There is nothing more upsetting than seeing the person you care about being admitted time and time again and not getting any better but this is understandable if you ever take a look at the acute wards and awful atmosphere and lack of things to do – nothing at weekends and there is just so much missing.  Animals are more therapeutic and I read a former patient’s comments about the Bethlem and how that person looked forward to when dogs were included in therapy.  Apparently that was the only good thing on offer.

I started to research the internet in search of something better and found several places in America such as Alternative to Meds and Earth House – there is nothing decent over here at all that compares to this or what is available in Tornio, Finland where I would personally like to take my daughter but then suddenly, I came across Star Wards and Cambian and was filled with hope.   On their website http://www.cambiangroup.com/mental_health_rehabilitation – an article dated 15th February 2011 there is a glowing report.   I then started to beg for my daughter to go somewhere I saw as wonderful but got nowhere by the team at Enfield who stipulated it was down to money yet I pointed out that with all the admissions they may save money if they sent Elizabeth there and perhaps she needed to get away from the local area.  Still they refused.

So, Star Wards is a project which works with mental health services and Trusts to enhance mental health inpatients’ daily experiences and treatment outcomes.  This certainly is a glowing report with the words excellence, therapeutic, stimulating and enjoyable mentioned. 

“It’s had a far-reaching effect on staff and patients alike”    –  You can say that again – I am experiencing such far-reaching effects right now!    They also praise themselves for “we are not just interested in patients’ health problems.  We care about all their daily experiences and want to make their time with us as enjoyable and as valuable as possible.”    The idea was devised by a former mental health service user who I will decline in  mentioning her name but certainly this was what attracted me more than anything else as I truly believe that the involvement of other former patients could be most beneficial , those who have recovered.

I was also excited to read that Cambian have the following exciting things going on:

Buddy systems, guitar lessons, dog walking, clients’ participation in interviews for new staff, visits to the local golf range, pets to care for, from red tailed kites to tortoises, incentive schemes to encourage participation, greem gym, where exercise is mixed with conseration activities, TIPIY – (taking pride and interest in yourself), Exercise plans developed for when clients leave the unit, hairdressing salons, unit holidays, multi-faith rooms, clients show visitors round, community meetings for exchange of ideas.

Apparently EVERY established Cambian Hospital has receied a Full Monty Award.

Apparently Cambian have won Specialist Care Provider of the Year (2012) selected by a panel of 18 distinguished judges from across the Health & Investment sector.

The judges commented the Cambian entry demonstrated:

Consistent development of innovative services and excellent performance, high quality bespoke rehab serices, good outcomes, remarkable business growth amongst other things and Roger Black MBE hosted the Awards and Jeremy Wiles, Group Buisness Development Director collected the award on behalf of Cambian Group.  

Well you can see from all of this above why I so wanted my daughter to go somewhere where I felt she would get better unlike the local acute wards.   Now, however I am seeing the reality of what is really going on behalf closed doors and how you get treated if you dare to speak the truth.  I families were included and personal views based on previous reports not taken into account in a biased manner then that would be good.  There was no dispute between myself and Cambian in the first instance but it would seem that they are the ones who have a grudge against me as a mother and are not treating me the same as the rest of the family.   This argues the case for openness and honesty within teams and inclusion of family/carers as well as proper communication.    Cambian have failed to communicate with me and have excluded me now on more than one occasion.

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