I did not expect many people to turn up to the surprise party for Elizabeth but many did come, close friends and neighbours who have known her for years.  The atmosphere was good as well – I think if it had just been myself and my younger daughter and two escorts the atmosphere would have been awkward.  How can you have a conversation when someone is listening in on very word and reporting back to the psychiatrist and no doubt Enfield Mental Health who for all I know have imposed these rules.  I reckon that Enfield Mental Health know everything that is going on – this is a team who clearly do not like me at all otherwise they would not have tried to replace me as the Nearest Relative in such a way, giving me no time to get a solcitor to represent me in court let alone get the time off work to attend.  Enfield Mental Health must also have known and discussed about the move to Wales. It is a long way from home and probably they see it as the best thing – the further away the better from me, the mother they wish to replace and sever ties with.

If I was replaced as the Nearest Relative I would have no say whatsoever in the care but what this team has done is exclude me from the very beginning in such an obvious way.  They  have gone out of their way to invite Elizabeth’s father to come to the Tribunal.  They have gone out of their way to ensure that I do not have any sight of the files to cover up the fact that she is on 500mg Metformine or she could have diabetes.  Elizabeth would be blissfully unaware as she is so drugged up she cannot think straight and this team play on that, manipulating everything even the wording “you have upset the apple cart”!   Well that says it all.  

I had to speak to Elizabeth about the missing money for Xmas and she was so confused she did not know where the red envelope was and eventually staff had to help her – I was going to call the police but the staff got involved and I hope it is true that they found it like they claim to have.   Anyway I asked Elizabeth outright about certain things and got some very disturbing and contradictory answers.  I cannot share these at the moment. 

This team must be desperate if they do not give the file to my solicitors for the managers meeting and my solicitors had to complain as well as adjourn the meeting.  This has all contributed in holding up proceedings for the Tribunal which will be my tribunal  – that should have taken place before Xmas but there was some mix-up with the court and they thought it was my daughter’s Tribunal but this has already been unsuccessful.

By the way Elizabeth was absolutely fine when she came over.  She spoke to several friends who she knew really well – she seemed Ok to me as sometimes she would have reacted against crowds and when there was no reaction this made me think all the more that this team have DELIBERATELY prevented my daughter from spending Xmas with her family. 

Anyway I wish to share with everyone a link as I am not alone having a daughter trapped in a cruel abusive system that deprives a vulnerable patient of their human rights and what is more I am not the kind of person to sit back and do nothing about it.

This article in the Daily Mail is extremely interesting.

Meanwhile Mr Milliband is coming to Enfield and I would personally like to meet him. 

Mental health care should be top of any agenda in my opinion as it affects so many and it is sad there is so much suffering going on and what a waste of public money.  If these tribunals are not being done properly then it can result in a waste of public money. 

The longer someone is kept trapped in a prison like atmosphere it is costing a huge amount of public money to do this as well as push psychiatric drugs that do not work. 

I would like to show Mr Milliband all the information I have on the schemes I would like set up in the UK.

The whole complaints system needs looking at – here is the last paragraph of the CQC’s letter to me:

“The PHSO is the final arbiter in any complaint matter and therefore the CQC cannot consider any request for investigation once jthe Ombudsman has either completed or declined an investigation into your complaints.”

I cannot even read the signature and there is no name on this standard letter and I feel that neither the CQC or PHSO have done their jobs properly in my daughter’s case.  I am far from happy with these complaints bodies that are supposed to look into cases of abuse and it is no wonder cases like Jimmy Saville relating to Broadmoor go ignored with their attitudes.  Something needs to be done that is for sure.

I am back at work now but thinking of the New Year and I have  had a terrible year.   I am determined that the New Year will bring about positive results and I intend to go to any lengths to get these results.









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