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I sent a letter asking the Government to personally look into matters regarding the mental health care that my daughter and so many others were experiencing.  I have received this reply:


“I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your letter of 30 December.  Mr Cameron is most grateful for the time and trouble you have taken to get in touch about this issue.


I am afraid this Office is unable to assist you in this matter.  Your correspondence was dealt with by the Care Quality Commission who have responsibility for the matters you have raised.  The Department will have examined all aspects of your correspondence very carefully and I regret we are unable to add anything further to their reply.  I am sorry I cannot send a more helpful reply”

Signed “Correspondence Officer”

I have had a similar response from Nick Clegg’s Office. 

Here is the letter signed by Paul Barker – Assessor of the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman – this goes back to January 2012.

“you say that you do not accept your case is closed and consider your complaint is still open with us.   However I refer you to our letter dated 13th December 2011 which explains we have closed your case whilst local resolution continued.  This was because you were attending a meeting with the Trust and Local Authority to discuss your case. I understant this meeting has now taken place.  AS we explained, if you remain dissatisfied once the further work is concluded, you can ask us to consider any outstanding concerns in relation to the Trust’s actions.  As explained in our previous correspondence, if you  would like us to consider your case please confirm in writing what you and your daughter’s outstanding concerns are.  I understand that the Local Government Ombudsman has also written to you setting out their possition in relation to the actions of the Local Authority.  If you are still continuing with your efforts to obtain answers or actions from the Trust you should direct your concerns directly to your contact at the Trust prior to bringing your complaint back to us.

If you wish to complain about our decision to close your case whilst local resolution continued, pllease let me know and I will forward these concerns to our Review Team who consider complaints about our service.”

 The complaints procedure is like banging your head against the wall and you get nowhere.  It is no wonder why abuse towards patients and carers is allowed to continue as I am experiencing right now.  I have turned to the former Healthcare Commission about a very serious incident that happened to my daughter in hospital and the Trust tried to get out of things as she was a “voluntary patient”.  I cannot talk about this incident but it was very very shocking and after the Healthcare Commision forced Maria Kane Chief Executive Officer at the time of EnfieldBarnet & Haringey Mental Health Trust to back down and apologise for the abrupt and dismissive way she responded to me and she was forced to climb down from calling the care my daughter had received as “excellent”.  Unfortunately the Healthcare Commission just upheld part of my complaint and not all of it.  They felt the care was “satisfactory” – however on visiting two firms of solicitors and I have all this in writing they both came back to me saying that ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH WERE NEGLIGENT IN THEIR DUTY OF CARE.   How can an organisation like Healthcare Commission who are supposed to protect  vulnerable patients come back with “satisfactory” – Police and forensics team were involved – this was a SERIOUS incident and one of several under ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH.

As you can see the letters I have received from David Cameron’s office and that of Nick Clegg noone could care less.  I have yet to hear from Mr Jeremy Hunt –  if care is not working this is a waste of public money.  If the complaints system fail to cope and deal with matters effectively then how can they be justified to exist.   This is why I turned to Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr Hunt – I have serious issues right now with what is going on. 


My daughter is miles away from home but needed to get away –  I was not against that idea as there were many issues at the time about her remaining in the local area which I cannot go into however things were very very bad locally.

After 8 admissions into hospital she was sent here:

