I sent a letter asking the Government to personally look into matters regarding the mental health care that my daughter and so many others were experiencing.  I have received this reply:


“I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of 30 December.  Mr Cameron is most grateful for the time and trouble you have taken to get in touch about this issue.


I am afraid this Office is unable to assist you in this matter.  Your correspondence was dealt with by the Care Quality Commission who have responsibility for the matters you have raised.  The Department will have examined all aspects of your correspondence very carefully and I regret we are unable to add anything further to their reply.  I am sorry I cannot send a more helpful reply”

Signed “Correspondence Officer”

I have had a similar response from Nick Clegg’s Office. 

Here is the letter signed by Paul Barker – Assessor of the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman – this goes back to January 2012.

“you say that you do not accept your case is closed and consider your complaint is still open with us.   However I refer you to our letter dated 13th December 2011 which explains we have closed your case whilst local resolution continued.  This was because you were attending a meeting with the Trust and Local Authority to discuss your case. I understant this meeting has now taken place.  AS we explained, if you remain dissatisfied once the further work is concluded, you can ask us to consider any outstanding concerns in relation to the Trust’s actions.  As explained in our previous correspondence, if you  would like us to consider your case please confirm in writing what you and your daughter’s outstanding concerns are.  I understand that the Local Government Ombudsman has also written to you setting out their possition in relation to the actions of the Local Authority.  If you are still continuing with your efforts to obtain answers or actions from the Trust you should direct your concerns directly to your contact at the Trust prior to bringing your complaint back to us.

If you wish to complain about our decision to close your case whilst local resolution continued, pllease let me know and I will forward these concerns to our Review Team who consider complaints about our service.”

 The complaints procedure is like banging your head against the wall and you get nowhere.  It is no wonder why abuse towards patients and carers is allowed to continue as I am experiencing right now.  I have turned to the former Healthcare Commission about a very serious incident that happened to my daughter in hospital and the Trust tried to get out of things as she was a “voluntary patient”.  I cannot talk about this incident but it was very very shocking and after the Healthcare Commision forced Maria Kane Chief Executive Officer at the time of EnfieldBarnet & Haringey Mental Health Trust to back down and apologise for the abrupt and dismissive way she responded to me and she was forced to climb down from calling the care my daughter had received as “excellent”.  Unfortunately the Healthcare Commission just upheld part of my complaint and not all of it.  They felt the care was “satisfactory” – however on visiting two firms of solicitors and I have all this in writing they both came back to me saying that ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH WERE NEGLIGENT IN THEIR DUTY OF CARE.   How can an organisation like Healthcare Commission who are supposed to protect  vulnerable patients come back with “satisfactory” – Police and forensics team were involved – this was a SERIOUS incident and one of several under ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH.

As you can see the letters I have received from David Cameron’s office and that of Nick Clegg noone could care less.  I have yet to hear from Mr Jeremy Hunt –  if care is not working this is a waste of public money.  If the complaints system fail to cope and deal with matters effectively then how can they be justified to exist.   This is why I turned to Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr Hunt – I have serious issues right now with what is going on. 


My daughter is miles away from home but needed to get away –  I was not against that idea as there were many issues at the time about her remaining in the local area which I cannot go into however things were very very bad locally.

After 8 admissions into hospital she was sent here:


It was truly shocking – you drive into the most beautiful grounds.  There are hardly any people walking about in these beautiful grounds.  Behind closed doors of the prison like accommodation where security is tight, there are pitiful sights to be seen.    Patients walking up and down corridors and mostly sleeping during the day – on the amount of drugs they are pushed against their wishes in most cases, these patients are like zombies.  Some can barely speak, some can barely move.  My daughter who is only 25 requested a walking stick –  the effects of the Clozapine they gave against h er wishes which was their intention all along so it appears, made her feel constantly dizzy and doctors had to be called out to her in emergency.  It is no wonder they dont want me to see the file.  They did not tell her they put her on Clozapine and she did not know what they had even given her – she was so confused.  I got her agreement and they had to divulge the information in front of me to her and this is before I got banned and then the team started labelling me as aggressive, threatening to staff – all these things.  I saw a member of staff with his name badge the wrong way who panicked when I tried to turn the name badge round to read his name.  This man called me aggressive in a phone call to police.  I phoned the police on the day I called to bring the kitten and chinese meal for my daughter and the team would not allow her downstairs for 5 minutes.  My daughter’s face was pale, she has gained huge weight because of lack of exercise/energy on these drugs.  They affect blood sugar levels and the Maudsley – Bethlem Royal Hospital put her on 500mg Metformine which should be given for diabetes.  They say this is given for weight loss but it is not approved for weight loss so surely there should be some regulations here – yet the Government COULD NOT CARE LESS.  This is allowed to continue and the Powers these psychiatrist have – it no wonder they can sit there smiling smugly through meetings as they are truly well and above the law.    It is the law of this country that is failing to protect the weak and vulnerable against powerful mind altering drugs that are pushed on them for experimentation purposes – they are well aware that these drugs actually cause the psychosis themselves.  This is being done for profit.

It is not only the Maudsley Hospital that are doing this but take a look at this link below.


 The Government do nothing.  There is not one of them who cares about mental health.  They talk instead about legalising the very drugs that can lead to mental health problems and do nothing to help those who are on these drugs that are prescribed to have the facility to go in and be reduced or come off them.   For those people who feel that someone diagnosed with say Schizophrenia should remain on the drugs for the rest of their life – they are truly misinformed.  Dr William Walsh of the Walsh Institute has identified 5 bio types of depression and has proven in research that the drugs can make some people worse.  This is what I am currently challenging.  I do not believe in the labelling of people –  especially when there is no scientific evidence to prove the condition.  I am not a Scientologist but have seen the effects of these drugs and what they  have done to both of my daughters and also I have seen people get better without these drugs but once you are on them you cannot just come off and there is no help in this country to enable someone to do this safely.  Even on these drugs patient can suffer pschosis so it is not just a case of people panicking saying someone has to remain on these drugs hence the Treatment Orders dished out where patients have no choice and where they can be forced to take the drugs.  This is absolute abuse.  It reminds  me of the atrocities of World War II.  There people were experimented on and tortured.  This is a form of torture.  The drugs do not make people better they lead to long term health problems and once a drug wears off they can suffer form Akathisia and other serious conditions. 

The Government is failing to address this and no doubt the drugs companies fund educational programmes for doctors, pushing their drugs, what is concealed to the public is how very dangerous these drugs are such as anti-depressants. 

I am trying to get as many signatures together on a petition to get Chy Sawel up and running and organisations such as Soteria and Root and Branch. 





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