The recent visit by Elizabeth to see the rest of the family was arranged several weeks ago.  I found out about this the day before when I spoke to Elizabeth before her Birthday.

The comments above were said not to Elizabeth but her sister and I think it is all wrong what is going on and Cambian, far from creating a good basis for Elizabeth to get well are causing a divide in the family.   Yes, I have recently become outspoken against Cambian but to begin with my outspokenness was aimed at the Bethlem as I had come to visit and seen my daughter’s face absolutely covered in bruises and there may have been an innocent explanation for this.  I had two conflicting reports on how this happened from Elizabeth herself and that makes the whole incident highly suspicious and then to be told by the Lead Nurse “I am happy with that” – then the Ward Manager contacted me with regards my complaint and asked me when the bruising occurred as she had not witnessed any of this bruising.  So, as you can see I had things to complain about with the previous hospital and was delighted Elizabeth had been transferred away from there even though it was a long distance away in Wales.   As a mother all I wanted was for her to live a safe and happy independent life although I now question whether she can ever be independent again.   There has been so much experimentation on Elizabeth now with around 14 drugs and now she is on quite a high dosage but that is nothing compared to what some of the mothers tell me.  Another mother in a similar position says her son is on 1300mg of drugs – another mother also reports extremely high levels of drugs being given to her son.   These mothers are just a couple out of several I am in touch with and how many are stuck in a totally inhumane system on never ending treatment orders even though they are of no risk to the public.  How much is all this costing the public when the NHS is suffering with cut-backs and closures of A&E and downgrading of hospitals.  Surely, if a certain area of care is not working (bearing in mind the expense of keeping such people forever in hospital where they will never get better) something should be done about it.  This inhumane care is shocking and costing an absolute fortune together with the pushing of such drugs which must cost a fortune.  If a patient complains of terrible side effects they are just ignored.  A patient is left to languish on a ward and left to go downhill because noone could care less.  

There is a lot of secrecy behind closed doors under mental health care especially at an establishment like the Maudsley which not only I but others have exposed as a Research Hospital that do enforced drugging.  

The problem is that the Consultant Psychiatrist at Cambian sounded very pro the Maudsley and described it as being a worldwide renowned leading hospital.  I felt quite a bit of hostility towards me by this psychiatrist –  this psychiatrist I felt did not like me from the beginning and when I asked for leave just to take Elizabeth out on a visit – this was denied.  The Tribunal date for Elizabeth was kept secret even from her solicitors who I later found out had been replaced by a Welsh firm.  Apparently Elizabeth was told it would be best for her to have a Welsh Firm now she is in Wales.  The Tribunal of course failed and I as Nearest Relative have been totally excluded by the team at Cambian Healthcare.  Aparently her father was invited to the Tribunal and someone from Enfield Mental Health was there too but I was not invited to this.   The Hospital Meeting is something that I should have been included for as Nearest Relative but then I got to find out that Enfield Mental Health were yet again trying to replace me as Nearest Relative and my daughter was being discouraged from contact with me.  That was obvious – once when I phoned I could tell that the conversation was awkward and she said she was on 15 minute watch (which the team deny).  I was suspicious bearing in mind the phone forever seemed to be charging in the office and asked her if someone was telling her not to have contact with me.  To this she replied yes but when I asked whom by she said she could not say.  It was as though people were listening in to the conversation – how terrible this all is!

There have have been other instances which I cannot say in this blog at the moment that lead me to believe that is something very bad going on at Cambian Healthcare and the law is failing my daughter.  All I want to see is fairness and regard for human rights.  I see only too well that psychiatry is a very powerful profession and one where psychiatrists can use the law to suit themselves.  It is no wonder I have seen so many smiling at meetings – they are above the law that is for sure and they can also say that a patient has full mental capacity when it suits them, when that is not the case.   For instance I believe they are stalling the Tribunal by trying to make out Elizabeth wants more time to think before seeing the independent doctor.   As for the Advocates – they are supposed to be independent but it is laughable they are controlled by the team – – everyone is controlled and the advocates do not have a say in the Tribunal in any case.

I have been writing to Mr Hunt direct requesting him to look into matters, not just for my daughter but for so many trapped in such a never-ending prison sentence of forced drugging. 

All I want is a proper assessment and the new consultant psychiatrist promised that as long as I pay for it.  With a proper assessment done by Dr Walsh who has done extensive research and has a book called Nutrient Power detailing this, I would be prepared to go along with any recommended treatment.  Not one of these doctors truly cares about my daughter – drugging patients up to their necks on harmful chemicals is not the answer – this leads to long term health problems and a further strain to the NHS.  

Why can’t the Government just get involved and invite Dr Tracy, Dr Walsh, Professor Healy to ge together to set up alternative care centres in rural areas for the patients where the care currently on offer has dismally failed.   Many of these patients can barely walk, can barely function, have become a shadow of their former self.  The drugs are a waste of money if they do not work and that, according to Dr Walsh is dependant on what bio type they are.  This care works as I have spoken to some mothers who have seen such benefits for their sons/daughters.  For those who are OK on the drugs and wish to continue then that choice is fine.  What I am saying is at the moment there is no choice and the care should be based on an individual basis as everyone is different.  Some patients may have underlying health problems and will never get better and show no improvement on the drugs – it is these patients I am talking about that should be considered for the alternative care centres giving holistic care and for those who are experiencing the most shocking side effects on the drugs and are forced to carry on taking them.

I am currently waiting for a letter from Cambian who have verbally told me the supervised phone calls and escorted leave no longer apply.  Perhaps they gave up!  All along Elizabeth has been in contact with me by text messages which I can prove – I have deliberately not been in contact so that Cambian cannot accuse me of going against their rules.       “You are still my Mum – I will call the police on them”  –  however from what I read, the Police already have to do more than their share because of incompetence by Crisis Teams who fail to get involved when it comes to visiting a patient in distress living in the community -I think they just stay away and leave it for the Police to bring someone in either voluntarily or on a section back to hospital and to think the police record hospital as being a safe place well I can vouch for the fact it is not.     

I believe that the NHS would save a lot for essential services such as A&E if the failing mental health section was completely overhauled and a look at what Chy Sawel, Soteria and Root & Branch Projects have to offer could stop long term and persistent non-recovery of patients  – I witnessed the same patients returning to the acute wards time and time again and this is where it is a waste of public money and  as for care in the community – well that is also failing in many cases and the reason because patients become isolated in the community or simply cannot cope due to long stays in hospital and high levels of drugs making them unable to function.  There is also lack of communication between teams too. 


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