I was not happy with the response from Mr Clegg or Mr Cameron.   As for Mr Hunt, he has not even had the decency to reply.  I have been writing to him via Twitter and intend to go down on a day off from work to deliver a copy of the wonderful book by Dr William Walsh called Nutrient Power.

Anyway here is yet another standard letter to add to my collection:

“I am writing on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of 20 January, in which you request a meeting with him.

I am sorry that due to the pressures on Mr Clegg’s schedule it is not possible to arrange a meeting at this time.

I hope that you will appreciate that the Home Office is the best placed to respond to the matters you raise.  I have been asked to forward your letter to them so that they may reply to you directly.

Thank you once again for writing.”


I have called many times to try and get to see someone higher than my local MP who told me he could not help.  When your local MP cannot help you it is disgusting in my opinion that noone can help and I have taken time off on holiday to go down there to discuss the important issues of my daughter’s care that affects so many.  However it would appear that noone could care less and as soon as mental health is mentioned these politicians hide and do not want to know.  There is so much money being wasted and especially under the mental health and there should be protection to people like my daughter who has a new diagnosis “chronic treatment resistant”.  This is rubbish!  – I do not believe anyone is treatment resistant and there are no centres where my daughter can go in and be reduced off these rubbish chemicals that do not work. 

I have spoken to the new psychiatrist at Cambian and expressed my concerns over the large dosage and the fact my daughter has told me that the team are being quite pushy in getting her to do things.  Yes it is important that someone can do things before they are released from hospital and placed in the community however I do not think it is the right way to go about things.  This kind of pushiness did not work in the scheme –  when someone is on a huge dosage of drugs how on earth do they know how that person must be feeling.  When I have telephoned at the weekend Elizabeth was in bed in the afternoon.  Some people might say that is lazy – however I see things very differently and have listened to what other patients have to say – patients who have been on these shocking mind altering drugs.  They have a sedatory effect and leave that person incapable of doing much at all.   It is a nightmare to see Elizabeth like this – at one time I tried so hard to take her away from what I could see a detrimental environment.    Twice I tried to intervene – I got her a job whilst she was a patient on the ward – a job that involved her going to the day centre where my elderly father was taken as Elizabeth liked to care for other weaker people.  I tried to get her a job working with animals which was therapeutic – I also took her to college, took her to running clubs and special Olympics which benefitted me too as I had decided I wanted a new career in the Police force.  I was very impressed with the training on offer at the disabled running club and used to take a few others and I was also impressed with the scheme and staff involved.  If only Elizabeth was sent there instead of the other scheme – this was for mentally handicapped and I felt that this would have been much safer as well as nearer to home and noone listened.   Elizabeth used to stay at weekends and during the week was on the ward – that was some time ago now but the more drugs that got pushed on Elizabeth the more she deteriorated.  Not one drug has worked and then more and more diagnoses were given and when I asked for proof of these diagnoses I got nothing.   I am all the more puzzled when you read articles like this one:

 http://goforthegold.psychiatrictimes.com     This just sums up the care – I have seen one diagnosis after another given – this is ridiculous however there are so many diagnoses to choose from in the DSM.  It is very profitable to come up with a diagnosis and put someone like my daughter on mind altering LSD like drugs you cannot just come off.  I want to know from Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr Hunt why there is no centres set up where someone can be reduced safely off prescribed drugs if they are experiencing terrible side effects or are treatment resistant.  What is the point in pushing drug after drug at someone.  I am all the more furious with these politicians for allowing the experimentation at the Bethlem to go on whilst they rake in money from the drugs manufacturing companies and use vulnerable patients as human guinea pigs.  Where is the law to protect my daughter.  I as a mother want some answers and I am in touch with many others who want answers too.  When I asked for appointments to see Mr Clegg to discuss the shocking care in place, I would have brought along many other mothers.  It is not just me.   

I now more then ever want Chy Sawel set up, Soteria, Root and Branch.  At least in the States there are several alternative care centres.   I would also be prepared to take my daughter to Finland for decent care and as everything has failed and my daughter is treatment resistant I believe that The Government should do something and stop the pushing of these drugs and offer holistic care centres as choice to everyone if they so wish.  By pushing these drugs, this will put a burden on the NHS further as not only do they cause obesity, diabetes and body organ failure –  this so called care will cost even more and put more strain on the NHS if something is not done and what a waste of taxpayers money.   All three of them should be accountable and I would personally like to face them and question what are they going to do about this terrible situation that affects so many.   If they do nothing then they do not deserve to be in power.   


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