It was truly shocking – you drive into the most beautiful grounds.  There are hardly any people walking about in these beautiful grounds.  Behind closed doors of the prison like accommodation where security is tight, there are pitiful sights to be seen.    Patients walking up and down corridors and mostly sleeping during the day – on the amount of drugs they are pushed against their wishes in most cases, these patients are like zombies.  Some can barely speak, some can barely move.  My daughter who is only 25 requested a walking stick –  the effects of the Clozapine they gave against h er wishes which was their intention all along so it appears, made her feel constantly dizzy and doctors had to be called out to her in emergency.  It is no wonder they dont want me to see the file.  They did not tell her they put her on Clozapine and she did not know what they had even given her – she was so confused.  I got her agreement and they had to divulge the information in front of me to her and this is before I got banned and then the team started labelling me as aggressive, threatening to staff – all these things.  I saw a member of staff with his name badge the wrong way who panicked when I tried to turn the name badge round to read his name.  This man called me aggressive in a phone call to police.  I phoned the police on the day I called to bring the kitten and chinese meal for my daughter and the team would not allow her downstairs for 5 minutes.  My daughter’s face was pale, she has gained huge weight because of lack of exercise/energy on these drugs.  They affect blood sugar levels and the Maudsley – Bethlem Royal Hospital put her on 500mg Metformine which should be given for diabetes.  They say this is given for weight loss but it is not approved for weight loss so surely there should be some regulations here – yet the Government COULD NOT CARE LESS.  This is allowed to continue and the Powers these psychiatrist have – it no wonder they can sit there smiling smugly through meetings as they are truly well and above the law.    It is the law of this country that is failing to protect the weak and vulnerable against powerful mind altering drugs that are pushed on them for experimentation purposes – they are well aware that these drugs actually cause the psychosis themselves.  This is being done for profit.

It is not only the Maudsley Hospital that are doing this but take a look at this link below.   

 The Government do nothing.  There is not one of them who cares about mental health.  They talk instead about legalising the very drugs that can lead to mental health problems and do nothing to help those who are on these drugs that are prescribed to have the facility to go in and be reduced or come off them.   For those people who feel that someone diagnosed with say Schizophrenia should remain on the drugs for the rest of their life – they are truly misinformed.  Dr William Walsh of the Walsh Institute has identified 5 bio types of depression and has proven in research that the drugs can make some people worse.  This is what I am currently challenging.  I do not believe in the labelling of people –  especially when there is no scientific evidence to prove the condition.  I am not a Scientologist but have seen the effects of these drugs and what they  have done to both of my daughters and also I have seen people get better without these drugs but once you are on them you cannot just come off and there is no help in this country to enable someone to do this safely.  Even on these drugs patient can suffer pschosis so it is not just a case of people panicking saying someone has to remain on these drugs hence the Treatment Orders dished out where patients have no choice and where they can be forced to take the drugs.  This is absolute abuse.  It reminds  me of the atrocities of World War II.  There people were experimented on and tortured.  This is a form of torture.  The drugs do not make people better they lead to long term health problems and once a drug wears off they can suffer form Akathisia and other serious conditions. 

The Government is failing to address this and no doubt the drugs companies fund educational programmes for doctors, pushing their drugs, what is concealed to the public is how very dangerous these drugs are such as anti-depressants. 

I am trying to get as many signatures together on a petition to get Chy Sawel up and running and organisations such as Soteria and Root and Branch. 





This message was sent by my daughter very recently and I got another one yesterday to say her Dad had visited with presents for her Birthday in February and that she had tidied her room.  Her sister has had trouble getting through as Elizabeth was in bed at midday but I have heard that Clozapine is such a strong drug that this is the effect you can expect from it.  What good is this – Elizabeth is young, only 25 and what effect is this drug and the 500 Metformine having on her – which is being given wrongly – it is not being given in accordance with FDA guidelines as it is meant for diabetes but is being given for weight loss.

I bet conditions in Wales are shocking because of the snow right now.  Apparently they get snowed in where Elizabeth is – nothing like London.  However, even where I work in Central London there was snow but unlike most places I worked up until the last minute and then to my surprise my wonderful gym was open!  I thought this would be shut and I am training to a swimathon right now for Marie Curie so it is useful to have the gym near to where I work.  Elizabeth would like the gym but would be terrified of all the stairs.  She feels dizzy all the time on these chemicals –  I have seen her on days out in London on the escalators and she is terrified she will fall.  She also does not like crowds.   


There are two good things about where she is – it is peaceful – the food is good. That is all – the care is completely wrong and I have said in my recent email that they should adopted the Open Dialogue Approach.  If they had this and holistic care then things woiuld be perfect but there is much wrong with Cambian Four Star Wards.

