The Tribunal was meant to be before Xmas in December but this did not take place as there was a mix-up at the court.  I have been waiting for a date and so contacted my solicitors as it is now February.  I was dismayed by what I heard.

In the meantime after a wall of silence I had an email from Cambian.  In the email they requested some very personal information from me as regards my daughter.  Here is my response:

“Before divulging personal information which could put me in breach of confidentiality, I have a duty to speak to my daughter first in order to gain her consent.  However, Cambian have placed upon me restrictions – they have allocated supervised phone calls at a slot when I cannot telephone, ie 6 pm on Mondays (supervised only).  Cambian have restricted my time with my daughter – escorted leave, whereas this has not been done for the rest of the family.  When I have asked for reasons, I have been told by ………………..(Manager) that it is not because I amnot trusted.  I would therefore like a full explanation from you as the whole situation is unsatisfactory in my opinion.


I am most concerned at unfair/detrimental comments in the file about my character and under the Data Protection Act I am entitled to see everything relating to me personally, especially in light of comments by Dr ……………….. about “my past behaviour”.  I would like to know everything about this.


I would very much like a call from Dr ………………in relation to the book “Nutrient Power” I sent and proposed assessment by Dr Walsh.  Dr ……………….. has said he does not mind me having such an assessment as long as I am paying.  I am fully prepared to pay for this assessment and it is OK with Dr …………………. and so I am keen to get things moving.  It is also OK by my daughter who is happy to go along with this and I wish to proceed with this assessment as soon as possible.


Last of all, I would point out that my daughter misses me, misses home, misses her cat and is upset about the whole situation.  There are contradictory comments by Cambian and there needs to be a full investigation into matters if nothing is done about the whole situation.  I was originally delighted that my daughter had finally been given a place at Cambian where I thought you respected patients and took on board their wishes – well my daughter has made it clear she wanted family mediation and that does not mean excluding her mother because you as a team personally dislike and choose not to give me a reason why you are treating me like a criminal.  I also thought in Wales she would be entitled to holistic care under the new law, especially after all the experimentation of drugging that has gone on.  If you cotninue to say this is my daughter’s wish regarding the supervised ban on phone calls/visits then this needs to be said directly by my daughter to my solicitor and to the private doctor (in person) who will  be appointed for the Tribunal and by the way, any information from Cambian relating to the Tribunal would be most appreciated from yourselves.   By the way, my daughter has agreed to see the doctor for the Tribunal and this I have in writing and also this is witnessed.


What is most upsetting to me is there is a complete lack of communication towards me by the team at Cambian and exclusion as a mother simply because you as a team do not like me, so it would appear and all I have done is nothing but praise Cambian and beg and beg over and over again for my daughter to come to your hospital in the first instance because I thought she would be treated fairly and that you were the most caring organisation and especially after the cruel way my daughter was treated at the Bethlem where her face was covered in bruises when I visited and she was taken off 150mg – any doctor would agree this actually causes psychosis and so it is unjust that she is even on a Section in light of this.


The last comments my daughter said to me “Mum, please do whatever you can to help me  ……………….is not a strong person like you are”  “Mum, get me out of here (ref to Bethlem) I do not have much to leave behind in the hospital – lets go away – I want to go to Finland”  “I am prepared to go along with any assessment – just arrange it”. “I am happy to see the doctor for the tribunal”  

I look forward to hearing from you further and from Dr ………………. I am entitled to hear a full explanation from you as to your treatmeent of me as a mother”




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