Today is my daughter’s 26th Birthday and I will not be seeing her.   Apparently, unknown to me, it had been arranged by the team weeks ago that she could visit the rest of the family (I am yet again excluded yet again).   I sent her a parcel which she received yesterday and I spoke to her yesterday several times yesterday – she contacted me.

Elizabeth is on an enforced Treatment Order at Cambian Healthcare and has been moved miles away from home and I wish for a full enquiry into what is going on not just for my sake but for many other patients and carers who are experiencing such control and manipulation of the legal system.  I am bitter that she is even on such a Treatment Order after the Bethlem caused psychosis in her by taking her off 150 mg Seroquel – how very cruel to do this and I am extremely bitter towards this hospital and that Professor Murray offered a drug free period of assessment in writing and this was not carried out.

Elizabeth has been deprived of contact from me by Cambian – at first the phone was charging in the office for what seemed weeks on end and when I complained I received a letter  that I am allocated 1 slot a week to phone at 6pm on Mondays (supervised only) and also escorted leave at my daughter’s wishes.   A PACK OF ABSOLUTE LIES!   I am well and truly prepared to prove all of this in a court of law.

I do not think I have been treated nicely at all by the team at Cambian.  This private hospital won Best Care Provider 2012 and I was relieved when Elizabeth was sent there as the NHS has failed my daughter completely – their care for mental health patients is primarily drug pushing and this is continuing at Cambian who have done nothing to change the shocking prescription of 300mg Clozapine and 500mg Metformine supposedly being given for weight loss – how on earth can it be possible that drugs are allowed to be given this way when they are not approved!  Where is the law to protect patients like my daughter. 

The Tribunals have been manipulated by the team, not just at Cambian but at the Maudsley – her London solicitors replaced and Elizabeth was told it was best she had a Welsh Firm.  Drugged up to her neck on sedatory “medication”  Elizabeth has complained of feeling very confused and mixed and that she has felt under pressure by the team to do whatever they say.

I have seen the way the team control my daughter and how I have been excluded and denied contact against human rights.  The team have failed to communicate and try and work with me bearing in mind I was overjoyed she was sent to Cambian and felt she needed to make a fresh start in life – the area for one as London is not a good area to be in when someone is suffering from anxiety, severe stress – mostly caused by the drugs as before going on all of these Elizabeth was a calm person and placid.

Anyway, the problem is the Elizabeth is not of any risk to the public but she cannot look after herself and I cannot see the benefit of this hospital holding her for months/years on end making her even more dependent on staff but then this is what provides them with work and money. If they are not prepared to allow her to have the proper assessment by Dr Walsh and holistic care then I do not want her any longer at this hospital.   Holding on to a patient, trying to make out they are not well enough to even visit or stay for 1 night with the family is nonsense.  They are worried that the patient may not wish to return and on returning they may be faced with problems as that person is homesick.  It could also be that they do not wish for anything to be revealed and that is why I think they do not allow Elizabeth to be in my company for any length of time unescorted as constantly staff are expected to listen and report back to senior  management as they did at Xmas.

If someone is too ill to be allowed time to spend at Xmas with family it hardly makes sense to me to bring that person down for a couple of hours and drag them all the way back again, this seems cruel to me if anything.