The worst thing about Cambian was the psychiatrist who clearly did not like me and it showed – but thankfully someone else has taken over temporarily who is much nicer and has bothered to contact me.   This new psychiatrist has not refused an assessment by Dr Walsh and that is remarkable. I have contact Dr Walsh as I am keen to have this carried out as soon as possible to discover which bio type of depression my daughter has.  It cant be undermethylated – according to the book Nutrient Power this condition can benefit from the drugs.  Well  my daughter has NOT benefited but without his tests this cannot be determined.  Once the tests are done then Dr Walsh can work with the new psychiatrist as regards the nutritional diet my daughter needs and I will be so happy.  I was so excited at reading his research that this needs to be looked into further that I contactedthe leaders in Parliament and what have I got to lose –  it could benefit my daughter and then I will be  happy to accept the diagnosis whereas I am not happy to accept it right now because nothing has been done properly.    I have ensured that David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Jeremy Hunt get letters regarding this and Nick Clegg as responded through his Correspondence Officer:


“The Deputy Prime Minister appreciates you sending him a copy of your letter to the Prime Minister”.   


This response does not satisfy me one bit.  It should have read that he will look into matters and discuss it in Parliament.  No mention of anything like this.  It looks like I will have to write another letter directly to Mr Clegg again but to be fair he is making himself accessible to the public through LBC – maybe it would be better if I contacted LBC to ensure that I get to speak to him directly.  It is all wrong – all these MPs should be more accessible to the public especially in light of these serious issues. 


So far I have heard nothing from Mr Cameron or Mr Hunt and I am waiting patiently for their replies.  I have also written to Baroness Meacher as I was not happy with her response to legalising illicit drugs.  What she should be concentrating on is improving mental health care as it is APALLING.   She should take an interest in the Open Dialogue Approach and the assessments and work of Dr William Walsh of the Walsh Institute.  I have told her all about his work and have offered to drop his book in so she could see for herself.  I suggested that both Dr Walsh and Dr Tracy be invited to the UK by the Government.  Whilst Chy Sawel are trying to edcuated the professionals/doctors I think it is the politicians themselves who need to be educated.

So far I  have only contacted one drugs company – I have many more to contact!   |I am not happy with any of these drugs companies because of the suffering my daughter has experienced from their drugs.  I believe they should be making up for this in some way.  I was even less  happy when I saw Johnson & Johnson plug how caring an organisation they were and how they  have come a log way on Twitter.  Well I could not resist replying to this – I told them I needed proof of this as both my daughters suffered shocking effects from the chemical they provide Rispiridal.  This should be banned in my opinion and I have told them it was their chance to show how caring they are by providing the funding I need to help my daughter get proper decent care with the Open Dialogue Approach.

This letter from Mr Clegg has made me all the more determined.  He will be hearing from me again you can be sure. 


I met with my new friends (former patients) from Speak Out Against Psychiatry.  If anyone knows what needs to be done in terms of reforms it is these friends of mine who have been of great support.  They have first-hand knowledge of what the care is like on the wards and should be listened to.

Anyway we met at some’s flat to look at interesting DVDs about the fabulous care on offer in Tornio, Finland.  Over there people are successfully being reduced and coming off the drugs because they are being listened to and what is more I think it is absolutely brilliant what is going on in Finland.  You have only got to look at the example of care I have documented to see what is wrong with everything.  The dvds contained interviews with all the professionals involved, including the psychiatrist who was brilliant and reminded me of the private Orthomolecular psychiatrist I had appointed.    Currently in the UK everything is done secretly, families are not included properly and there is such a big thing about confidentiality.  Teams have many meetings where there is discussion behind closed doors.  In Finland it is the complete opposite – there are many members of the team present at the same time and everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions, given the chance to speak and listen  and discuss the way forward.  Not only the patient but the families are listened to and this is where everything is going wrong with current care.  They have a very high success rate and this is because patients are treated in a humane manner.

The group discussed a wish to see this care up and running in the UK and I think that peer support is extremely important  having witnessed my daughter respond to a resident more than staff who were trying to push her to do things.  It is friendship and being listened to that counts for patients and I have listened to my daughter time and time again complaining of terrible side effects on these drugs.  If she has to remain on them then it is better to be on the minimal and the team in Finland offer a lot of support – unlike the current Crisis Team – hospital admissions are not needed –  this kind of care avoids distressing admissions – it is not just distressing to the patient but also to their families.

