At the National Psychosis Unit Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham Kent this is what they do to get someone on enforced Community Treatment Orders that are tightly controlled by law. 

What is happening right now is that the team have all ganged up against me and taken my daughter miles away from home and family because the NHS care has failed and they have placed my daughter under the private sector which must be costing a fortune. 

I wanted her to go to Cambian Four Star Wards as I thought this priviate hospital had patient involvement and provided a unique type of care in nicer surroundings, peaceful countryside, decent food with pets and activities not included under the NHS acute ward.  Whilst the facilities are supposedly better and the food, the care is the most controlling I have ever seen on a par with the Bethlem.   The consultant psychiatrist who is temporarily not there right now has caused nothing but sadness amongst the family this Xmas and has torn this family apart and this is why I have written to the leaders of the Government and opposition.  Something needs to be done and a proper investigation made into what is going on in the case system to allow this sort of thing to happen.  Many mothers are afraid to stand up to all of these bullies but I am not – I believe it is the right thing to do if you want to see change and you get nothing by being silent.

Elizabeth had been getting worse and worse suffering from Akathisia “a feeling like she was crawling out of her skin”.  This is as a direct result of the drug Seroquel – she was on high dosage and suffering things like hallucinations and nightmares during the day.  She was never like this before these drugs that also cause someone to gain tremendous weight as they affect blood sugar levels leading to diabetes type II.     Once they take someone off a huge amount of drugs such as 150mg or else mix the drug with another as Dr Ann Blake Tracy correctly says “that is how they retain people for their establishments”  – she also went on to say “one thing they do know is that it will cause someone to become psychotic” –  this is drug induced psychosis and the minute I started to speak out about the care at the Bethlem and challenge the team, restrictions were imposed on me.  They even tried to label me as aggressive and threatening yet if you look at the letters, why copy in about 8 or nine people – they are obviously scared stiff as I am not the kind of person to sit back and do nothing like the consultant psychiatrist suggested.  The meetings at the Bethlem involved nearly 10 professionals and just me so I always took someone with me as a witness and did notes of the meeting as they never provide you with a copy of the minutes which I think is bad.  When asked the consultant psychiatrist said that he wanted to concentrate on the care!  I could see what was going on from the start and was horrified.  They take the weakest and most vulnerable patients whose parents think they are at a worldwide renowned hospital as I did when in fact this is a research  hospital where they can use the patients to their heart”s content as they do with animals to experiment on drugs, increase levels of these drugs to dangerous amounts and they get the funding from the drugs manufacturing companies. 


It is hard to believe such cruelty is going on in the UK behind the scenes from the spectacular shows and celebrations this Country provides to the rest of the world. The money is provided for such public displays that could be used to provide decent care.   Behind the scenes there is much misery being brought to patients and destruction to familiies yet noone is aware fully of what is going on and many people are silenced and too weak to do what I am doing right now. Tthe press concentrate on such incidents like the rcent shootings which convince people there is a need to forever keep someone on the psychiatric drugs.  This could not be farther from the truth – it is all a big money making venture with no scientific proof the diagnosis and you only have to see the files to see what I mean when there are multiple diagnoses mentioned.   In other words the public are being misinformed and I would welcome the opportunity to meet and show proof of the suffering going on to anyone who thinks along the lines of some celebrities who Ed Milliband pulled up such as Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street Porter.  They do not help matters at all and most people would be extremely upset if they could see the suffering and young patients drugged up like zombies a bit like the Fright Nights at certain leading parks such as Thorpe Park.  Yes what is horrifying is there are such places and they are controlled in such a way that there are virtually no visitors to see what is really going on behind closed doors.


I recommend you read the articles in this wonderful blog and I as a mother can verify that my daughter’s face was covered in bruises in this hospital and that she has been experimented on and suffered drug induced psychosis as a result of how they did the withdrawal deliberately so that she could be put on a Community Treatment Order. 

Now, the team can manipulate and control to their heart’s content but because there are many patients and mothers like myself so upset this could all come back on them and they will have to answer to what is going on  – that is how things should be but many of these patients do not have familiies behind them to speak up on their behalf – they are trapped in an inhumane care system, excluded from society, excluded from the outside world with laws that do not protect them.  The laws are supposed to protect the public but these patients are so drugged up they can barely walk, some of them.  My daughter asked me for a walking stick – I am naturally furious that this Government does not care and my letters have been either ignored or just a standard letter sent to me and I have once again written to complain about what has gone on at the Bethlem and currently under Cambian Four Star Wards who will not give a reason for banning me from contact with my daughter and have treated me like a criminal and excluded me from the beginning. If I was telling my daughter to stop taking the drugs they would have an excuse but I know very well having researched these drugs thoroughly that this is not possible.  I have also researched the care in this country to find that there is nothing decent set up at all for mental health care in terms of residential care. 

Having seen Elizabeth at the recent surprised party in front of neighbours and friends who have known her since a child, I can tell the world she is of no risk to anyone but has been made so dependant and is so drugged up that she would need to be looked after 24 hours and this is something the Local Authority do not wish to provide.  They have all failed, social services, NHS and Cambian to provide decent humane care yet Cambian are publicising a very different picture and I begged for her to go there instead.  Now I am finding that it is even worse in terms of control – a small visitors room with a member of staff standing over you listening to every word of conversation.  A total infringement of human rights because even in prison, patients can at least have a conversation with staff standing at a distance.  When I visited the last time Elizabeth was not allowed to go out for the day – the manager herself came with – I paid for a meal for everyone but what upset me was that when we approached the road where the hospital is situated and every minute of time is precious the Manager suggest my daughter got out and walked with her alone whilst m yself and other daughter drove to the hospital in the car the length of the road leading to it.  This conveyed to me what control is going on under this hospital.  More than one person wants answers from Cambian – not just me.  Why did they meddle with the previous solicitors and get rid of them?  Why did they not give the file to my solicitors for the Manager’s Hearing.  Why are Enfield Mental Health Trust trying to make out they do not know what is going on when if they are paying for a service they must know everything.  Why wont they at least give me a reason because I was extremely happy at first about the move to Cambian even though it is a long way away.  All I cared about was that Elizabeth would be in a peaceful environment away and safe but now having seen this I am so apalled that I cannot be happy unless of course she is given the opportunity to  have a proper assessment by Dr Walsh.    I believe my daughter will NEVER get better on the level of drugs she is on being pushed at her on a day to day basis which will lead to her life being halved.  They try to make out it is down to smoking but that is not true!   Professor David Healy is right about everything.  Dr Walsh is right and should carry out the research the Bethlem did not do properly and I am prepared to pay for this.  Dr Walsh has been called upon by Scotland Yard to do research and I want this more than anything.  If they determine my daughter has a condition it is so important that this is treated properly and that she be on the minimal of drugs – that is all I want as a mother fairness in her treatment and a proper look at whether she could be food intolerant.   I shall write about this now in a separate blog and include some of the patient’s views who I am in touch with.

  1. Mothers concern said:

    My daughter is also experiencing much of the same.at Bethlem.the lack of help is fustrating. I would love to contact you.

    • sbev2013 said:

      That would be wonderful to be in contact and I am in touch with many others. Please do provide me with your phone number/contact details. I have plenty of shocking information on Bedlam.

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