I am attaching a letter to David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Jeremy Hunt.  I have written to all but have received only standard letters in respect referring me to the PHSO and when you have turned to them and the CQC and nothing is done or all you get is a standard letter and nothing much else who else do you turn to.  You should be able to turn to someone else if your local MP cannot help you on health matters and it is all wrong.  The system needs changing entirely as when you visit Parliament you can only see your MP and I wanted to see someone higher up as he could not help me.

Please also see the video on the recent Newtown shooting below:


I shall keep you informed as to whether I get a reply from Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr Hunt.

In the meantime I  have heard from Dr Tracy who is extremely busy and dedicated in her work to reveal the truth of what is really going on.  I hope to meet Dr Tracy personally in the near future and thank her for all the advice she has given me.  I was supicious as time went on about these drugs and could not believe the transformation in my daughter when on them. 

A recent response to something I wrote on Twitter was saying about someone’s husband coming off the drug and leading to him nearly dying as a result.  Well I am not advising anyone to come off the drugs at all.  This is something that has to be done with professional help but here in the UK withdrawal is not being done properly as I have seen at the Bethlem.  There is no way you should take yourself off a huge amount of drugs and it is in this respect that Dr Ann Blake Tracy could help the professionals in the UK and so could Dr William Walsh.  It is because things are not done properly and these drugs drain the body of vitamins and nutrients so diet has to go alongside any withdrawal and it would help if there was proper assessments but the minute someone complaints of feeling depressed the minute drugs are dished out and people just do not realise how dangerous they are.  Some may get along with them OK and have no problem but for those that do they are just left on the drugs and experimented on like human guinea pigs without a proper assessment in the first place or treatment.

Elizabeth has been in touch with her sister this weekend.  The conversation was brief and awkward unlike usual.  I am sure Elizabeth is being encouraged to sever ties with me and I am not being treated the same way as the rest of the family because I have been outspoken but I have not been rude or aggressive towards staff like they have portrayed me.  Why didnt they call the police – I would have welcomed the police coming down to the ward.  I had a valid complaint and I did not get a satisfactory answer and right now I am most upset at the way Cambian are treating me as they will not give me a reason to justify the actions for escorted leave and supervised phone calls except for the fact this is my daughter’s request.

This is what she said to her sister:

Are you happy at the hospital and being in Wales?   “well I like Wales but nothing beats home”  I have text messages to say she missed me and that she prayed that she would see me at Xmas.

Are the staff treating you well? to this  Elizabeth replied that they were but she had also said directly to me a few days ago when money was missing in a card given for Xmas that “you know how things are in here – it is very strict”. 

It is very sad and I hope that Mr Cameron and the rest of the Government do look at my letter and not just send a standard one out saying that I should contact the PHSO.  They are voted in as the Government and they should do something about the current system.

If “treatment resistant” patients who constantly return to the wards are blocking beds for others who need short term acute ward services then this is wrong.

It is wrong that patients are not treated nicely and listened to.  Patients become more damaged as a result of being ignored instead of being included.  They should be included as peer support and the funding provided to groups of ex patients that which to help such as Speak Out Against Psychiatry who are sometimes the only visitors to someone stuck on an acute ward isolated from the rest of the world.  If this group (which is not a militant group) have helped me and other mothers have turned to them then this group offers a great service of reaching out to people that are otherwise unreachable and have a complete understanding of what it is like to be on these wards greater than any professional.  The patients should be working alongside the professionals and made to feel useful and this is not happening under the current care system especially when these ex patients really care about other people and want to help.



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