After watching the dvds the group got together and carried out some examples of role play and how the group could support some people in the community who are isolated and visit them in their homes.  When people become isolated, they become desperate and it is very sad that some end up time and time again on these wards when this can all be avoided.

Even some of the major drugs companies are interested in what is going on in Finland and I believe that things are moving forward for much needed change and reform and hope it will not be long before this is in place in the UK. 

I have been copying people in to some interesting developments I have just heard about which I will mention soon.  There are lots of mothers in despair like myself and I am introducing them as it is important to share information.

I have written to Dr Walsh and Dr Walsh has responded about the assessment and I have copied Mr Hunt in as well and hope this can be carried out very soon.

The evening last night ended with us all going out for an Indian meal.   Everyone in the group has positive ideas in the way forward and in my opinion Mr Hunt needs come and meet and discuss the way forward and the introduction of proper assessments and Open Dialogue as in Finland.

I am going to a meeting about this with all the ex patients I am in touch with at the weekend.

I am looking forward to hearing about this as I was prepared to send my daughter to Finland for this care that is not available. Elizabeth spent some of her happiest time in Finland when she was studing at college and chosen to go out there.  She often talks about going back and there is nothing decent in the way of care over here unless the group of former patients can be allowed to establish such wonderful care and support.   If this figure is  the success rate then the Government should take notice of this in my opinion.    Soteria want to set up unique care of this nature and I wish to raise money for Soteria but think seeing as the care is not working for so many the Goverment should be looking at alternative care as I noticed the same patients time and time again returning to he acute wards and obviously the care is not working and having been to visit on these wards I can well see why this is the case.



I did not personally know Jean but as a well respected caring member of the group I go to, I am sad to hear of such loss and that she is no longer with us. 

All I wish to say is that there is a need for patients to be listened to by professionals and something done when a prescribed drug, care and treatment has such a devastating effect resulting in so much despair, when no hope is in sight – the end of the world for so many that they feel they cannot go on.   What tends to happen is patients are ignored and drugs increased, mind altering drugs that can render effective communication and cause so much pain and agony.  If only this could have been avoided.

Jean will be sadly missed not only by me but by everyone who knows her and in honour and recognition of the memory of such a wonderful person I can think of no better way to pay tribute to her talented work as featured above.

R.I.P Jean.



Elizabeth has told both myself and her sister she is happy in Wales, that the food is good and staff treat her well however that is just some of her comments.  I believe she is being discouraged from contact with me.  She is being torn away from her family by the team  who do not communicate properly and give you a valid reason and that is why the unique care system working in Finland called Open Dialogue is needed so badly in the UK – a system that includes the family not excludes them – Elizabeth had already said she wanted family inclusions yet that is not what is going on right now – the complete opposite.   Soteria and groups like Chy Sawel and Root and Branch should be given every assistance to be set up offering residential care and the avoidance of hospital admissions like at present which have a draining effect on the NHS with patients currently returning time and time again to the acute wards not getting any better and then more and more drug treatment costing a fortune to the public.

Equally, Elizabeth has said “you know how it is in these places – it is extremely strict here”.  “staff are watching me all the time – I am on 15 minute watch”  to which staff denied.  “whilst I like it here and it is peaceful, nothing beats home”.  “I miss you Mum and I miss my cat – please be strong “- this was one of the last messages sent to me.  The problem is that whilst Elizabeth is on a Community Treatment Order, she is trapped like so many others, stripped of her human rights and treated like a prisoner in an  inhumane care system that is all about control that could go on for years unless you take things to court.  This is costly too when patients are having to use legal aid to defend themselves in court at a Tribunal, even more so if you happen to own a property and have to pay for legal cases.  Much emphasis is being put on safety and protecting the public from violent psychiatric patients.   How untrue!  I would welcome showing and educating people as it is quite the opposite.  At many of these institutions patients are drugged up to their necks and can only lie down and sleep –  at the Bethlem patients were so drugged up they were walking around like zombies – young people victims of the pharmaceutical industry who do nothing to make up for the damage their drugs have done that have failed yet they make themselves out to be caring.  I shall be sending letters to all of them to ask for their contribution towards decent care for my daughter as they have a duty in my opinion to make amends for the fact their drugs have not worked and have caused so much pain to my daughter.   Anyway, the real reason and problem is when someone has been on all of these drugs and in hospital for such a long time, they cannot cope in the community and this is what is lacking in decent care for patients to remain on acute wards for 2 years or so only to be placed in housing where they simply cannot cope and staff are stretched with their time – one member amongst 30 residents for example and staff that sleep through the night and do not monitor who is coming in through the front door. These schemes can be beneficial to some but what of those like my daughter on high levels of drugs –  a project – one like Root and Branch would be beneficial in an area away from towns/cities in a peaceful location with peer support abundance, taking some of these patients off the benefits to provide a decent salary for their contribution in helping others get back on their feet.  Patients are often excluded in the current care system and not valued yet some are highly intelligent – every patient has something to offer and should be made to feel valued but are discarded and made to feel like rubbish by and because of public ignorance fueled by the press that patients are labelled as maniacs and violent I confronted the Sun Newspaper recently who put the phone down on me and I will never purchase this newspaper again.  It is newspapers such as this that breed ignorance amongst the public who think all mental health patients are like this but what they do not see is honest reporting such as the following:

