some have been experimented on under the Bethlem with dangerous chemicals – all of this experimentation is going on for nothing when I have seen an advertisement that pays thousands of pounds for people to go and volunteer.  This is different.  If people are willing to do that all well and good but it is very wrong to use the likes of my daughter and drug them to the point they do not even know what they are taking.  To ignore a pre-signed Advanced Statement in itself is deceitful but it seems this deceit is widespread because it is as though not many people challenge matters.  The patients are not in a position to challenge – they are too drugged up.  Most carers and mothers are too afraid. 

Mr Hunt wants to encourage whistleblowers – well the whole system needs changing and he needs to visit Tornio in Finland in my opinion.  Why not give Open Dialogue and Holistic Care a change – at least lets try this on a trial basis.  Why not get the experts together who want to see change like Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Dr William Walsh and Professor David Healy.  There are others too – too many to mention but it would seem that many just allow themselves to be dragged along in an evil inhumane system of care without any thought.

If I did not work full time, if I had all day to think about this, it would have the effect of making me ill too.  However I am able to focus on what is happening and switch off where necessary. 

I am now waiting to see if I can actually spend some time with my daughter that has been deprived so long.  I have been told by Cambian all sanctions have been lifted and this is because they have nothing on me to indicatea reason why.  I think it was pure dislike by one member of the team who is in power and who could influence the rest to follow.  I have seen the reactions of some of the staff – they are not all bad –  they  have to go along with the orders of those in senior authority or else they could lose their jobs.  Some have not been able to look me in the face properly and you can tell they feel awkward about what they are having to do.  

Mr Hunt wants to encourage whistleblowers but I think he needs to look at Finland and take their example.  He is wasting his time there – I personally think it is extremely brave of anyone to stand up to injustice –    Mr Hunt needs to look at a law that does not protect the most weakest and vulnerable people and also at complaints procedures that have done NOTHING in my case at all.



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