Yesterday I received a letter from the Consultant Psychiatrist at Cambian to say the supervised phone calls were being stopped and so are the escorted leave restrictions.  Suddenly Cambian no longer wish to impose all these sanctions against me – I wonder why.  Is this because I requested all the file under Data Protection with my name on it?  or could it be because I am willing to take matters to court?  – the other thing is it could also be the fact that I am happy to publicise matters. 

What has been going on highlights the need for change in the current care system in my opinion.  The secrecy, exclusion and controls breach human rights.

Anyway, the consultant psychiatrist is allowing the assessment by Dr Walsh and I have today contacted Dr Walsh.  I then spoke to my daughter over the telephone.

My daughter only appears to know the christian name of her solicitor, not the name of the firm.  This firm replaced one she had previously and was recommended by the team of Cambian.  They were the ones who persuaded my daughter to change her solicitors stating it was best since she was in Wales and this is what  my daughter told me.  However the local firm of solicitors were pushed out by the team yet were prepared to represent my daughter in Wales.  This is all wrong –  no hospital should recommend either solicitors or have close associations with advocates.  I could see what was going on at the Maudsley with Rethink who were far from independent and completely manipulated by the consultant psychiatrist. 

My daughter sounded calm over the phone.  It was quite early yet she was going to bed – sometimes she is in bed during the day –  it seems like the quantity of these drugs have the effect of making her tired and certainly confused that is for sure.   When asked if she  had a telephone number for her solicitors she said it was in the office so she believed.   Tonight she told me she was completely confused by what her solicitor was trying to say and could not explain it properly to me.  What I am concerned about is that my daughter should have a completely independent person go and visit –  no advocates that receive Government funding should be trusted in my opinion.  I would rather someone from a local church go and visit her because it is important that Elizabeth understands as this will delay the Tribunal and then Cambian will start to use this situation to try and justify the fact that my daughter needs more time to decide when all along she is so mixed up and confused.    They probably gave up with the ban as Elizabeth was constantly texting me and if I was to show the phone full of text messages it would look ridiculous in court.

I have been told I can visit, she is allowed home visits and I have wasted no time in contacting Dr Walsh. 

Dr Walsh will be attending the next Chy Sawel Conference.  This is the kind of care I would like to see up and running – holistic care and humane care unlike what is currently in place throughout the UK. 

I cannot wait to see my daughter and hope to come down in March but am trying to get other family members to be available at the same time and then perhaps I can take Elizabeth out as I wanted to take her on a nice train ride last time and this was refused.  I also got refused permission to have her at the hotel where I stayed for a nice meal.   How often do I come and visit and I have not been treated the same as the rest of the family which is all wrong.   None of this kind of behaviour on the part of the team is of any benefit to Elizabeth and could affect her wellbeing.


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