Do the public see what is really going on behind closed doors at a leading worldwide renowned hospital – the answer is no because there are virtually no visitors  – see for yourself below and I can vouch for every word of this wonderful blog:  – my daughter was on this shocking ward and this is not written by me but I agree fully with its contents having seen with my own eyes what goes on there.  I go on to include words from yet another patient of this hospital below.

Unless there is accurate and honest reporting ignorance and prejudice will prevail fueled by some celebrities who do not know what they are talking about such as Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street Porter – when have they ever come to visit the patients under the Bethlem National Psychosis Unit?  When have they ever got involved to try and help in changing the current care system that keeps so many patients down.  These are the type of people who need to be educated in my opinion and I am endeavouring to to just that on this blog and have no end of recorded tapes of so called professionals, evidence to back my claims and contact with many patients and carers who are not from the kind of family backgrounds you would ever think possible.  I would welcome such people to contact me direct.

It is reading the books from the honest doctors who are speaking out that gives me hope such as Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Professor David Healy, Dr Candace Pert, Dr William Walsh, – there are many many others as well and in America there are Alternative Care Centres such as Earth House and Alternative to Meds where people can go in and have decent humane treatment.  Patients get a raw deal and are not treated well under the current system.  Whilst there may be some professionals who are good, the majority are having to go along with ruling from above or else they will be out of a job.  Bullying is rife and this should be looked into.

As a mother who has spoken out I have been bullied and harrassed and if I was to behave this way towards a member of the public then I would be arrested but yet it is allowed for the legal teams and so called professionals who have their name badge back to front for protection to either behave in a threatening manner or else constantly plague someone with phone calls during the day at work to force them to agree to Treatment Order and under this Treatment Order they can control, manipulate, tear familiies apart as many parents do not have the strength like I do to stand up to all of them and I would be more than happy to place myself in front of the whole world  – the more publicity the better as I want everyone to see what is going on and yes there may be some who may turn around and comment that I am no good as a mother, that the home and family are to blame.  The pharmaceutical industry and psychiatrists may also try and label me with one of the thousand or so diagnoses in the DSM 5 book and I would then ask for their scientific proof if they came up with any diagnosis for me.    Well I would welcome these people to come and meet me personally and see for themselves what is really going on.  I would also like to introduce such people to the wonderful group of patients who have helped me more than any of the funded groups who are often too scared to speak out because they would otherwise lose their funding such as Rethink attached to the Maudsley Hospital with psychiatrists on their Boards – where were Rethink at the meeting it was agreed they attend?  who manipulated Rethink – the consultant psychiatrist so I believe who played on the fact that every question I asked “Rethink have said Elizabeth does not want this disclosed”  Rethink have verified she does not want the family to see the files – Rethink all the time came up in the meetings and were denied doing their job properly and are closely tied to the Maudsley making them NOT independent advocates and NOT fairly representative towards the patients and who NEVER came to meetings where a patient was outnumbered 9 against 1.  Elizabeth dreaded going into such meetings and I found it an ordeal myself.   One last thing about Rethink – they should not have consultant psychiatrists on their Board in my opinion. 


