This message was sent by my daughter very recently and I got another one yesterday to say her Dad had visited with presents for her Birthday in February and that she had tidied her room.  Her sister has had trouble getting through as Elizabeth was in bed at midday but I have heard that Clozapine is such a strong drug that this is the effect you can expect from it.  What good is this – Elizabeth is young, only 25 and what effect is this drug and the 500 Metformine having on her – which is being given wrongly – it is not being given in accordance with FDA guidelines as it is meant for diabetes but is being given for weight loss.

I bet conditions in Wales are shocking because of the snow right now.  Apparently they get snowed in where Elizabeth is – nothing like London.  However, even where I work in Central London there was snow but unlike most places I worked up until the last minute and then to my surprise my wonderful gym was open!  I thought this would be shut and I am training to a swimathon right now for Marie Curie so it is useful to have the gym near to where I work.  Elizabeth would like the gym but would be terrified of all the stairs.  She feels dizzy all the time on these chemicals –  I have seen her on days out in London on the escalators and she is terrified she will fall.  She also does not like crowds.   


There are two good things about where she is – it is peaceful – the food is good. That is all – the care is completely wrong and I have said in my recent email that they should adopted the Open Dialogue Approach.  If they had this and holistic care then things woiuld be perfect but there is much wrong with Cambian Four Star Wards.

The worst thing about Cambian was the psychiatrist who clearly did not like me and it showed – but thankfully someone else has taken over temporarily who is much nicer and has bothered to contact me.   This new psychiatrist has not refused an assessment by Dr Walsh and that is remarkable. I have contact Dr Walsh as I am keen to have this carried out as soon as possible to discover which bio type of depression my daughter has.  It cant be undermethylated – according to the book Nutrient Power this condition can benefit from the drugs.  Well  my daughter has NOT benefited but without his tests this cannot be determined.  Once the tests are done then Dr Walsh can work with the new psychiatrist as regards the nutritional diet my daughter needs and I will be so happy.  I was so excited at reading his research that this needs to be looked into further that I contactedthe leaders in Parliament and what have I got to lose –  it could benefit my daughter and then I will be  happy to accept the diagnosis whereas I am not happy to accept it right now because nothing has been done properly.    I have ensured that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Jeremy Hunt get letters regarding this and Nick Clegg as responded through his Correspondence Officer:


“The Deputy Prime Minister appreciates you sending him a copy of your letter to the Prime Minister”.   


This response does not satisfy me one bit.  It should have read that he will look into matters and discuss it in Parliament.  No mention of anything like this.  It looks like I will have to write another letter directly to Mr Clegg again but to be fair he is making himself accessible to the public through LBC – maybe it would be better if I contacted LBC to ensure that I get to speak to him directly.  It is all wrong – all these MPs should be more accessible to the public especially in light of these serious issues. 


So far I have heard nothing from Mr Cameron or Mr Hunt and I am waiting patiently for their replies.  I have also written to Baroness Meacher as I was not happy with her response to legalising illicit drugs.  What she should be concentrating on is improving mental health care as it is APALLING.   She should take an interest in the Open Dialogue Approach and the assessments and work of Dr William Walsh of the Walsh Institute.  I have told her all about his work and have offered to drop his book in so she could see for herself.  I suggested that both Dr Walsh and Dr Tracy be invited to the UK by the Government.  Whilst Chy Sawel are trying to edcuated the professionals/doctors I think it is the politicians themselves who need to be educated.

So far I  have only contacted one drugs company – I have many more to contact!   |I am not happy with any of these drugs companies because of the suffering my daughter has experienced from their drugs.  I believe they should be making up for this in some way.  I was even less  happy when I saw Johnson & Johnson plug how caring an organisation they were and how they  have come a log way on Twitter.  Well I could not resist replying to this – I told them I needed proof of this as both my daughters suffered shocking effects from the chemical they provide Rispiridal.  This should be banned in my opinion and I have told them it was their chance to show how caring they are by providing the funding I need to help my daughter get proper decent care with the Open Dialogue Approach.

This letter from Mr Clegg has made me all the more determined.  He will be hearing from me again you can be sure. 



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