So, the first Tribunal (my daughter’s) was a failure,  the hospital manager’s meeting was called off because the team refused my solicitors the file and now this ……………………my Tribunal as Nearest Relative is being delayed.  Elizabeth has told family members she is happy to see the independent doctor and I want this to go ahead.  I would have no objection to Elizabeth staying at Cambian as a voluntary patient but this is not what the team want.  They want her on a section so they have absolute control over her and power.  This means that Elizabeth is being denied under the new law in Wales a reduction in drugs and more therapeutic/holistic care and now the consultant psychiatrist seems to be trying to delay an assessment by Dr Walsh by saying “she needs more time to think about this”    All this is absolute nonsense.  Elizabeth wants the assessment – this should be given to ALL the patients because the drugs being pushed day in day out will affect their long term health –  it is alright for them to experiment on dangerous drugs (some not even approved for the purpose – as in the case of Metformine) so what harm could it be to give a proper assessment through Dr Walsh and he did say as long as I pay for this it would be allowed.    Not only that, I think they are trying to delay the Tribunal as well – talk about manipulation!   By saying a patient is refusing to see a doctor they get away with this and that is why there are so many patients being kept at huge huge expense in establishments all over the country on enforced treatment orders – the taxpayer is paying for this and they are persuaded by one sided reports in the press. The press are not printing the truth that so many of these patients are of NO DANGER to the public and are being held against their wishes and forced to take drugs without any choice available.  Absolute abuse is going on and noone is doing anything about it.   However I know of so many people upset by the whole care system and they want change.  I see that change in the form of groups like Chy Sawel and Root and Branch – why not allow such groups to give care to people like my daughter – anything is better than an acute ward which for some patients is simply not working and that also goes for the drugs and there needs to be a proper look at the research of Dr William Walsh in my opinion.   The consultant psychiatrist has returned the book of Dr Walsh and forms which I have already sent off.  I intend to personally deliver this book to 10 Downing Street.

Whilst I am pleased Elizabeth is not in hospital for her Birthday I am also sad – it is the first birthday I have not seen my daughter and the last comment that Elizabeth made to me was when I asked if she was happy “I feel up and down, Mum – I do not feel happy”.     How can anyone feel happy when a team involves themselves to such an extent like this, causing a divide in the whole family. This is detrimental to Elizabeth being pushed and pulled about by all the teams involved.   For anyone who feels that my outspokenness has had a part to play in all of this – I would dispute this as from the beginning I was full of praise thinking Cambion offered the most unique care involving patients –  I am now seeing the true reality unfortunately and feel even more strongly that change is needed in the whole care system under mental health such as in Finland with the Open Dialogue Approach. 

  1. wanda sim said:

    Please do not despair it is not only happening to you.Please read: YOUR DRUGS MAYBE YOUR PROBLEM HOW AND WHY TO STOP TAKING PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION. By Dr Peter Breggin and M.D. David Cohen.I will come to 10 downing street with you.In 1900, Mrs Rachel Grant Smith was denied her liberty and sectioned to an Asylum for 12 years until 2 doctors proved her sane. SHE WAS ABLE TO TELL HER STORY BY WRITING A BOOK. Has much changed? DENYING SOMEONE THEIR LIBERTY IS A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION.Pharmaceutical companies need to be accountable and we need to become more aware of what is happening. THIS MUST STOP.We have withdrawal Centres for Street DrugsWe have withdrawal Centres for AlcoholWhat we do not have is withdrawal Centres for coming of Pharmaceutical drugs like anti depressants anti psychotics. drugs There is no clinical or scientific proof that they work.It is a chemical cosh and toxic poisoning.

  2. wanda sim said:

    Dear Sue, Please read YOUR DRUGS COULD BE YOUR PROBLEM HOW AND WHY TO STOP TAKING PSYCHIATRIC MEDICINE. BY DR PETER BREGGIN AND DAVID COHEN.THIS MUST STOP THIS DRUG CULTURE.WE HAVE WITHDRAWAL CENTRES FOR STREET DRUGS.WE HAVE WITHDRAWAL CENTRES FOR ALCOHOLWHAT WE DO NOT HAVE IS WITHDRAWAL CENTRES FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO STOP TAKING ANTI DEPRESSANTS AND ANTI PSYCHOTIC DRUGS.YOUR DAUGHTERS HUMAN RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED.In 1900, Mrs Rachel Grant Smith was denied her liberty and torn from her family and friends it took her 12 years to get out. Two Doctors finally deemed her sane and she was released.Shen then went on to tell her story hoping that the system would change.I wonder if peoples rights have changed much since then? Seems like we are going backwards.All the bestWanda

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