So “no place beats home” as said by Elizabeth but if Elizabeth was to come home I would need someone to help me as I doubt she can do much for herself and in the community she was just left to go downhill by social services who did nothing.  If an empty flat was costing around £800 for example I could have provided more support like I did for my father if only I had been included but the team exclude you especially if they dislike you for speaking your mind.  With Direct Payments you can provide extra care and support but if the care is not working provided by such schemes then alternatives need to be found and that is where there are none and projects like Root and Branch may help some people where everything has failed like my daughter.  Where is the funding for patients who have been used for experimental purposes classed as treatment resistant.  This is failure in my opinion and I think funding should be provided by the drugs companies and this funding should be used to give the patients more choice and for complete change in the care like in Finland Tornio – Open Dialogue Technique and help in being reduced off the drugs if they cause terrible side effects in a proper safe environment – this is what the Drugs Companies should do alongside the Government who are responsible for imposing laws that are unjust and detrimental to the patient and forcing them to take drugs when they are suffering terribly from the side effects of these chemicals that are mind altering LSD like drugs and there is no help there at all and no thought or care in providing such help that Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Dr Walsh and other leading experts such as Professor Healy could be involved in.  

Richard Branson has posted a comment with words to the effect do not sit back and do nothing and expect a present to come to you.  Well I am not the kind of person to sit back and do nothing at all but this is a mammoth task to draw to the Government’s attention the need for such change backed by a group of patients who wish to be included not excluded and have suffered tremendously under current care, backed by other parents who would do anything to see their child who is trapped on Community Treatment Orders to get proper care in a safe environment and be treated like a human being and not discarded on the scrap heap.  First of all I would need the help to publicise this properly but even people like Max Clifford have not been brave enough to take on such a challenge.  The minute you mention mental health people want to run away instead of face up to such a challenge.  I await to see if Mr Branson can help me.   I am just a mother who works full time and I am going ahead with my auction even if I get nothing collectible I shall provide things myself but I am waiting to hear from my solicitors right now as to the date of the Tribunal which could take place soon hopefully.  Once I know about this then I shall go forward.  Mr Branson is correct in saying you should not just sit back and do nothing but it is hard for me as I have a full time job and this something that takes a lot of time and require funding and education of so many professionals who are happy to just plod on as long as it is easier that way – it is not such an easy thing to set up but I wish to be involved and would give my time for nothing and have many contacts who wish to see change who could also be involved in such reforms.

In the meantime, I present to you some comments written by a highly intelligent former patient, another one knowledgeable of SLaM and someone who would be greatly valued in involvement with peer support and being included in helping in alternative care to get others back on their feet and I am in touch with many who are now either on minimal drugs or off them altogther who can function, can work and live normal lives and some who have suffered swo much from physical illness as a result of taking the drugs for years who are unable to work for this reason yet at passionate about seeing change in the current system.  Then there are people like my daughter trapped in the system, fit for nothing thanks to the high level of drugs they are on.  The people labelled as mentally ill that I  have come across are the most caring people I have ever encountered.  They have helped me more than funded carers groups, have supported and helped others in hospital who have no visitors, have cared about others despite their own problems being therapeutic for them too but such a group should be encouraged to be involved in helping through these much needed alternative care centres if only they can be set up such as Soteria, Chy Sawel and Root and Branch Project.



“Speak Out Against Psychiatry can reliably report that the number of service users complaining about neglect, negligence, inconsideration, inhumanity and abuse is already at record levels, and that this a deplorable state of affairs set to get ever worse, with successful prosecutions and out-of-court settlements on the increase. ”  The article is yet another patient complaining about SLaM –  “ongoing complacency of the SLaM management team that we believe arises from apparent on-going denial that anything has ever been seriously wrong”.

“At Board level, SLaM Senior managers talk a great deal about key ingredients of an effective service – client- centred decision making, collaborative (shared) decision making, informed choice, informed consent, the undesirability of over-medication, the importance of focusing on well being and recovery, the establishment of fit-for-purpose care pathways and recovery pathways, the importance of making concessions to the service user points of view, the importance of placing more emphasis on client-centred care, the undesirability of over-control of behaviour (“over-policing”).    I am laughing whilst this and reminiscing about my daughter’s shocking care as well as my apalling treatment – what a waste of time to have meetings when none of the above is true! 

