After a spell of silence I have been bombarded with letters from Cambian – copies have been sent by email to both work email address and home plus a hard copy in  the post.

So, the latest is the “ban and sanctions” imposed against me have miraculously been lifted.  Could that be because I was well and truly willing to take Cambian to court?   It is horrible to have to think along these lines when all you want is fairness and communication, not exclusion to the point you are told absolutely nothing and that is not what Elizabeth wants.  It is what the team want as they would appear to be afraid of something.    If things were more open and if only things in the UK were like in Tornio, Finland I would not have one complaint to make and neither would all the other mothers I am in touch with who are likewise being treated just the same as me because they have dared to question and speak out.  

It is not my imagination what has been going on – the whole experience has been nothing but a nightmare and I gain little comfort from knowing that I am not alone here and this kind of abuse is widespread.

It would seem that a team can do whatever they like and get away with it.  When you are dealing with people who are mentally ill who on earth could doubt a team of professionals.  Then again if you are a mother of someone stuck under such a cruel and abusive system and dare to speak out this is how you get treated.  All the time the team have been communicating with the rest of the family – dont forget that to begin with I was not complaining at all about this hospital and was in favour and praising them –  however I am deeply suspicious what if any are their links to the Maudsley?

There is no decent complaints procedure and this is why so called professionals can get away with so much.   It would appear the staff all stick together and the one decent and good member of staff disappeared at the Bethlem Hospital and that was the social worker.  For once I came across a social worker I could only describe as excellent.   Suddenly he disappeared, supposedly off sick.   I have hardly had any contact with social workers apart from when they have tried to take me to court to get rid of me as Nearest Relative.   

So, the letter I have states that such sanction as was imposed upon me for which I have proof in writing, has been lifted and that I had been told this on more than one occasion (THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!)   I keep thorough records of everything and the first I heard was when I telephoned Cambian and spoke to the Consultant Psychiatrist and received nothing in writing prior to this.  I am not a mind reader but what was obvious was that my daughter throughout this ban on their part had been texting me constantly.  It is obvious the team of Cambian played a part in discouraging her from contact – Here is the evidence:

Father invited to 1st Tribunal – solicitors kept in the lurch and then displaced.

Manager’s meeting –  arranged day off – they then came up with another date and I had to fit in at short notice then at the  last minute they refused the files to my solicitors.

The doctors do not like to mention anything other than the 300mg of Clozapine.  FACT IS THEY ARE GIVING ON TOP 500mg OFF LABEL OF METFORMINE –  I queried the reason for this and they say it is for weight loss.  On one occasion I found out that a nurse had given something else on top to calm my daughter down.    WHAT ARE THEY DOING!  WHY IS IT ALLOWED TO GIVE A DRUG THAT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED OR APPROVED FOR THE PURPOSE OF WHICH IT IS BEING GIVEN?   I shall be putting that question to Mr Hunt on Twitter!

The Tribunal was not a success and my daughter totally confused and felt she had to go along with the team who SUGGESTED IT WAS BETTER FOR HER TO HAVE A WELSH FIRM!  This is meddling in the legal process in my opinion and then on top of this I found out that ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH were trying once again (2nd time) to replace me as Nearest Relative. 

Now it is my turn to have the Tribunal and you can have an independent doctor at this Tribunal.  I have appointed one but so far my daughter has failed to give her new Welsh solicitors recommended by Cambian clear instructions yet she has given both verbal and written instructions to the rest of the family.  Now the Tribunal is up in the air.  Apparently this is a common problem and I am not alone here –  I know of others who are having their Tribunals meddled with and delayed.

How can the law protect people like my daughter under a system where abuse is rife.

I have had many letters from other mothers and patients but to some it up in words I would agree with one other mother THIS SICK PERVERSE SYSTEM OF CONTROLLING OUR SICK CHILDREN SHOULD CEASE.   I met with a mother today who is very unhappy and there seems to be more and more who have become so unhappy to the point they are willing to be outspoken and stand up for the rights of their sons/daughters.

I am going to ask for some home leave today for Elizabeth and now that the sanctions have been lifted there should be no excuse for Cambian to say no – my daughter was fine when she came down with 2 escorts.  The escorts did not leave her side and stayed from start to finish of the party I arranged, that of course did not apply to the rest of the family who were left alone.  Apparently according to the Consultant Psychiatrist these escorts ( who by the way I have nothing against) gave a good report back to the Consultant Psychiatrist about the home, family friends etc.  I believe such orders must be coming from top level management rather than just the nursing staff – like at the Bethlem they are just following orders.

Cambian is causing a divide in the family ———–this does more harm than good to someone ill like my daughter and is of no benefit to her but I believe that no matter how much a team tries to hide things – THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT IN THE END THANK GOD.    I just wish there was more openness and honesty under the mental health and that whether a team like you or not they give you the benefit of the doubt.  I had nothing against someone coming to look at my home etc but now this  has been seen and in light of a divide in which I as Nearest Relative have been treated as opposed to rest of family, I believe changes need to be made.



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