I am going to a meeting about this with all the ex patients I am in touch with at the weekend.

I am looking forward to hearing about this as I was prepared to send my daughter to Finland for this care that is not available. Elizabeth spent some of her happiest time in Finland when she was studing at college and chosen to go out there.  She often talks about going back and there is nothing decent in the way of care over here unless the group of former patients can be allowed to establish such wonderful care and support.   If this figure is  the success rate then the Government should take notice of this in my opinion.    Soteria want to set up unique care of this nature and I wish to raise money for Soteria but think seeing as the care is not working for so many the Goverment should be looking at alternative care as I noticed the same patients time and time again returning to he acute wards and obviously the care is not working and having been to visit on these wards I can well see why this is the case.




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