The former patient goes on to say “in the last public meeting prior to 2012, “good news” was conveyed “about how millions of pounds had been secured for research into “ever more powerful medications” with “hopefully” fewer side effects.  This begs the question: Is suppression of symptoms with mind-distorting chemicals the only option that SLaM feels confident enough in to invest and shout about”

The word “hope” is used a lot.  “SLaM staff seem to have believed for years now that with enough hope things will change for the  better “as if by magic” –  they stick with this belief despite nothing worth mentioning ever changing for the better .”SLaM management team seems never to take any of its critics seriously, SLaM is mostly doing all of the wrong things (sometimes with ever more resource)  and even when its projects are well-conceived, SLaM’s Project Leads routinely fail to deliver anything noteworthy.”   The former patient goes on to speak about a Croydon based group called “Hear Us”  “guess why! And the Hear Us newsletter is called “In Our Shoes” – guess why! ” Ever more service usersare calling themselves “Survivors” of mainstream psychiatry and guess why!”

A leading expert I am in touch with who is a professional within such a corrupt system goes on to say “I agree with your comments it is a “travesty – I have been trying to change the system for years”!







At the National Psychosis Unit Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham Kent this is what they do to get someone on enforced Community Treatment Orders that are tightly controlled by law. 

What is happening right now is that the team have all ganged up against me and taken my daughter miles away from home and family because the NHS care has failed and they have placed my daughter under the private sector which must be costing a fortune. 

I wanted her to go to Cambian Four Star Wards as I thought this priviate hospital had patient involvement and provided a unique type of care in nicer surroundings, peaceful countryside, decent food with pets and activities not included under the NHS acute ward.  Whilst the facilities are supposedly better and the food, the care is the most controlling I have ever seen on a par with the Bethlem.   The consultant psychiatrist who is temporarily not there right now has caused nothing but sadness amongst the family this Xmas and has torn this family apart and this is why I have written to the leaders of the Government and opposition.  Something needs to be done and a proper investigation made into what is going on in the case system to allow this sort of thing to happen.  Many mothers are afraid to stand up to all of these bullies but I am not – I believe it is the right thing to do if you want to see change and you get nothing by being silent.

Elizabeth had been getting worse and worse suffering from Akathisia “a feeling like she was crawling out of her skin”.  This is as a direct result of the drug Seroquel – she was on high dosage and suffering things like hallucinations and nightmares during the day.  She was never like this before these drugs that also cause someone to gain tremendous weight as they affect blood sugar levels leading to diabetes type II.     Once they take someone off a huge amount of drugs such as 150mg or else mix the drug with another as Dr Ann Blake Tracy correctly says “that is how they retain people for their establishments”  – she also went on to say “one thing they do know is that it will cause someone to become psychotic” –  this is drug induced psychosis and the minute I started to speak out about the care at the Bethlem and challenge the team, restrictions were imposed on me.  They even tried to label me as aggressive and threatening yet if you look at the letters, why copy in about 8 or nine people – they are obviously scared stiff as I am not the kind of person to sit back and do nothing like the consultant psychiatrist suggested.  The meetings at the Bethlem involved nearly 10 professionals and just me so I always took someone with me as a witness and did notes of the meeting as they never provide you with a copy of the minutes which I think is bad.  When asked the consultant psychiatrist said that he wanted to concentrate on the care!  I could see what was going on from the start and was horrified.  They take the weakest and most vulnerable patients whose parents think they are at a worldwide renowned hospital as I did when in fact this is a research  hospital where they can use the patients to their heart”s content as they do with animals to experiment on drugs, increase levels of these drugs to dangerous amounts and they get the funding from the drugs manufacturing companies. 


It is hard to believe such cruelty is going on in the UK behind the scenes from the spectacular shows and celebrations this Country provides to the rest of the world. The money is provided for such public displays that could be used to provide decent care.   Behind the scenes there is much misery being brought to patients and destruction to familiies yet noone is aware fully of what is going on and many people are silenced and too weak to do what I am doing right now. Tthe press concentrate on such incidents like the rcent shootings which convince people there is a need to forever keep someone on the psychiatric drugs.  This could not be farther from the truth – it is all a big money making venture with no scientific proof the diagnosis and you only have to see the files to see what I mean when there are multiple diagnoses mentioned.   In other words the public are being misinformed and I would welcome the opportunity to meet and show proof of the suffering going on to anyone who thinks along the lines of some celebrities who Ed Milliband pulled up such as Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street Porter.  They do not help matters at all and most people would be extremely upset if they could see the suffering and young patients drugged up like zombies a bit like the Fright Nights at certain leading parks such as Thorpe Park.  Yes what is horrifying is there are such places and they are controlled in such a way that there are virtually no visitors to see what is really going on behind closed doors.

I recommend you read the articles in this wonderful blog and I as a mother can verify that my daughter’s face was covered in bruises in this hospital and that she has been experimented on and suffered drug induced psychosis as a result of how they did the withdrawal deliberately so that she could be put on a Community Treatment Order. 

Now, the team can manipulate and control to their heart’s content but because there are many patients and mothers like myself so upset this could all come back on them and they will have to answer to what is going on  – that is how things should be but many of these patients do not have familiies behind them to speak up on their behalf – they are trapped in an inhumane care system, excluded from society, excluded from the outside world with laws that do not protect them.  The laws are supposed to protect the public but these patients are so drugged up they can barely walk, some of them.  My daughter asked me for a walking stick – I am naturally furious that this Government does not care and my letters have been either ignored or just a standard letter sent to me and I have once again written to complain about what has gone on at the Bethlem and currently under Cambian Four Star Wards who will not give a reason for banning me from contact with my daughter and have treated me like a criminal and excluded me from the beginning. If I was telling my daughter to stop taking the drugs they would have an excuse but I know very well having researched these drugs thoroughly that this is not possible.  I have also researched the care in this country to find that there is nothing decent set up at all for mental health care in terms of residential care. 

Having seen Elizabeth at the recent surprised party in front of neighbours and friends who have known her since a child, I can tell the world she is of no risk to anyone but has been made so dependant and is so drugged up that she would need to be looked after 24 hours and this is something the Local Authority do not wish to provide.  They have all failed, social services, NHS and Cambian to provide decent humane care yet Cambian are publicising a very different picture and I begged for her to go there instead.  Now I am finding that it is even worse in terms of control – a small visitors room with a member of staff standing over you listening to every word of conversation.  A total infringement of human rights because even in prison, patients can at least have a conversation with staff standing at a distance.  When I visited the last time Elizabeth was not allowed to go out for the day – the manager herself came with – I paid for a meal for everyone but what upset me was that when we approached the road where the hospital is situated and every minute of time is precious the Manager suggest my daughter got out and walked with her alone whilst m yself and other daughter drove to the hospital in the car the length of the road leading to it.  This conveyed to me what control is going on under this hospital.  More than one person wants answers from Cambian – not just me.  Why did they meddle with the previous solicitors and get rid of them?  Why did they not give the file to my solicitors for the Manager’s Hearing.  Why are Enfield Mental Health Trust trying to make out they do not know what is going on when if they are paying for a service they must know everything.  Why wont they at least give me a reason because I was extremely happy at first about the move to Cambian even though it is a long way away.  All I cared about was that Elizabeth would be in a peaceful environment away and safe but now having seen this I am so apalled that I cannot be happy unless of course she is given the opportunity to  have a proper assessment by Dr Walsh.    I believe my daughter will NEVER get better on the level of drugs she is on being pushed at her on a day to day basis which will lead to her life being halved.  They try to make out it is down to smoking but that is not true!   Professor David Healy is right about everything.  Dr Walsh is right and should carry out the research the Bethlem did not do properly and I am prepared to pay for this.  Dr Walsh has been called upon by Scotland Yard to do research and I want this more than anything.  If they determine my daughter has a condition it is so important that this is treated properly and that she be on the minimal of drugs – that is all I want as a mother fairness in her treatment and a proper look at whether she could be food intolerant.   I shall write about this now in a separate blog and include some of the patient’s views who I am in touch with.

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